7 Figure Months Review – A Million Dollars a Month?

7 Figure Months Review

Site: 7 Figure Months
Free to sign up; $300 minimum to participate
Rating: (zero stars)

7 figure months reviewWant to make a million dollars a month, and do it month after month?  That’s what Martin Saunders is offering if you visit the 7 Figure Months Website.  He says that the offer is only open to 20 lucky people, but I’m guessing that if you visit the site, you’ll find that you are one of the lucky ones who will be allowed to use his “free” software.

The video that plays automatically when you visit the 7 Figure Months site (and cannot be stopped) talks about all of the money you will be earning and how earning a million dollars per month will change your life. You’ll even see one of the 7 Figure Months members act totally surprised when they find out that they’ve earned just over one million dollars in just a months time.

That’s a lot of money, especially since 7 Figure Months says you can join for free.  I decided to sign up and see what it’s about.  Is 7 Figure Months a scam?  Read on for the full 7 Figure Months review.

7 Figure Months Overview

The people behind 7 Figure Months really like autoplay video that can’t be turned off.  There are no controls and clicking on the videos won’t stop them.  You can get rid of the video on the main page by signing up, but then you’ll be taken to another signup page where you’ll encounter another autoplay video.  That one, at least, is shorter.


On that second page, you’ll see glowing testimonials from satisfied 7 Figure Months members who have all, amazingly enough, managed to earn at least $1,000,000 per month since they signed up with the program.  Well, it’s free to join 7 Figure Months, and they’re saying that they “guarantee” that you’ll earn a million dollars every month.  So what happens when you sign up for 7 Figure Months?

They ask you for money.  The software is free, but you’ll have to deposit at least $300 to use it.

7 figure months scamWhen you first log in to your 7 Figure Months dashboard, you’ll see that there’s $100 in your account.  Then there’s only $50, and a video explains that they’ve taken $50 or your money to show you how the software works.  While the video is running, your $50 suddenly becomes $140, and the guy in the video will tell you that you now have $140 in your account.

How did a guy in a video know how much money you’d make during the demo?

Then he asks you to make a deposit with a trading broker.  As is typical of these products, they’ll tell you that their specialized software only works with one broker in particular, so they’ll have you deposit money with them.  The deposit, by the way, is going to a company called Glenridge Capital.  They’re a trading company that is supposedly based in Ireland.  It’s hard to say, as the site is buried within a frame at the 7 Figure Months site.  Unless you tell your browser to show you the other frame, you won’t even know that you’re really doing business at the Glenridge Capital site.  I tried to find out more about them, but their official Website lists no address, though they do list a phone number for the UK and another one for Thailand.   Glendridge Capital is unlicensed and unregulated, so you may want to keep that in mind.

What’s really happening with 7 Figure Months?  What’s it all about?  What’s the software do?

They don’t really tell you any of this, because they emphasize that you don’t have to do anything to earn your million dollars a month.  What you will be doing is engaging in trading binary options, which is a complex trading system that is very hard to do well.

7 figure months binary options scamAs for the 7 Figure Months software, well, it likely doesn’t do much of anything.  It might actually function, or it may do nothing at all.  What it won’t do is make you a millionaire, though that might be possible if you deposited a half a million dollars and got lucky.  If you’re depositing $300, you’re likely to lose $300.

What’s going on with 7 Figure Months is this – the people running the Website are trying to get you to deposit money with a broker.  That’s all.  That is their entire objective.  Why?

Because the market for brokerage accounts is very competitive.  It’s so competitive that brokers have CPA (cost per action) promotions that offer commissions to people who can send paying customers to them.  The market is so competitive that these brokers will pay anywhere from $150-$400 for each new customer that’s sent their way.

So, you sign up for the “free” software.  You deposit $300 with the broker.  The broker pays $150-$400 to the people who talked you into signing up for their “free” software.  You’ll never hear from them again.  The broker is likely to start calling you repeatedly to encourage you to make more deposits and to make larger deposits.  From what we’ve heard from some of these programs, the phone calls come often and the sales people are relentless.

What about the “guarantee” of earning a million dollars per month?  Good luck getting that enforced.  You might even have trouble finding the people behind 7 Figure Months in order to sue them, but chances are good that they don’t have that kind of money even if you could find them, sue them, and win in court.  All in all, it’s a complete waste of time.

7 Figure Months Conclusion

7 figure months - thumbs downIs 7 Figure Months a scam?  I’ll let you decide, but they promise you free software that you can’t use without spending at least $300 and they guarantee that you’ll earn a million dollars a month, but you won’t.  You’ll just lose your $300 and spend a lot of time on the phone with persistent salespeople who will assure you that if you just invest more money, you’ll really make some money this time.

There are better ways to make money online than by using 7 Figure Months.  That program is a waste of time and isn’t going to make you, or anyone else rich.  The first time I saw one of these free binary options sites, I thought it was clever, but now it has become tiresome.  It won’t work, so don’t waste your money.

7 Figure Months is not recommended.


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