All News Round Review – Get Paid to Read News?

All News Round – Read News for $2000 Per Week?


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All News Round is a fairly new Website that says they’ll pay you to read news articles.  In fact, they’ll pay you a lot.  They pay $7 for reading an article, and they’ll pay you to read up to 35 articles per day.  Not only that, but All News Round has an affiliate program, too, and you can earn extra money by referring your friends to the site.  That’s pretty impressive, and it looks like a great way to earn money without having to do a lot of work.  They’ll even pay to your Payza or PayPal account.  Is All News Round legit?  Or is All News Round a scam?  Read on for our full All News Round review.

All News Round reviewWe’ve seen a few sites recently that offer to show us how to make money doing relatively little work, ostensibly for providing useful marketing info to companies who need it.  In fact, we were referred to All News Round from the Up Survey site, and the two sites probably have common ownership.  That’s not certain, as they are both registered privately, but both sites are registered in Russia, so you do the math.

All News Round Overview

Signing up for All News Round is free and easy; you just need to provide them with a username and a password.  You’ll also need to provide them with your Payza or PayPal username, presumably so they can pay you.  After that, you just pick a news article to read, which won’t take but a minute or two.  Then you fill out a simple CAPTCHA, which is a simple math question, such as “How much is 23 + 30?”  This is so they’ll know you’re a human and not a bot.  After that, you’ll have $7 added to your account balance, and you can repeat the process up to 35 times per day.


Once you reach an account balance of $800, you can cash out.  According to All News Round, you can also earn money as an affiliate, and if you refer friends to All News Round and give them your affiliate link, you’ll receive $38 when they sign up and 20% of their earnings after that.  That gives you the potential of earning thousands of dollars per week without actually doing much.  You can earn $245 per day just reading articles yourself, and an unlimited amount of money from when your friends reading articles.

All News Round scamThat’s all great, but a few questions pop up when I see sites like these, and you have to approach any site like this with some skepticism.  Nobody pays out money like this unless they’re somehow making money themselves.  And how is All News Round making money from having you read news articles?  That’s a good question.  When questions like that pop up, you have to start asking, “How is All News Round making their money?”  Nobody gives away money for no reason and nobody build a Website like this without having some mechanism for earning money.

All News Round scamThere’s an old saying in poker:  “If you don’t know who the sucker is, then the sucker is you.”  That seems to be the case with All News Round, just as it is with Up Survey and that will become apparent just as soon as you try to cash out your earnings.  Once that happens, you’re going to be asked for your Payza or PayPal account information, and that will include being asked for both your username and your password.  In order to get paid via either of these companies, one ordinarily needs to provide only the username.  The password is simply for the user to log in at the respective site.  Yet, All News Round is going to ask you for your password, too.  Why are they going to do that?

Because obtaining your Payza or PayPal password is the entire point of the Website.  They’re not there to collect information for corporations; the site exists to gain access to the Payza or PayPal accounts of their users.  Once they have your username and password, they have access to your balance, your credit card, and your bank account.  After that, they’ll likely take you to the cleaners, and you not only won’t get paid, but you’re likely to lose a lot of money in the process.

I’m not a member of All News Round, but I have signed up at Up Survey and I’m waiting for my balance to reach the payment threshold so that I can confirm that they will, indeed, ask for both the username and password at the time I request a cashout of my earnings.  If it turns out that they’re legit, I’ll amend this review, but from what I’m reading elsewhere on the Web, both All News Round and Up Survey are simply trying to scam people out of their online payment credentials.

They’ll likely get them from a lot of people.  Once you have spent a few hours on the site reading articles and “earning” money for it, you’ve invested a lot of time and most people would rightly feel entitled to be paid for that time.  If handing over your password is the last remaining obstacle to getting paid, a lot of people will gladly provide it.  That’s just human nature, and the people who run All News Round know this, which is why they set a fairly high minimum payment threshold in the first place.

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All News Round Summary

All News Round - thumbs downThe idea of getting paid a lot of money for doing just a few minutes of work is pretty appealing, and it’s not surprising that All News Round has attracted a lot of members in the short period of time they’ve been online.  Unfortunately, All News Round is a scam, and they’re not going to pay you.  You likely won’t lose anything if you don’t provide your online payment passwords, but you are wasting your time.  If you want to make money online, you should skip All News Round and sign up for Wealthy Affiliate instead.   Wealthy Affiliate is an online training program that will provide you with comprehensive training that will show you how to work online from home and create Websites that make money.  You’ll have access to video tutorials as well as a friendly help desk and engaging user interaction, where you can learn and exchange ideas.  It’s a great way to learn about making money online and a far better way to spend your time than wasting it at a site like All News Round.  You can even join Wealthy Affiliate for free.

All News Round is NOT recommended.


101 thoughts on “All News Round Review – Get Paid to Read News?

  1. It clearly looks like a spam. No one will pay $7 to read a single article. If it is a legit site, they could have kept a low minimum payout so that members can request the payment soon.

