Affiliate Niche Script Review – Build Your Own Online Store

Affiliate Niche Script Review – eBay, Amazon and Adsense

If you’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for any length of time, you’ll know that while there are thousands of affiliate programs out there, some are bigger and better known than others.  Among the more successful of those are Amazon and eBay.  I’m an affiliate of both companies, and while I don’t spend as much time with them as I used to, I’ve done well promoting both sites in the past.  It’s a lot of trouble to do that, though, and that’s where Affiliate Niche Script comes in.

affiliate niche script reviewAffiliate Niche Script is a software product that will allow you to create your own online store, using either eBay or Amazon to populate the store with products.  It’s one thing to write a blog with reviews of products so you can use an affiliate link to send people to the eBay or Amazon site, but it’s far more effective to simply build your own store online and have your site visitors add products to their cart and checkout.  They’re actually checking out through eBay or Amazon, but you’re much more likely to get a commission if your site visitors have a more immersive experience.  Is Affiliate Niche Script worthwhile?  Read on for the full Affiliate Niche Script review.

Affiliate Niche Script Overview

I’ve looked at a few similar products in the past, but Affiliate Niche Script is the first one that was able to use both eBay and Amazon to fill the store.  Most products are built to work with either one or the other, but not both.  In addition, Affiliate Niche Script allows you to place ads from Google’s Adsense program on your site, which gives you the ability to earn some additional revenue from people clicking on your ads.


One thing that distinguishes Affiliate Niche Script from other similar products is that the software is not a plugin for WordPress. Affiliate Niche Script is a standalone script that runs on its own.  This is both a good thing and a bad thing.  On the plus side, you won’t have to worry about some of the unnecessary overhead and system loading problems that can sometimes occur with WordPress and online stores.  WordPress is a bit of a system resource hog and if you get a lot of traffic, you can run into problems.

On the other hand, a dedicated piece of software requires you to become familiar with it, and there’s a bit of a learning curve.  Fortunately, Affiliate Niche Script doesn’t appear to be that difficult to use, and the Website has several demo sites that you can play with to see how the product works.  You can also access a demo admin panel so you can see how the software works “under the hood.”

affiliate niche script storeAffiliate Niche Script is reasonably priced, and it’s priced to accommodate those on a budget, too.  You can buy the software for a one-time price that’s currently $99, or if you have limited funds, you can rent it on either a monthly or quarterly basis.  It’s a lot cheaper to just buy Affiliate Niche Script up front, and that price gives you the ability to use the software on an unlimited number of sites and entitles you to updates.

The stores created with Affiliate Niche Script are attractive and professional looking, and look just like any other retail store you might encounter online.  The stores are configurable, so you can easily change the look and feel of the site.  You’ll need to be a member of both eBay and Amazon’s affiliate programs in order to use the software, of course, and if you want to use Adsense, you’ll need to join that program, too.

The price of the software also includes free installation, though the software isn’t all that hard to install yourself.  There was even a mention of getting the Affiliate Niche Script software for free if you buy Web hosting through their site.  I didn’t look into that, so you’ll have to inquire about that feature if you’re interested.

affiliate niche script demoOne cool feature about Affiliate Niche Script is the ability for your customers to leave reviews on your site.  These reviews will show up alongside the reviews that the software pulls from Amazon, and this not only gives your site visitors additional insights as to whether the products are worth buying, but also adds unique content to your site that the search engines will like, and will perhaps give you additional traffic.

Stores of this kind tend to work best if you make them very specific.  You wouldn’t want to have an electronics store, for instance, as you’d be competing with huge companies for traffic.  Previous buyers of Affiliate Niche Script have built niche sites for iPhone screen protectors or sites for a wireless computer mouse.  Narrowly targeted niche products probably work best.

While the software is slick and professional and works well, there is a caveat that comes with building sites of this kind.  Google doesn’t always like sites of this type and may choose not to index them.  If you’re good at social media, such as Facebook or Pinterest, you can probably get traffic to your stores that way instead of relying on organic search engine traffic.  There are built in SEO features in the Affiliate Niche Script software, however, and these are designed to help you get the attention of the search engines.  If they do index your stores, you’ll likely find that they rank well.

Affiliate Niche Script Summary

Affiliate Niche Script looks to be well made and well supported, and updates to the software come often, ensuring that you’ll always have up to date features and that bugs will be quickly addressed.  The standalone nature of the software ensures that it will likely not be as demanding on server resources as it would if the product were an add-on for WordPress.  The product is reasonably priced, and buy purchasing it once, you can build as many niche stores as you like.  The fact that it will support both eBay and Amazon is a huge bonus, as you won’t have to buy two different products to build stores for each.

Affiliate Niche Script is recommended.

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