5 Figure Day Review – Are the Websites Free?

5 Figure Day Review – Easy Money with Free Sites?

Site: www.5FigureDay.com

5 Figure Day is a new product from Brian Winters, and his site says you can get a Website for free.  The name suggests that there’s a lot of money to be made with the product, after all, “five figures” means $10,000 or more, doesn’t it?  How does 5 Figure Day work?  What’s the process?  Can you really make money with these “free” Websites?  Read on for our full 5 Figure Day review.

5 Figure Day Overview

5 figure day review logoThe 5 Figure Day sales page says that you can build a mailing list quickly using their “traffic forwarding” technology and automate your affiliate commissions and income.  Then the rather short sales page asks you for an email address in exchange “for a free Website every month!”  Funny thing about that – when I entered my email address, I saw the image below:

mailing list not activeThat’s not very promising, is it? I did some digging around, and what I discovered is that sometimes “free” doesn’t mean that.  5 Figure Day is a paid program with a monthly fee, though your “free” access gives you a $1 trial that automatically converts to a a monthly subscription which will be billed automatically.  5 Figure Day offers two membership options:

$25 per month for 16 Websites, built for you and hosted by 5 Figure Day.
$97 per month for the same 16 Websites, plus a new Website every month.

What do these Websites do?  How do you make money with them?  Are they blogs?  Do you have to promote products with them?  Do you have to add content?  As near as we can tell, these “Websites”, if you want to call them that, are simply single Web pages with an email opt-in form that promises to give you a free Website in exchange for your email address.

5 figure day website

At that point, presumably, you’d be redirected to a page where you could pay for your 5 Figure Day membership.  So, in short, your 5 Figure Day membership and your sites will have you doing nothing but promoting 5 Figure Day itself as an affiliate.  It’s up to you to figure out how to drive traffic to the sites, because there isn’t any content to speak of on them, so your chances of getting any search engines to list these sites in their search results is essentially zero.  That means that the only way you’re going to get any visitors to those sites is if you buy advertising to promote them.


It gets worse, however.   Most of the time, when you build a Website, you buy a domain name and put the site on that domain.  That means if you’re creating a site about blue widgets, you might buy a domain called bluewidgets.com and build your site there.  With that sort of scenario, the search engines could at least see your domain name and they might determine that your site is about blue widgets, based on the name alone. How does that work with 5 Figure Day?  It doesn’t.  You see, while 5 Figure Day claims to host these Websites, they’re not actually Websites in any traditional sense.  They’re simply pages that are hosted as part of the 5 Figure Day Website itself.  That means that the “free” Websites they’re giving you are going to have domain names like this one:


The major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, aren’t even going to regard these “Websites” as anything but pages on the 5 Figure Day Website.  Worse, since they all look alike, and all have the same images and text, the search engines are going to consider them to be duplicate content, and they’re likely to completely disregard them.  The only way you’re going to get people to visit those sites is if you buy advertising or work tirelessly to post links around the Web.  That’s a lot of work for a single Website, but to do it for 16 or more of them would require lifetimes of work.  And for what?  So you can talk other people into getting more “free” Websites that promote 5 Figure Day?

5 Figure Day does offer a bit of information about generating traffic, and it works like this:

1. Use paid advertising to build up your mailing list to 200-500 people.2. Once you do that, participate in Ad Swaps with other people who have mailing lists and the other marketers will send ads to your list and you’ll send ads to theirs.

What’s wrong with that scenario?  A couple of things.  One, you’ll likely have a lot of trouble buying paid advertising for these 5 Figure Day Websites, because Google and Bing evaluate your site when determining how much you’re going to pay for your advertising.  These Websites don’t have any content to speak of, so your advertising costs, on a per-click basis, are going to be sky-high.

Second of all – everyone promoting 5 Figure Day is going to be using the same Ad Swap resources.  That means that everyone is going to be sending the same advertising over and over to people who are likely already 5 Figure Day customers.  In the end, you and everyone else promoting 5 Figure Day are simply going to be sending ads for the same things to each others’ mailing list and everyone on these lists is going to see ads for 5 Figure Day multiple times per day and no one is going to buy.

5 Figure Day Summary

5 figure day - thumbs downWe’ve seen a lot of products over the years, and some were good and some were not.  5 Figure Day clearly falls into the latter category and I don’t see how anyone, other than Brian Winters, could possibly make any money with it.  The product is expensive, the Websites you’re going to receive aren’t actually Websites.  You can’t control the content, they don’t actually have any content, there’s no way the search engines will index them, and you don’t really have a product to sell other than 5 Figure Day itself.  For a better way of making money online or building Websites, I’d recommend a product like Wealthy Affiliate instead.

There are better ways to make money online than by trying your luck with 5 Figure Day.  In fact, pretty much any method of trying to make money online is going to work better than 5 Figure Day.  We can’t recommend this product.


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