8 Reasons Working From Home May Be For You

Working from Home – Is it for You?

work from home Most people work for a living, and they do so at regular jobs.  That means they’re working for other people, performing tasks those people want done, and doing it on a timetable and schedule that suits their employer.  It’s debatable as to whether most people actually enjoy this arrangement; some undoubtedly do and others do not.  Still, if you want a job and a regular, steady paycheck, you’re going to have to do as your told.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and for a growing number of people, working from home is becoming an option.  The Internet has helped a lot in that regard, and the Web offers a lot of opportunities for working from home that weren’t available just a few short years ago.  Just like a real job, working from home does require attention to detail and a lot of time, but when you’re doing that, you, rather than your boss, is in charge.

It’s not for everyone, however.  In this post, I’ll offer a few reasons why working from home may make sense for you.

8 Reasons Why Working from Home May Be Ideal

You are the boss.  Yep, if you’re working from home, you are going to be in charge.  That’s both good and bad; if you’re not the kind of person who can get things done without being told to get things done or if you’re not good at coming up with ideas on your own, then working from home may be a poor choice.  On the other hand, if you do have good ideas and like the opportunity to put them to work, rather than having to get someone’s approval, then going your own way may make sense.


There’s no ceiling.  We’ve all had jobs that we have outgrown, where we have accomplished all we can and risen as far within the company as is possible.  At that point, you’re out of challenges and you can easily become bored.  That’s not the case when you’re working from home, as there is no ceiling or limit to what you can do.

It’s great for self-esteem.  When you’re working from home and you’re seeing success, you’ll feel great about yourself.  Why?  Because you’re done it all yourself.  What you accomplish is based on your work alone, and when you succeed, you’ve earned a pat on the back.  Of course, you’ll likely have to do that yourself, but many people love that feeling of accomplishment that they can get from succeeding while working from home.

work at homeNo commute.  If you’re working from home, you’re already at the office.  That means that you won’t have to spend time commuting, and that will give you more free time when you’re done to spend time with your family or get routine tasks done around the house.  Time not spent driving to work, for instance, could be instead spent mowing the lawn.

You get to do things you enjoy.  I’m assuming, of course, that if you decide that working from home is right for you, that you will elect to spend your working time doing something you like.  You don’t want to spend your time doing something you hate; that’s what real jobs are for.  If you’re going to be your own boss, be sure that you’re going to spend that time doing something you live.  You’ll find that there are rewards to that besides the financial ones.

Travel and work.  Depending on what sort of work you do, you might be able to travel and work.  The work I do, for instance, can largely be accomplished with a laptop, if necessary.  I usually work at a desktop PC with two monitors, but I can do a lot of work while on the road.  Last week, for instance, I built an entire Website from a hotel room in a resort town.  The hotel had free wi-fi, I had a laptop and an idea, and three hours later, I had a fully functioning, moneymaking Website.  When you’re working at home, you don’t literally have to be at home.  Instead, you can be anywhere you want to be where a computer and an Internet connection are available to you.

Financial potential.  This one is a double edged sword, but there are ways to make money working from home that can be very lucrative.  Affiliate marketing can be profitable, as well as selling retail products or selling information products.  There are people working from home who are literally millionaires.  If you come up with the right idea and you can make it work, then there are no limits to how much money you can earn.

work_online_from_homeYou don’t have to play well with others.  Some people get along well with coworkers, and others don’t.  If you fall into the latter camp, where you are always struggling to be a part of the team, you might find that working from home offers a better solution for you.  You don’t have to get anyone’s approval to do this or that, and you don’t have to attend meetings, and you don’t have to be concerned about being scolded for failing to get something done on time.

Working from Home Conclusion

No two people are alike, and what works for one individual may not work at all for someone else.  Many people like the structure of a formal work environment, whether it’s an office, a restaurant kitchen or a construction site.  A lot of people need to be told what to do next.  Others simply enjoy a work environment where they can visit and exchange ideas with other people.  If those things describe you, then working from home may be a poor choice for you.

On the other hand, if you like being your own boss, making your own decisions and being master of your own destiny, then it might be the perfect choice.  You’re responsible for whatever happens, whether it’s success or failure, but if you succeed, you have rightly earned a pat on the back.

Is working from home right for you?


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