Affiliate Marketing – Why Should They Buy From You?

Affiliate Marketing – What Do You Provide?


There’s a common question asked by those who are new to affiliate marketing, and I saw it asked again today on a marketing forum:  “Why would someone buy through my affiliate link instead of going directly to Amazon and buying it there?”  The question gets asked all the time, and not just by Amazon affiliates.  It applies to any affiliate or any affiliate program, be it eBay, JVZoo, Commission Junction or Clickbank.

affiliate marketingThere are a number of answers to that question, but the most basic answer is this:  They will buy through your affiliate link if you provide something to them that they otherwise wouldn’t get.   That value can come in a number of different ways, and it’s up to you to figure out exactly what it is that you’re going to provide to the customer.  If you can figure that out, you’ll win.  Read on for some suggestions about how to increase your affiliate marketing sales.

Adding Value in Affiliate Marketing

Adding value to potential buyers in affiliate marketing need not be complicated, and sometimes, it’s actually quite easy, depending on the product.  The people asking the “Why would anyone buy from me?” question often overestimate the knowledge or search abilities of their potential customers and often assume that their customers know more about the product, how much it sells for, or where they can buy it than they actually do.


Below are a few ways that you can potentially add value to your customers’ experiences, which will help them make the choice to buy through your link.

let them know the product existsMaking them aware that the product exists – This one should be obvious, but often isn’t.  If people are finding your site through the search engines, it might simply be that they were searching for something related to the product you’re offering but did not know that the product actually exists.  You should not automatically assume that if you have a site that reviews marketing software, that your potential customers know what it is that they want.  Perhaps they simply have a problem on their Website that they’re trying to solve, and they’ve typed in something into a search engine that describes their problem.  If you’re promoting a piece of software through Clickbank that solves that problem, they might find your site through a search, even though they didn’t know the product you’re promoting even existed.  At that point, you simply need to tell them of the virtues of the product and how it can help solve their problem.  You will also, of course, provide a link to a place where they can purchase the product.

Making them aware of where to buy – Sure, eBay and Amazon pretty much sell everything, but not everyone knows that, believe it or not.  One of my hobbies is restoring vintage pinball machines.  Did you know that you can buy pinball machine parts on Amazon or eBay?  Lots of people might think about eBay for such things but perhaps not Amazon.  If they’re not thinking about either as a potential place to buy, then they might be headed to a search engine instead.  That is where they’re going to find you, and it’s up to you to point out where they can make the purchase.  And, of course, you’ll provide a link to make it convenient for them to do that.

Tell them how to use it – Perhaps someone isn’t sure if a product is suitable for their needs or isn’t sure how to use it.  So they’re searching for more information on the Web.  A good, informative description of the product and how it can make their life better or help solve a problem might persuade them to buy it…through your affiliate link, of course.

Product reviews – Writing product reviews has long been a good way to get people interested.  Some might ask, “But why bother?  Amazon has reviews, too.”  That’s true, but while some products have thousands of reviews, others only have one or two, and people have learned that when products only have one or two reviews, those reviews aren’t necessarily to be trusted.  Why?  Because they might have been written by the seller or a friend of the seller.  That’s where an independent review can be helpful and it’s why people often go to the Web to find them.

Accessories – Perhaps you know of some accessories for this product or other items that might allow the buyer to get better use from it.  If so, you can write about that and recommend some accessories or related items, all with affiliate links, of course.

helpfulHow to use the product – People want to know how to use a particular product, and detailed instructions, or, better yet, a video that shows them how to get the best use of a product might help persuade them to make a purchase.  You might also provide some information about care for the product.

All of these things above can help provide potential buyers with a better buying experience.  The biggest mistake made by newbies in affiliate marketing is to assume that the buyers already know what they want, already know where to buy it and already know everything there is to know about a particular product.  That’s not the case, and it’s up to you to provide that information.  People do search extensively for information about things before they buy them, and they often don’t even know what it is they’re looking for.  That’s where you come in, and a good Website with a product review, detailed photos, good descriptions of the product, what it’s for, how it can be used, and how the buyer can benefit from buying it will help persuade people to make a purchase.

Affiliate Marketing  Added Value Summary

Obviously, the sort of information that you need to provide to your potential buyers is going to vary, depending on the product.  Some products are unusual and require a lot of explanation, while others are going to be simpler and more obvious.  You’re going to have to tailor the content of your site to the specific needs of your buyers.  In affiliate marketing, the secret to success is giving your buyers what they want.  If you can figure that out and provide it, you’ll be successful.


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