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This is sort of a mini-review of Mark Ling’s AffiloJetpack.  I’ve reviewed the product before, and I like it.  Since it’s currently being offered for roughly 25% off, it’s worth revisiting the product to show you what it can do for you and how AffiloJetpack can save you both time and money.

affilojetpack_reviewThe basics of creating an online money making Website are pretty straightforward.  In fact, you can read all about that in a short PDF report called The 5 Step Formula right here. That’s a nice summary of how to build an effective online business.  Find a product to give away.  Entice people to download it.  Market products to them after they sign up for your mailing list.  It’s all pretty straightforward, but there’s one problem that gets in the way for a lot of people – there’s a lot to learn and a lot to do.  In fact, the entire process can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a newbie.  That’s where AffiloJetpack helps.  They do virtually all the work for you.  I’ll explain how AffiloJetpack works in detail momentarily.

AffiloJetpack Overview

When you build a moneymaking Website, you need to have a few things in place for the entire “formula” to work:

  • You need a functioning and attractive Website
  • You need original, compelling content to attract visitors to your site
  • You need something of value to offer your visitors in exchange for their email address
  • You need to have a series of email messages to send to them to encourage them to buy products

While this formula is straightforward, it’s a lot of work. There’s also a huge learning curve if you’ve never done any of it before.  Writing content is hard and time-consuming.  Creating a Website is difficult and time consuming.  Finding (or creating) a product to give away is a huge pain.  Setting up the autoresponder to send out the email messages, which you also have to write, also requires a lot of time and trouble.

In time, you learn how to do all of it, but we’re talking about months or even years to get it all fine-tuned.  There’s a lot of time and expense involved.  That’s where AffiloJetpack can save you a lot of time and money.

What does AffiloJetpack include?


You can choose from 18 of the most popular, “evergreen” moneymaking marketing niches.  These are niches that never go out of style.


  • You get a professionally designed Website, using a custom WordPress theme called AffiloTheme.  The site looks good, and your visitors will think it was designed by a pro.
  • AffiloJetpack includes a year’s worth of Web hosting, too.


  • Twenty content “cheat sheets” that provide research, tips and other information nuggets that make it easy to create hundreds of articles easily.  You’ll also have enough information that you can provide these sheets to outsourcers in order to have your content produced for you.
  • A list of top-quality writers whom you can hire to have your content written for you

Giveaway Products

  • affilojetpack freebieYou’ll receive three high quality PDF reports, complete with graphics, that you can use as giveaways in order to get people to sign up for your mailing lists.
  • You can do whatever you like with these reports.  While they’re intended to be given away, you can rebrand them as your own, sell them, or do whatever you like with them.  They’re yours.

Autoresponder Sequences

  • The autoresponder messages that you send to your mailing list after they sign up is where the “gold” is made.  When you have a mailing list, you can send them tips, advice, “how-to” instructions and the occasional sales pitch for products that you recommend to them.  This is a lot of work, which is why AffiloJetpack includes more than 100 pre-written autoresponder messages.  It just takes minutes to set up, and your subscribers will automatically receive email messages from you, complete with your affiliate links, for a full year.


  • Your sites won’t make any money if you don’t get traffic, and AffiloJetpack includes in-depth training for drawing traffic and visitors to your site.
  • Video training includes modules on both free and paid advertising, using paid ads, Kindle and YouTube, among others.


  • AffiloJetpack also includes AffiloBlueprint, a standalone product (that sells for $197 alone) that shows you, in 12 modules, how to build your own affiliate marketing Website from scratch.  I’ve recommended AffiloBlueprint in a previous review and I think it’s worth buying on its own.  With AffiloJetpack, you get it as a bonus.

affilojetpack bonusThe Best AffiloJetpack Bonus

Perhaps the best bonus is this – when you purchase AffiloJetpack, you don’t just get one Website, you get five.

  • Five Websites
  • Five sets of reports to give away
  • Five sets of content cheat sheets
  • Five sets of 100 autoresponder messages

You can choose these five sites from 18 different niches, giving you the opportunity to make money in five different ways almost immediately.

Who is AffiloJetpack for?

AffiloJetpack is perfect for:

Newbies – Those who are new to affiliate marketing, but are simply overwhelmed with everything there is to know and all of the things that you have to do to get your system up and running.

Intermediate marketers – You’ve had some experience in affiliate marketing, but perhaps you’ve had a few successes and some failures.  AffiloJetpack streamlines the process and gives you a tested, proven system that reduces the likelihood of failure to a minimum.

Advanced marketers – You know what you’re doing, but you want to save time and hit the ground running without having to take the time to set up a series of complex Websites yourself and spend the time or money to create or outsource all of the content.

AffiloJetpack isn’t cheap, but for a short time, Mark Ling has it on sale for roughly 25% off.  I’ve recommended the product at full price, but at the sale price, it’s an absolute bargain.

AffiloJetpack on sale

By the way, Mark Ling has also made three two-hour Webinars about traffic and making money online available.  They’re free; you just need to invest the time.  If you’re interested in learning more about those, just go here to download the 5 Step Formula.

AffiloJetpack is a good product.  It makes it easy to get a complete moneymaking system set up in a short amount of time.  It’s on sale now and a good value.  You should check it out.

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