AmaSuite 4 Review – Easy Amazon Profits?

AmaSuite 4 Review – Is it a Scam?

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Dave Guindon’s AmaSuite 4 software says it’s the “ultimate software & training toolkit for Amazon affiliates & sellers.”  That’s a bold promise, and Dave says that his partner has earned six figures as both an Amazon affiliate and as an Amazon seller.  Does AmaSuite 4 deliver?  Is Amasuite 4 a scam?  Read on for our full AmaSuite 4 review.

AmaSuite 4 Overview

amasuite 4 review As the name suggests, AmaSuite 4 isn’t new, and isn’t a single product.  It’s version 4 of a product that Dave introduced a few years ago that was mostly focused on helping people promote Amazon products as an affiliate.   Amazon has a decent affiliate program that pays fairly well and offers some good tools, but there are literally millions of products for sale on the site, and picking one to promote as an affiliate can be a lot of trouble.  AmaSuite 4 offers to simplify that by offering a suite of tools that help you find profitable products to promote.

AmaSuite 4 consists of four software products:

Azon Top 100 Analyzer – This product gives you access to the top-selling 100 products in all of Amazon’s caegories and gives you a broad array of data to look over, allowing you to find the under-promoted profitable products that you can promote as an affiliate.  Believe it or not, there are “hidden niches” even within the top 100 sellers on Amazon.

Azon Product Inspector – This product allows you to go beyond the best sellers to dig really deep to find hidden gems that are ready to be exploited for profit.  You can retrieve thousands of keyword-targeted products and see their exact ranking in just seconds.  Custom filters make it easy to filter out items that don’t interest you so you can find the most profitable products to promote.

Azon Keyword Generator – The secret to finding products to promote is to use the exact keywords people are using to search on Amazon.  If you know what people are looking for, then it’s easy to provide it.  This tool allows you to find hundreds or thousands of keywords with little competition so you can use them to find products or to use for SEO on your site.  There’s even a “GoDaddy” button that makes it easy to check if one of these keywords is available as a domain name.

Azon Review Finder – This tool is primarily for Amazon sellers and it allows you to easily find the contact information for frequent Amazon reviewers so that you can get them to review your products.  Reviews are the key to sales with Amazon products, and finding people who can and will review products for you is quite useful.


amasuite 4 softwareIn addition, AmaSuite 4 offers extensive training for both affiliates and sellers, including quite a bit of information about how you can supposedly make a lot of money selling private-label products.  These are products that are similar to name brand products, but you have them manufactured yourself to your specifications and you sell them under your own name, making you the only seller and eliminating the competition.

The basic AmaSuite 4 product is sold at a price of $297 for a lifetime license.  In addition to that, there are three upsells that will potentially take your price to close to $500 if you buy them all. These are additional tools that make it easier to create affiliate sites and find product niches for which you can sell products.

So, that’s the overview of AmaSuite 4.  But is it worthwhile?  There was another product available last year called Amazing Selling Machine that also offered to tell you how to sell products on Amazon, but that course sold for $2997, so AmaSuite 4 is a relative bargain compared that.  And I’ve purchased a number of Dave Guindon’s software products over the years and I’ll admit that he’s a good programmer and that he has a knack for coming up with software that is easy to use and which contains good, helpful features.  Amasuite 4 is likely as good as his previous products.

A big chunk of the new training with AmaSuite 4 is for those who want to sell on Amazon, and particularly in the now-popular niche of selling your own private-label products.  The idea is that you find a small, easy-to-ship product on Amazon, have someone in China manufacture something similar exclusively for you, and then you can sell it yourself at whatever price you choose, without competition.

Does this work?  It does…sometimes.  There are a lot of problems associated with doing what Amasuite 4 recommends – you need a fair amount of money to get started as you’re going to have to have a lot of product manufactured for you.  What if it doesn’t sell?  You might be stuck with thousands of dollars worth of inventory that you can’t get rid of and can’t pay for.  Furthermore, if you’re offering a product that is very similar to a name brand product, you might find yourself in competition with a big company.  That can be bad, particularly if you’re trying to sell just one product and Big Corp. has hundreds of products for sale.  They can easily compete with you by lowering their price on that item alone to a point where they can still outsell you.

The training is useful and the software tools might be useful, though there are free tools available for finding Amazon products that might be better suited for beginners.

AmaSuite 4 Summary

amasuite 4 - mehIs Amasuite 4 a scam?  No, Dave Guindon has a good product in AmaSuite 4, but it’s not something I’d recommend for beginners, particularly when it comes to selling private label products on Amazon.  That is an expensive endeavor that can easily go wrong in a number of ways.  Selling on Amazon is quite competitive (I’ve tried it, found it a nightmare to manage, and lost a bundle) and it’s also a bookkeeping nightmare.  You have to buy products, ship them to Amazon and keep track of the dozens of charges Amazon tacks onto your inventory.  Then you have to keep track of returns, defectives and more.  It’s a huge headache, even for experienced marketers.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, AmaSuite 4 would not be a good way to start.  Instead of spending $297-$500 on AmaSuite 4, you might try Wealthy Affiliate, which is an affiliate marketing training program that can take you by the hand, walk you through the entire process of finding and selling affiliate products and how to make money from them.  Once you’ve succeeded with that and you have some money to test on something ambitious, then you can try a course like AmaSuite 4.  You can even join Wealthy Affiliate for free.

AmaSuite 4 is recommended for experienced marketers only.


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