Ad Crump Review – Daily Revenue from $2 Ads?

Ad Crump Review

Price: Free to join; $2 to participate

ad crump reviewThese days, revshare programs seem to be all the rage.  I was relatively unaware of them until recently, but in the past month or two I’ve come across a bunch of them.  On their surface, they appear to be a simple advertising platform, but in reality, they’re a somewhat complex revenue generating program that requires a continuous influx of new members for anyone to make money.  The latest revshare program I’ve come across has the odd name of Ad Crump.  Ad Crump will let you sign up for free and pay as little as $2 to buy ads, and from that, you can earn money.

That sounds easy, but the program is somewhat more complicated than that.  Is Ad Crump a scam?  Read on for the full Ad Crump review.

Ad Crump Overview

Revshare programs are usually promoted as the opportunity to buy advertising, and nothing more.  That’s a smokescreen, because no one invests money in a revshare program in order to use the advertising.  The ads are just the product that makes the system (barely) legal.


To join Ad Crump, you sign up.  Then you can purchase “ad packs,” which gives you the opportunity to create a banner ad and have it shown on the Ad Crump site.  Over time, the money you spent on the ad packs “matures” an you’ll get your money back, plus a bit more.

ad crump revshareHow much you get back depends on whether you’ve purchased the $2 ad packs, the $5 ad packs, or the $10 ad packs, as they return 120%, 125% or 130% of your investment in 17 days, 12 1/2 days or 10 days, respectively.  Each $2 ad pack gives you 400 ad credits, each $5 ad pack gives you 1000 ad credits and each $10 ad pack gives you 2000 ad credits.

You can purchase up to 200 $2 ad packs, 200 $5 ad packs or 500 $10 ad packs.  Why would anyone buy $2 ad packs that return only 120% and take 17 days to do it, when you could just buy $10 ad packs that return 130% in only 10 days instead?

Because Ad Crump requires you to buy $2 ad packs before you can buy $5 ad packs, and $5 ad packs before you can purchase $10 ad packs.  Not only that, but you must purchase the maximum amount of ad packs at one level before you can buy any ad packs at the level above.

In order to buy your first $5 ad pack, you must first buy 200 of the $2 version, for a total spend of $400.  To buy even one $10 ad pack, you must first buy 200 of the $2 ad packs, plus 200 of the $5 ad pack, for a total of $1400.

ad crump scamThe amount of money that each ad pack can earn in a single day is capped, and the cap amount varies according to the price of the ad packs.

You can also earn money from Ad Crump by persuading others to join and if they buy, you’ll receive a percentage of the amount they spend, but only for new purchases, and not from repurchases.

What are repurchases?  Ad Crump requires you to take 50% of your earnings from their system and use it to buy more ad packs with it.  In addition, there is a limit to the amount that you can withdraw from the system each day.  That amount is currently capped at $100, though in order to withdraw $100, you’d have to be earning at least $200 each day from Ad Crump, as they require you to reinvest half of your earnings.

ad crump adsWhat about the Ad Crump ads?  They’re just run of the mill banner ads,and they’re not going to be seen by anyone other than visitors to the Ad Crump site and site members.  The site members will see the ads, because you have to look at a minimum of 5 ads each day to qualify to earn money from your ad packs.

So, what’s to like about Ad Crump?  What’s to like is what there is to like about revshare programs in general.  You invest some money, spend a couple of minutes a day looking at ads in order to qualify for the revshare for the day, and then you earn money that’s commensurate with the amount of money that you’ve invested.

If you have a couple of thousand dollars invested, you could likely earn a fair amount of money with a revshare program like Ad Crump.  Of course, there is just one little problem with that.

What’s the problem?  The problem is that in order for programs like Ad Crump to make money, a continuous flow of new members needs to join the site.  The revenues that everyone earns come from people buying more ad packs, and in order for you to earn money on your ad packs, someone must buy ad packs after you do.

That’s both the mechanism and the flaw of revshare programs as eventually, people stop joining.  It’s a nuisance to have to look at ads every day and it’s a nuisance having the amount of money you can withdraw every day capped at a certain amount.  If you should somehow find yourself at the point where you can withdraw $100 per day, that’s all you’re allowed to take out.  You’ll have to remember to withdraw that money on a daily basis, which becomes one more thing that you’ll have to remember to do each day.

Of course, that money can go right into your PayPal account, right?  No, it won’t because Ad Crump doesn’t accept PayPal for payment.  They do accept a few other not-too-well-known payment methods as well as Bitcoin, but no PayPal, as PayPal quit working with revshare programs quite some time ago.

Ad Crump Pros and Cons


  • Free to join
  • Ad packs start at only $2


  • You’ll have to buy a lot of ad packs to make any money
  • Making money is not guaranteed
  • Your ads won’t generate any clicks
  • Revshare sites rarely last very long and when they go out of business, your money is gone.

Ad Crump Summary

ad crump- thumbs downIs Ad Crump a scam?  Not really, as it’s technically legal, but the system requires a continuous flow of new money in order for anyone to earn anything.  As is usually the case, the people who get in early usually do well and others …not so much.  There are better ways to make money than by joining programs like Ad Crump, so if you’re serious, you should check them out.

While Ad Crump is cheap, it’s not really a good way to make money.  Ad Crump is not recommended.


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