  2. i dont know what any of you are talking about but i did the fifty-news back over a year ago and got nothing back in return and i got it tlo where it was over 6,000 and i didnt even get a penny in return and i did alot of those sites back then and i got nothin in return so please stop while you are ahead b4 you are totallyy screwed like i was then thank you and god bless you guys and stop while you aaare aheaad guys,,,, good luck guys….

  3. I signed up at, but it says the site has been moved to I have surpassed the minimum payment amount, and it just informs me that the payment is “in process”. It has not been 14 days, but based off the comments here i have good reason to believe that i will not get paid. I even got 5 referrals which according to them would allow one to get “your money on that exact day without waiting”. I emailed them concerning this stipulation and didn’t get a response. They did not ask for my paypal password, but i will still keep an eye on my account. I wanted to know if you really could get compensated for reading news, so i tried searching for them. I couldn’t find any information on them or any other company like this. All of these websites have different names but are IDENTICAL:

    In my opinion these are deceitful “companies” that are negligent towards internet extortion. All they really want is your personal information. If something doesn’t make sense, it isn’t true. Don’t waste your time with these con artists.

    • There was one called – You sign up then read the news and then do a math question. When you looked at your account it shows that it was growing. Later I found out that it wasn’t legit. Then I learned that this site had another name or something. The one post saying that you could make 50K per month reading the news? I don’t think that’s legit either. Charlie I would like to know some reputable sources! Thanks!

      • I asked the person who said they knew of a legitimate site that would pay to provide me with a link. I got no reply. No surprise, really.

        I’m not aware of any site that will pay you to do such things. The only site I know of that will pay you for trivial tasks is Amazon Mechanical Turk, which I reviewed this week.

        Mechanical Turk really pays, as they’re owned by Amazon, but they don’t pay anywhere near the money that these news sites are claiming to pay. You can make a few dollars per hour there.


  4. I cashed out for $2300 this morning at I sent a message to questioning when my funds will be deposited into my paypal account. I have been paid by some survey companies but never cashed out on $2300 in a week like I have on we shall see what happens.

  5. hi .. i’m rynnie. i’m wrongly enter my accounts no. how to change it ??? cold someone from trastnews help meand guide me in this matter …

    • Mechanicalturk is legitimate; it’s owned by Amazon. Aside from that, I’m not aware of any sites that are going to pay you, aside from sites such as or, where you get paid by offering to perform specific tasks for hire.


  6. I’m working I need to reach $2300 to cash out and am about $500 away. Anyone know anything about news-high? Seems like a scam; usually anything that is too good to be true is. I’m just working to get to $2300 to prove that it is, or not.

    • News-High is another site from the same people as All News Round. It’s a scam; you’re not going to get paid.

      I’ll review News-High tomorrow for the benefit of all.


  7. Scaaaammmmmmms . Dont waste your time and data,s...

    • No, you didn’t get paid. You’re just trying to get people to click on your affiliate link.


    • O WOW!!! I have been reading for Trastnews and have 4 payments not paid out to me! How did you get your money?

    • Hey Shavonne, are you sure you got paid? Did you wait 14 business days? I have been trying to get paid from TillNew for a month. They owe me over $15,000 and it just reads “processing”.
      Please be truthful so I do not waist my time. Thank You.

    • Hey Shavonne, are you sure you got paid? I have been waiting for Tillnews to pay me for a month. They owe me over $15,000 but all it says is “processing”
      Please let me know so that I do not waste my time. Thank you.

    • You sure it works? Did you actually get paid? Is the money in your account? Please let me know. Important for me.

    • Sorry Shavone, but is a scam. I have 3 payments in process that I will never receive. Stop wasting your time.

    • How is that, it’s the same layout, pictures, & information as all the rest. Are you the scammer whom has created the sites. Lol

  8. I just signed up and am now reading the SCAM board here. It is July 1st… has anyone on here been paid? Not “In the Process”… but actually received money.

  9. is another scam site for reading the news. People are posting it as a paid ‘gig’ on craigslist.

  10. I’m right on the cusp . they owe me over $5600 dollars. I cashed out on the 6th of June. But it says 14 business days. We will see. And I have 6 referrals

  11. Any of you spending time reading news online from companies promising you will get paid is a SCAM. Below are the the different sites I have tried to read news and they are all SCAMS:


    These companies will not pay you at all. How do I know that they won’t pay you? Well, because I have already tried these companies. I waited 14 days to get paid and I didn’t get paid. On one of them, I should have been paid already last June 4, but it’s already June 10 and I haven’t been paid yet. Then, to make matters worse, I logged in this morning and the payout was increased to $2,300 in 14 days. Before it was set to $1,400 from 2 sites and $1,500 from other 2 sites. Until now, I haven’t been paid yet from all sites and all of them already increased the payout at $2,300. These sites are SCAMS. I don’t know why they put out sites like these online, but they don’t pay people at all. I also notice they have more news sites available online other than the 4 sites I mentioned here. Be very careful of these sites. Don’t give out your paypal account numbers, because I think they only want to find out about your account numbers so they can withdraw or steal all your money from your paypal accounts.

