7 Tips to Increase Affiliate Marketing Sales

Affiliate Marketing Triggers


People like to buy things, but they’re often looking for reasons not to buy.  That may seem odd, but in the affiliate marketing business, buyers are fickle and competition is fierce.  If people aren’t buying from you or through you, they’ll likely buy from someone else.  That’s why you absolutely have to present whatever it is you’re selling in the best possible light.

affiliate marketing in 2016Over time, it has become apparent that there are a certain number of “triggers” that can inspire people to make the decision to purchase.  While not all of these can necessarily be incorporated into the sales page for one product, most of the time, you’ll see several of them at once on the sales page for any product being sold online.  There’s a reason for that – these things work.  In this blog post, I’ll cover a list of the 7 things that marketers use most often in order to persuade people to buy.  These tips work for both affiliate marketing and for direct sales.  In the end, it’s simply about persuading people to buy, rather than giving them a reason to go buy from one of your competitors.

7 Affiliate Marketing Tips

Below are seven things that one typically finds in a sales page for any product online.  While you don’t necessarily need to incorporate all of these things when attempting to sell something, you’ll find that they’re very effective and have been so for decades.


Product/Seller Reputation – Is it any good?  That’s what people want to know, and anything that can back that up is a huge help.  If the product is a book, point out that it has been written by the guy who wrote some previous best-seller. If it’s an information product, point out that it was created by the guy who previously created some other big-selling course, ebook or piece of software.  Glowing testimonials are a big help here, too.  People need to be assured that what they’re buying is worth the money they’re spending on it.

hopeHope – This one is responsible for the outrageous claims you’ll see for weight loss products or anything in the make money online niche.  Success isn’t enough; you have to suggest that the success will be fast, or that it will be outrageous.  People want something that will produce some sort of dramatic change for them.  A product that claims to be able to earn $10,000 per month or $5000 in 30 days, or something that will help you lose 25 pounds in a month generally fits that description.

A solution for the lazy – We see this a lot in the make money online niche, but many products will feature an upsell that includes some version of the product that’s “completely done for you.”  This might be a pre-built Website, or a product to help you run ads on Facebook that includes professional graphics or any one of a number of things that the buyer can put to use immediately without having to do any work.  Many people are inherently lazy and anything that appeals to that is going to sell well.

Background stories or celebrity endorsements – Both of these work really well.  In the make money online niche, many sales pages begin with a tale of woe, talking about how the product creator  was broke and living on the street when they somehow encountered “the idea” that made the product they’re trying to sell possible.  The more outlandish the story, the greater the success.  I’ve seen some pretty tall tales over the years from marketers, and the common elements are that the person telling the story had no money, and then they had a chance encounter with some stranger who was willing to share something with them that led to riches.  These stories always work.

With other products, people get that additional encouragement to buy when they see that some celebrity is endorsing the product.  Why that should make a difference doesn’t really hold up to close scrutiny, but perhaps people are thinking, “Wow.  That person is rich and famous.  They could buy any product, but they’re buying this one.  Perhaps I should, too.”

Proof that it works – You’ll see this one every time.  With weight loss products, you’ll see the “before” and “after” photos of people who have used the product successfully.  With products in the make money online niche or other affiliate marketing products, you’ll see screen shots of PayPal account balances or Clickbank sales.  This is something that’s essential, and sometimes people overdo it, but when you’re trying to sell something to someone, they want proof that whatever it is will work, and ideally, proof that it will work for them.

desperationAppeals to desperation – I’ve emphasized this one before, the products that are the easiest to sell are those that solve someone’s immediate problem.  That’s why books on “how to get your ex” back or “how to get rid of acne” or “how to lose weight fast” sell really well.  When people have a problem, they’re not just looking for a solution.  They’re looking for a solution that will help them solve the problem right now.  If you can appeal to that and present your product in a way that makes it clear that what you’re offering will provide a solution to some problem that needs immediate attention, you’ll make a lot of sales.

Appeals to being left out – Scarcity works.  It’s that simple.  When you’re selling something, you’ll have greater success if you can give the impression that whatever it is you’re selling won’t be available for long.  Or that it won’t be available at that particular price for much longer.  I see a lot of sites that have countdown timers that make it clear that whatever it is they’re trying to sell will no longer be available after that counter runs down.  There’s a reason why so many people in affiliate marketing use that ploy – it works.

Affiliate Marketing Tips Summary

There’s nothing new or revolutionary about any of the tips listed above.  They work for affiliate marketing or direct sales or just about anything else you’re trying to get people to buy.  People want to know that it works, they want proof that it works, and they want it to solve a problem for them.  If you can persuade them of those things, you’ll make sales.

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