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Affiliate Titan Review



affiliate titanIf you’re an affiliate marketer, you’re probably familiar with JVZoo.  It’s a site similar to Clickbank, where you can find information products to promote as an affiliate.  It’s a good source for finding products, but the user interface isn’t as friendly as it could be.  That’s where Affiliate Titan comes in.  Affiliate Titan is a new package of software products that will allow you to easily and quickly find profitable JVZoo product to promote.

Affiliate Titan will also help you build a sales page, and show you how to use Google and YouTube to help draw traffic to your site and it’s all available at a surprisingly affordable price.  Read on for the full Affiliate Titan review.

Affiliate Titan Overview

Affiliate Titan is the work of “Chris X”, a longtime marketer who claims to have sold more than $20 million worth of products online.  That number may or may not be accurate, but I’ve been in affiliate marketing a long time, and Chris X was a well-known name when I started.  He has been around a long time, and I’ve seen a number of his products over the years.  He knows how to promote products as an affiliate.


What do you get?  Affiliate Titan is a three-part suite of products:

  • King of the Zoo software program – the main component of Affiliate Titan shows you how to quickly find profitable products to promote on JVZoo
  • 1 Click Affiliate – a software program that will let you create a sales page for any product in seconds
  • YouTube/Google training – this will show you how to use Google and YouTube to get traffic to your sales page

affiliate titan jvzooKing of the Zoo is the primary software product for Affiliate Titan.  It simplifies the JVZoo interface and makes it easy to find products that are making money for the people who are promoting them as affiliates right now.  Not the products that have been successful in the past, but those that are actively selling like crazy.

The Web-based King of the Zoo program is easy to use and you can search in a number of ways.  You can enter keywords and search by niche, or you can select from the list of “top niches” shown on the interface.

Then you can search among new products, rising products, products with high conversions and products that have had $10,000+ launches, just by checking a couple of boxes.  You can also sort by price, commission amount, the number of units sold, and earnings per click.

Another nice feature is the ability to get a quick glance at the sales page for any product by just moving your mouse over the icon next to the product name.  When you do your search, you’ll see a list of products that meet your search criteria.  If you see a product you think you’d like to promote, you can click on the “Request” link to send a request to the product creator.

I’ll admit that the need to get approval to promote JVZoo products is a downside of the platform, but for now, it’s a requirement for all products sold there.  Still, the software makes it easy to ask permission to promote.

affiliate titan 1 click affiliateOnce you’ve found your product to promote at JVZoo, you can use the second part of Affiliate Titan to build your sales page.  1 Click Affiliate is page builder with access to a database of more than 100 in-depth sales pages that have been created for a variety of products.

To use it, you just fill in a few blanks in the simple user interface:

  • Niche
  • Benefits
  • Product name
  • A verb

If you put those things in the form and press “Get affiliate ideas”, the program will generate a sales page for you.  You can then click the “export” button to export the completed sales page in HTML format.  You can upload it to your WordPress blog or Website, and use it as-is, or you can edit it to suit your needs.

How long does it take to create this sales page using Affiliate Titan and 1 Click Affiliate?  Less than a minute.  It’s hard and time consuming to write sales copy, and the copy that Affiliate Titan uses here comes from 100 pages that Chris has used himself over the years.  It’s proven copy that should help you make sales.

The third part of Affiliate Titan is the training – you’ll learn how to use Google and YouTube marketing to drive traffic to your Website.  You’ll have access to video training, as well as a quick start guide that can show you how to get started in just a few minutes

As a bonus, Chris is offering his T-Shirt Titan system, which can show you how to find t-shirt designs on Facebook, Zazzle, and eBay.  It includes an Auto Designer that helps you create designs of your own, and gives you video training on how you can sell the shirts via Facebook and Teespring.

Chris used to sell T-Shirt Titan as a standlone product, but now he’s including it as a bonus with Affiliate Titan.

Here’s the great part…

The price for Affiliate Titan is currently just $7.  Yes, there are some upsells, and you can decide for yourself if you need them.  That’s up to you.  The basic Affiliate Titan product, however, is quite affordable, and for that you’ll get the King of the Zoo tool to help you find profitable JVZoo products quickly, as well as the 1 Click Affiliate sales page generator.   I don’t have much interest in selling t-shirts, but it looks like it might be a useful bonus, as I know a lot of people have made quite a bit of money selling shirts on Teespring.

Affiliate Titan Conclusion

affiliate titan- thumbs upOn the whole, I think Affiliate Titan is a pretty good value.  For the base price of $7, it’s worth picking up just for access to the JVZoo search tool.  If you have trouble writing your own sales copy, and most of us do, then the 1 Click Affiliate program can either give you some great ideas for you to use or you can simply use it to generate prewritten sales pages.  The training should help you get some traffic, and you can’t have enough of that.

All in all, I think Affiliate Titan provides good value for the money.  Affiliate Titan is recommended.

Click here to learn more about Affiliate Titan.


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