Affiliate Marketing – 5 Tips to Improve Your Results

Affiliate Marketing Tips

affiliate marketing tipsI’ve certainly spent enough time discussing affiliate marketing on this site that going over the details of how the process works would probably be a waste of time.  The basics don’t change – find a product, get your link, promote your link, make money.  That’s great, but there are always ways to improve your results.  That may be something you do directly to affect the outcome or something indirect that leads to better results.

In this post, I’ll outline a few helpful tips that can help you make more money and see more overall success in your efforts to work online from home.   Some of these are obvious and others not so much, but regardless, they should give you some insights into how to improve your outcome in trying to make money online.

5 Affiliate Marketing Tips (Plus a Bonus)

maling lists1. Build a mailing list.  This one’s straight out of Affiliate Marketing 101, as the old saying goes, “the money is in the list.”  Get an autoresponder, offer some good content in exchange to entice people to sign up and try to engage with your list on a regular basis.  A good mailing list can produce great results over time.  There are marketers with lists that have 100,000 people on them, and when they send out a product recommendation to their list, those people buy.   Building a list is especially important in the CPA niche, where your visitors often click a link on your site and never return.  Why not grab their email address first?  That way you can send them offers from time to time, which should increase your overall profits.

You don’t want to “burn out” your list, though.  A lot of marketers make the mistake of never sending out a message that doesn’t include a sales pitch.  Try to mix up a variety of helpful messages, combined with the occasional offer.  You’ll get better results and fewer people will unsubscribe.

wa_banner2.  Provide quality content.  If all you’re trying to do on your blog is make sales, it’s going to show and visitors to your site will know that’s what you’re trying to do.  Try to help.  Offer useful advice, tips, or provide some information that will be of use to your visitors even if they don’t buy anything.  I have a surprising number of repeat visitors to this site on a daily basis, which tells me that they’re getting something useful out of the time they’re spending here.  I’d like to think it’s because I’m offering something other than simply hitting them with sales pitches all the time.

Be helpful.  You’ll be rewarded for it.  People may end up buying something for you, or they might mention your site on their own blog.  Or they might link to your site from their own, and links are often useful, because they improve your search engine rank.  Besides, being helpful is often its own reward.

blogging3. Find other sites/blogs in your niche and follow them.  I find that it helps to find 2-3 other sites that are similar to mine (in any niche in which I’m working) so that I can see what they’re up to and so I can find ideas to write about.  It’s hard to stay on top of breaking news and trends in multiple niches at once, but if you keep track of other blogs, you’ll see what other people are talking about.  A couple of months ago, I read a review of a product I’d never heard of at a blog I follow.  The product sounded interesting, so I checked it out myself and wrote a review of it here.  I’ve since received thousands of visitors to this site as a result of that review and all because I found it mentioned on someone else’s blog.  Your competition can be your friend, so try to keep tabs on what they’re doing.

4.   Create a blog of your own.  What?  You haven’t done that yet?  Creating a blog is the easiest way to get started making money online.  Don’t worry about the “making money” part at first.  Just find your marketing niche, get a domain name, and start writing articles about the topic.  After you get a few pages online, you can start giving some thought to how you’re going to monetize it.  You can wait to monetize, since you’re not likely to get any traffic at first, anyway, and the search engines are more likely to index a blog that isn’t trying too hard to sell something.   The main thing is this – Get. Started. Now.  Too many people spend all of their time doing research and never get started actually doing something.  Research doesn’t make money.  Doing something is what gets that done, so get started building your blog today.

5.  Set up a routine.  Set a schedule for working and stick to it.  Affiliate marketing is a job, so you need to treat it like one.  Your site likely needs some attention every day.  I try to add at least one page to this site on a daily basis, and I have a couple of other sites that also need regular attention.  I spend a set amount of time in my home office each day (OK, pretty much all days.)   By sticking to a regular schedule, you’ll get more work done and you’ll see more results.

6. Bonus tip – BE PATIENT.   Unless you’re paying for traffic right off the bat, it’s going to take some time to get results.  I just bought a new domain name yesterday to promote a product that will, in the end, pay me about $150 per sale.  That’s great, but at the moment, the site has ZERO content.  It’s easy to get frustrated, because I know that it’s likely going to be several months before I see any revenue from that site.  But I also know from experience that if I spend a bit of time every day adding content to it, the site is going to have a hundred pages of content within a couple of months, and the financial rewards will eventually come.  If you expect instant results, you’re likely to see instant failure.  Be patient, and do your job.  The results will come.

Affiliate Marketing Tips Summary

These tips are likely obvious, but it pays to be reminded of them from time to time.  The keys are building a mailing list, working regularly and being patient.  There’s a lot more to affiliate marketing, of course, and there’s more to it than I can share here.  If you’re new and want a good introduction to affiliate marketing, I recommend that you join Wealthy Affiliate.  This is a training program and online community of people who will help you learn how to build your own online business while making friends and having fun in the process.

Affiliate marketing isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon.  Be patient and keep your eyes on the prize.


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