Affilorama Review – Can Free Help You?

Affilorama Review – Is it a Scam?

Affilorama is a marketing course and tool set created by New Zealander Mark Ling way back in 2005.  While Affilorama is a membership site, they say that you can join for free and learn about affiliate marketing via their collection of more than 100 video lessons.  Free sounds like a pretty good deal.  What’s the catch?  Is Affilorama a scam?  Read on for our full Affilorama review.

Affilorama Overview

affilorama review logoBelieve it or not, you really can join Affilorama for free.  While the site does have a paid membership option, as well as several standalone paid tools, you can actually join Affilorama and learn from them without charge.  When you sign in, you’ll be taken to your dashboard, where you’ll have access to a PDF file called the Quick Start Affiliate Marketing Report.

This 30 page report gives you an overview of the entire process of creating a successful affiliate marketing Website.  The report is divided into 12 chapters that cover such topics as:

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Picking a Niche
Building Your Website
Creating Content
Email Marketing
Getting Visitors to Your Website
How to Make More Sales

Obviously, a 30 page PDF report isn’t going to tell you everything you need to know about how to work online from home or how to make money online.  That isn’t the point.  The point of the report is to give you a good overview of the entire process, so that you’ll know what to expect as you go through the training materials provided on the Website.

At the top of your dashboard, you’ll see a pulldown menu labeled “Lessons.”  Your choices are:

Introduction – What is Affiliate marketing?
Market Research – Finding a niche and products
Content Creation – How to easily create content for your site
Site Building – Everything about Website design
Marketing Ideas – Promoting your site and your products
SEO – Helping the search engines find you
PPC – Taking it to the next level with paid advertising
Outsourcing – Easing the burden by hiring others
Guruviews – Advice from marketing pros
Clicking on any of these headings will take you to a page with an article on that topic.  The “Introduction” section, for instance, has an article called “Introduction to Affiliate Marketing.” At the bottom of that page is another section called “Discover Affiliate Marketing” and in that section, there are nine subsections pertaining to beginner topics for affiliate marketers, such as “How to Identify Affiliate Sites” or “How to Find Affiliate Programs.  Each of these sections contains both printed material as well as videos that walk you through the process of learning about how affiliate marketing works.

Your dashboard keeps track of which lessons you’ve viewed, and has a progress meter that indicates the percentage of the lessons that you have completed.  The dashboard also has a sidebar with links to recent articles on the Affilorama blog, and links to recent posts in the members forum.  The dashboard also has links to pages with information about Affilorama’s paid tools:

  • Affiloblueprint – A step by step set of instructions for building solid affiliate Websites
  • Affilotools – A set of tools that give you access to visitor stats, metrics and performance stats, finds backlink partners, checks Website health, helps find keywords and more.
  • Affilojetpack – A complete, done-for-you set of affiliate marketing Websites that’s practically plug and play

The Affilorama blog is a members-only blog with posts written by the Affilorama staff that keeps you updated on changes within the industry as well as tips about how to improve your business and enhance your profits.

The Affilorama forum is a place for members to share ideas, tips and suggestions and to answer questions for each other.  The forum has numerous subsections devoted to topics such as PPC, Website building, SEO, and social media.   The forum is rather busy and has several thousand active topics.

All in all, the amount of free information offered with is impressive.  There’s lots of information, it’s presented in an easy-to-follow manner, and the Affilorama staff keep track of your progress.  I recently joined and soon received an email message that said, “I noticed you hadn’t quite completed your setup. Is there something you need help with or don’t understand?”  The staff has been quite helpful.

affilorama premiumWhile basic membership in Affilorama is free, they do offer a paid membership, known as Affilorama Premium.  When you sign up, you’re offered a one-month trial membership to Affilorama Premium for $1.  The Premium membership includes everything that’s in the free one, of course, but also offers a number of additional features:

  • Free access to Affilotools
  • Advanced training created for Affilorama Premium members only
  • Access to the “Blog Bootcamp” video series that shows you how to create videos from scratch
  • Access to hundreds of private label rights articles in numerous “money” niches, updated monthly
  • Free hosting for up to 15 Websites for a year

While the paid products and Affilorama Premium are obviously how Affilorama makes their money, they’re surprisingly laid back about promoting them to their free members.  Sure, you’re going to get the occasional email about how their paid products can help you, but it’s not a hard sell and you’re not going to get one or two lessons into your free membership only to discover that content you thought would be free actually requires a payment.  We’ve run into that “bait and switch” technique elsewhere and I’m pleased to say that it’s nowhere to be found with Affilorama.

Affilorama Summary

affilorama thumbs upI’m quite impressed with Affilorama, and as I’ve already mentioned, I’ve got a membership there.  Membership at Affilorama is perfect for those just getting started in their attempts to work online from home and the information in the lessons is set up in a logical, easy-to-follow manner.  The system keeps track of your progress and help is always available from either the staff or other members in the forum.  If you’re a beginner, you’ll definitely want  to check out Affilorama.

If you’re a more advanced marketer with a bit of experience, you might find the free membership to cover a lot of material with which you’re already familiar.  In that case, you might benefit more from Affilorama Premium.  This paid version of the program has more in-depth training as well as access to the Affilotools suite, which is probably worth the cost of membership by itself.

If you’re looking for a great source of information on affiliate marketing and you don’t have a lot of money to spend, the free Affilorama membership is a great place to start.

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  1. i read your review on afiliorama, but i did not read something related to how one can make money when one joins the free membership in addition to the training.

  2. i read your review on afiliorama, but i did read something related to how one can make money when one joins the free membership in addition to the training.

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