10 Minutes Cash Review – Fast, Easy Money?

10 Minutes Cash Review


Site: www.10minutescash.com
Price: $17 (plus upsells)


10 minutes cash reviewEwen Chia, creator of 10 Minutes Cash, says that you’re working too hard if you’re struggling to make money online.  He says that his system of making money is so simple and so effective that you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day by working only 10 minutes per day.

That’s a pretty bold promise, but Ewen Chia has been around a long time and perhaps he knows something about how to make money quickly.  I decided to take a look at 10 Minutes Cash and see what the program is about and to determine if you can really make money with it.

Is 10 Minutes Cash a scam, or is it the real deal?  Does it work?  What’s it about?

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Read on for the full 10 Minutes Cash review.

10 Minutes Cash Overview

If you haven’t heard of Ewen Chia, you may be new to Internet marketing.  He says he’s been involved in marketing since 1997, and in that time, he has created a number of products in the marketing world.  Ewen Chia’s best-known product is probably Autopilot Profits, but he’s created a number of others, including Fast Track Cash, Copy Paste Income, and $5000 From Scratch.


Chia lives in Singapore, and says that he’s earned millions of dollars from his products.  All of them are very similar – they offer you the opportunity to make money via affiliate marketing using methods that he says are very simple.

10 Minutes Cash is no different; Ewen Chia says that you can literally make money working just 10 minutes per day.  He shows screen shots of Clickbank earnings that show hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day.

10 minutes cash scamThose earnings charts may be real, but they may not reflect money he has made using the 10 Minutes Cash system.  Chia has many products for sale on Clickbank, and collectively, they might be earning hundreds per day for him and even thousands on a good day.

So, what do you get when you buy 10 Minutes Cash?  You’ll get access to the entire “system,” which is simple and straightforward – so much so, in fact, that it all fits on a single Web page.

The entire 10 Minutes Cash system consists of four videos:

  • Video #1 – Introduction (6:00)
  • Video #2 – Part 1 (24:29)
  • Video #3 – Part 2 (17:52)
  • Video #4 – Conclusion (4:42)

Your dashboard in the Members’ area also includes four other tabs –

  • Automated Cash Machine
  • 10 Minute Traffic
  • Profitable Products
  • 100K Blueprint

You might think that these are other parts of your 10 Minutes Cash course, but that’s not the case.  Three of those four links are actually sales pages for other products.  If there’s one thing that Ewen Chia is famous for, it’s upsells, cross sells and any kind of “other” sells that he can think of.

10 minutes cash ewen chia

Ewen Chia

The one tab that is not a link to a sales page is the one labeled “Profitable Products.”  That one is a page listing products that Ewen Chia recommends that you promote using the system described in 10 Minutes Cash.

They also all happen to be other Ewen Chia products.  10 Minutes Cash is a program that shows you how to make money with affiliate marketing, and Chia wants to make sure that you’re promoting his products as an affiliate.

But I digress.  What is the 10 Minutes Cash all about?

Let me be clear – the method described in 10 Minutes Cash is a legitimate method, and it’s possible that it will make money for you.

It’s a very simple method that involves finding a product to promote as an affiliate.  Ewen walks you through that process in the first two videos by explaining how affiliate marketing works and how you can find products to promote through affiliate marketing.

The next video describes the process of choosing and buying a domain name for your business.  I thought the next video would explain how to set up and construct a Website, but the 10 Minutes Cash system actually avoids that using a rather clever method that makes building a Website unnecessary.

You’ll need a domain name, but not a Website.

The final video explains the work that you need to do in the 10 minutes per day that Chia says is all you need to do to make money.  If you follow the system, you can actually do what he describes in 10 minutes.  He says that this is all that you need to do to make money and that if you do this every day for 10 minutes, you’ll make money with it.

The 10 Minutes Cash also describes how you can scale this system up by repeating the process and by spending more time on it.

Like I said, the method described in 10 Minutes Cash can work, especially if you scale it up.

The problem with the most of Ewen Chia’s methods is that they’re old and have been around a while.  Many of them worked quite well when he first created the products, but they don’t work all that well anymore.  That’s particularly true of Autopilot Profits, which he’s still selling even though the methods are now more than 10 years old.  They may have worked OK when the book was new, but they don’t work well anymore.

My main gripe with any of Ewen Chia’s products, including 10 Minutes Cash, is that he’s constantly trying to get you to buy other products from him.  You have to give him your email address before you can even see the sales page for 10 Minutes Cash, so he’ll be trying to sell things to you via email starting at about the same time you’re reading the sales page.

After that, he’ll be trying to sell you every other product he’s ever created, along with a few others that he promotes himself as an affiliate.

That said, the method in the 10 Minutes Cash system can work, and that makes this one of the better products that Ewen Chia has offered, especially since the price is only $17.

Pros and Cons of 10 Minutes Cash


  • Fairly priced
  • Simple system that’s easy to follow
  • You can probably make money with it


  • Many upsells
  • To make a lot of money with 10 Minutes Cash, you’ll have to work full time

10 Minutes Cash Summary

10 Minutes Cash - mehEwen Chia has made a lot of money online creating and promoting products that are, at best, so-so.  This one falls into that category.  10 Minutes Cash isn’t horrible; it’s actually a very simple system that may work if you put in the effort.

You won’t get rich, but you will get an understanding of how affiliate marketing works.  On the downside, you’ll be offered many, many other products to buy, and a lot of those products aren’t that great.

I rate 10 Minutes Cash as so-so.


Click here to visit the 10 Minutes Cash Website.


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    • I have tried the product, and stand by my review. Ewen Chia’s products are terrible, and he hasn’t introduced any new methods in over a decade.

      Do you have any other questions?


  1. with 10 Minutes Cash can i make money on my first try in your review you said that i have to repeat the steps so do i have to keep buying domain names

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