    • Hi, is a scam as well? cause I’ve recently signed up with them. I haven’t reached out my cashout.

      • I just signed up as well and havent reached the 2300 to cash out. I already put my Paypal account number on the site. I have 6 referrels and 1300 so one thousand to go. But now i feel ssd if this dont work. Im seeing so many comments im scared. What should we do about this. They cant keep doing this to people if its fake. Someone has ro take a stand

        • No reason to be scared. They’re not going to pay you, and that is likely all that will happen.
          There is nothing to be done about it. They’re located in Ukraine, and it will cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to prosecute.

          Just ignore them and move on.


  12. I cashed out May 23, so my 14 days is close the 6th of this month. I wonder do the news people ABC, CBS etc… really pay out money for people to read their articles? Because we’re uping their ratings by reading their articles.

  13. I cashed out on the 23th of May, 14 days will be the 6th of this month. I wonder do the news people really do pay these agency, to pay out money? If a scam, I say let start our own legit service and pay people. Only if they’re a scam.

  14. I too cashed out on the 29th and it’s says in process. .i contacted them twice regarding the payout process and how long it takes
    . no reply. .utter waste of time..smh

  15. Mines says still in process going to wait the 14 days to see what happens it’s been over a week so we will see then

  16. I’m waiting the 14 days to see if this really works it’s been over a week so let’s see what happens still says in process

  17. This is definitely a scam. I found a version of it called StateofNews. I was immediately skeptical because $7 just to read the news seems too easy. They didn’t ask me for my Paypal password, but I hadn’t reached the cash out limit yet, so I don’t know if they would do that after I reached it. But just in case there was some other way to get my password from the information I provided, I immediately changed my Paypal password. I also provided them with the wrong Paypal email but I made the mistake of giving them my real email, which is connected to my Paypal. So hopefully, as long as they don’t have my Paypal password they can’t get into it. Here is why I know it’s a scam. I was curious so tested it out.

    1. You don’t even have to read the news to get paid. You just have to answer addition problems. Red Flag 1

    2. The site gives you very little information and it has a ton of grammar and spelling errors. Red Flag 2

    3. The cash out limit is too high. I’ve done small internet tasks before, the payout is usually between $10-$20 dollars, usually because it takes such a long time to get that amount. Based on the site, you can reach their $1,500 payout limit within a week. It should never be that easy to make that much. Red Flag 3.

    I am assuming that if they do pay you, the money will probably bounce and if you try to spend it or take it out, you’ll end up owing someone (bank, paypal, etc.). I wouldn’t trust any check or money you get sent from them.

    4. Whenever there are multiple sites with different names, but similar functions, it’s usually a scam. Red Flag 4

    5. I always search sites that seem scammish to see what the internet says about it. I couldn’t find anything on this site, but a newly made Twitter account with basically no tweets. And then I stumbled upon this page. Red Flag 5

    So I would definitely recommend to not even bother with these scams or companies. You’ll save yourself a hassle in case they do gain access to your Paypal account. Hopefully, Paypal has a strong enough security to alert you if someone tries to use your account to transfer or deduct money from your account.

  18. I also cash out and I am still waiting to get paid. I even left them a message. I asked them if they were a scam. But I never got a reply back. So I am waiting on my 14 days to see what happens.

    • I did the same thing it says payment will beade in 14 work days..

      I sent a message tonhet clarity and I have yet to receive a message…
      I don’t see what they a do othER than send me a bad check to my PayPal

    • I did but not threw sites like these you have to type a essay 2,500 IF you enter you get paid 100-200 for an (OKAY) pay but you need to stick at it if you aren’t a typed don’t bother

  19. It same as . I cash out on this site and status is still in process . let see if it is legit or scam . as i didn’t use paypal password for signup at this site. k

  20. It same as . I cash out on this site and status is still in process . let see if it is legit or scam . as i didn’t use paypal password for signup at this site…k

  21. It same as . I cash out on this site and status is still in process . let see if it is legit or scam . as i didn’t use paypal password for signup at this site. Lets

  22. It same as . I cash out on this site and status is still in process . let see if it is legit or scam . as i didn’t use paypal password for signup at this site.

  23. I just cashed out today….. they didn’t asked me for no password… so we’ll see if its a scam or not….

  24. I just cashed out this morning…. it said payment is processing… so we’ll see… also they didn’t ask me for no password… just my email…

  25. i recently signed up, but now after reading this im not sure whether to continue reading or just give up? let me know if you guys got paid. i too have to reach $1400 even tho in the “ask questions” part of the website it says at $800 it cashes out

  26. i recently signed up, but now after reading this im not sure whether to continue reading or just give up? let me know if you guys got paid. i too have to reach $1400 even tho in the “ask questions” part of the website it says at $800 it cashes out.

  27. I recently signed with all news round I had toreach $1400 to cash out I reached my goal and cashed out it says the payment it’s processing but they have not asked new for my password only my PayPal email so I justwaiting to see what happens

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