Able News Review – Quick Cash for Reading News?

Able News Review – Hundreds of Dollars Per Week?



Just as there is no shortage of people who want to make money online without having to do a lot of work, there is also no shortage of products and Websites that claim to offer that opportunity.  The latest such site is one called Able News, and they claim that you can earn hundreds of dollars every week just by reading short news articles.  That’s right; they’ll actually pay you to read news articles.  Obviously, that seems like a pretty good deal, so I thought I’d check it out.

able news reviewAble News is one of many sites owned by the same company, and all of them offer to pay you to do simple tasks.  Some involve reading news articles and others involve watching TV commercials and answering short surveys about the commercials you’ve just seen.  They all offer affiliate programs, too, and offer to pay you quite a bit of money to refer family and friends to their site.  I registered at Able News to see how it works and to see if it’s any different from any of their other sites.  Read on for the full Able News review.

Able News Overview

The Able News Website looks exactly like some of the other news sites that company owns, and the registration process is identical.  You just give them an email address and a password and you’re automatically logged in to the site.  You’ll also need to give them a PayPal or Payza email address if you want to get paid (don’t do that – more later).  Once you’ve logged in, you can start reading news articles to add money to your account balance.

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To read news articles, just click the “Read News” link at the top of the page.  You’ll see a short list of news articles, the time they were posted to the site, and the amount of money that you’ll earn for reading each article.  While the site claims that they pay anywhere from $5 to $9 per article, all of the articles I’ve seen at Able News offered to pay $5.

To read an article, just click on it.  When you’re done, which should take about 3 seconds, just click “OK.”  That will bring up a simple math problem that you need to solve to prove that you’re a human, such as “How much is 20+30?”  Once you’ve done that, you will have $5 added to your Able News account balance.

able news articleYou can read up to 35 articles per day, for a total of $175 daily.  You can earn even more by referring family and friends to the site using a special link that they provide you when you sign up.  For each new member you sign up, you’ll have $150 added to your Able News account balance and you can earn even more when they read news articles, as you’ll earn 15% of the amount that they earn.  If someone that you referred to the site reads 35 articles per day, you’ll earn $35.

To get paid, you have to have $2300 in your Able News account balance.  They say that they pay by PayPal or Payza and you have to wait 14 business days after you request payment.  Able News says that they will pay you immediately if you have referred 5 friends to the site, which obviously gives you tremendous incentive to start sending friends their way.

That all sounds great, easy and fun, especially since each news “article” is usually just a single sentence.  You can probably read your daily allotment of 35 articles in about 20 minutes, making this a fast and really easy way to earn money.  If you refer a bunch of people to the Able News site, your account balance should add up really quickly.  What’s not to like?

able news scamWhat’s not to like is that you’re not going to get paid.  Able News may be a new site, but the site is identical to dozens of other sites owned by an individual or a company in Russia.  It’s hard to tell who owns it, because the site is privately registered.  Still, I’ve reviewed probably 30 of these sites in the past six months and I have yet to hear of anyone being paid by any of those sites.  They certainly haven’t paid me on the sites where I’ve earned enough to qualify, and on one of those sites, I’ve been waiting to get paid for eight months now.  Able News is no different, and they’re not going to pay you.

If you think about it, you’d realize that there’s no reason for anyone to pay you for reading news. Able News says that news agencies pay them to have people read their news articles, but there are a couple of problems with that:

  • The articles are just single sentences, and there’s no link to the full article anywhere
  • News agencies don’t pay people to read news; they expect people to buy the news from them

Even if news agencies were paying people to get traffic to their sites, they’d want to have links in the articles themselves so that people could do that.  You couldn’t read the full articles at Able News if you wanted to, because they don’t provide any links.

So why does Able News even exist?  There are a couple of things they’re probably doing:

  • Making money from site advertising.  Their sites have ads, and people will click on them and they’ll make money.
  • Harvesting email addresses.  You have to give an email address to sign up, so it’s possible that they’re using those email addresses to send out spam.
  • Hacking PayPal accounts.  In order to get paid, Able News says you have to give them your PayPal email address.  If you do that, they might try to hack your account or they might sell the email address to someone who will try to do that.

Regardless of what they’re doing, there’s one thing they’re not doing – paying people to read news.

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Able News Summary

safe mail services - thumbs downAble News isn’t any different from any of the other sites this company owns.  They claim that they’ll pay you to read news but they really won’t.  At best, they’re wasting your time.  At worst, they’ll be spamming you or trying to hack your PayPal account.  If you’re really interested in making money online, there are better ways to do that.  Instead of wasting your time on Able News, why not visit Wealthy Affiliate?  That’s an online community of people who want to help one another learn how to make money, and you can sign up for free.

Able News is not recommended.


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