AffiloBlueprint Review – Step by Step Site Affiliate Sites

AffiloBlueprint Review – System or Scam?

Affiloblueprint, a product from Affilorama creator Mark Ling, claims to offer a proven, step by step system for making money online.  Intended for beginning marketers who suffer from information overload and don’t know where to start, and intermediate marketers who just want a repeatable process, Affiloblueprint is a self-contained course that walks students through every step from idea to finished product.  Is Affiloblueprint a scam?  Is it worthwhile?  Read on for our full Affiloblueprint review.

Affiloblueprint Overview

affiloblueprintWhile Affilorama is a subscription membership product to help people learn about making money online and affiliate marketing in general, Affiloblueprint is a standalone training course that is intended to do one thing and one thing only – teach students how to build profitable, professional-looking moneymaking Websites even if they know absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing or Website building.

The course is divided into twelve modules:

  • Introduction
  • Market Research
  • Creating Content
  • Website Setup
  • Website Design
  • On Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Off Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Newsletters
  • Website Tweaking
  • Pay Per Click Advertising

AffiloBlueprint also includes a custom WordPress theme called AffiloTheme, that is optimized for building affiliate marketing Websites, making it very fast and easy to create a professional-looking Website in just a few minutes.  The theme also includes a number of videos that show students how to properly set it up and use it.  The Websites built using the AffiloTtheme are quite professional looking.

The AffiloBlueprint course is presented as a combination of both video and PDF documents, with each module being divided into multiple segments.  Each video has a PDF file that accompanies it, and both are fairly comprehensive.  This is a good thing; while some people prefer video and learn better that way, it is a more time-consuming method of learning, as it’s difficult to skim over parts you already know.  The accompanying PDF files make it easy to skim over each module in order to get a feel for what the module is about.  If you need clarification, you can use the videos for a reference.

Each PDF file explains the intended objectives for that particular lesson:  “In this lesson, we will…”   This is followed by ample text explaining the module, appropriate graphics demonstrating the principle being explained and in some cases, some frequently asked questions and answers.  At the conclusion of each PDF is a Lesson Summary, explaining what you’ve learned in that section of the course, as well as your homework assignment that you are expected to complete before continuing to the next section of the course.

The videos are quite thorough; watching the videos will take approximately one hour of time per module.  The course is intended to approach each module as though you know absolutely nothing about that particular module’s subject matter.  You’ll start with an introduction and then work towards the more technical aspects of each section.  The Website Design module, for instance, includes videos about:

Using the supplied WordPress theme, AffiloTheme
Adding and using WordPress plugins
Creating header graphics
Creating affiliate link redirects
Adding content to your site
Adding menus and widgets to your site
Using Google Analytics

affiloblueprint review logoEach of these topics is covered in depth, with creator Mark Ling walking you through the course.  Unlike most training courses, which simply dump tons of content upon you and expect you to figure out how to work your way through it, AffiloBlueprint is different.  Each module comes with a specific set of tasks that you need to complete before moving on to the next module.  This way, you may take a hands-on approach and learn to understand the AffiloBlueprint course material while actually working to build an affiliate site of your own as you progress through the course.

While the homework assignments are intended to help you work through the course and gain a greater understanding of the underlying processes involved in creating a working affiliate marketing site, there’s another benefit of having the homework as part of the course – when you have completed the course, you will also have a professional-looking, fully functional affiliate marketing Website that’s ready to make money.   At this point, all you need to do to succeed is to fine tune the site and work on getting visitors to it.  Then you can simply repeat the process by starting over.  Obviously, the second time you go through the process of building a site using the AffiloBlueprint method, it should go much faster.

AffiloBlueprint is surprisingly complete; the only thing you need to supply yourself is the domain name of your choice, which you can purchase from any one of a number of registrars for about $10 per year.  Aside from this, the AffiloBlueprint consists of the following:

  • Nearly 100 video lessons that guide you through the process of building a moneymaking site on a step by step basis
  • The same lessons in PDF format
  • A private AffiloBlueprint members’ forum
  • Lifetime access to all materials
  • A newly updated version of the AffiloTheme WordPress sitebuilder
  • One year of free Webhosting for one site
  • A bonus one month trial of Affilorama Premium, a membership site with more in-depth training

We’ve seen courses that are similar to AffiloBlueprint that were literally priced in the thousands of dollars and which were either not nearly as comprehensive or which simply didn’t present the material in a logical fashion.  There is a lot to learn about making money online, and while it’s important to learn everything that you need to know, it’s equally important to learn it in the order that you need it.

AffiloBlueprint Summary

What’s the bottom line on AffiloBlueprint?  It’s an extraordinarily thorough course that even a complete newbie can use to build, from start to finish, a fully functional and attractive money making Website.  Will it provide all of the information that anyone needs to know about affiliate marketing?  No, but it’s not designed for that.  It will, however, allow you to start from scratch and build something that can make money, even if you don’t know the first thing about Web hosting, WordPress or Clickbank.  All in all, we think AffiloBlueprint is a terrific product and one that can help all but the most experienced of marketers.

AffiloBlueprint is highly recommended.  How much do we like Affiloblueprint?  I own a copy myself.

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