App Coiner Review – Get Paid to Test Smartphone Apps?

App Coiner Review – Test and Get Paid?




If you own a smartphone or tablet, you probably use a lot of apps.  They’re useful tools and games that help you get things done and help you waste time.  The market for smartphone apps is huge; people spend billions on them every year.  Developers make a lot of money, too, but the market is becoming increasingly crowded.  Increased competition makes it hard for people to know what to buy and harder for developers to have their products noticed.  App Coiner tries to cut through that; they say they’ll pay you to test apps on your smart phone or tablet.

app coiner reviewNot only will App Coiner pay you for testing apps, but they’ll let you download the apps for free.  That all sounds rather interesting, especially since App Coiner is promising that you’ll have access to “the latest apps.” So, can you really make money with App Coiner?  Is it a scam of some sort?  We’ve decided to take a look and let you know what’s really going on with App Coiner so you can decide if it’s the right product for you.  Read on for our full App Coiner review.

App Coiner Overview

How big is the market for smartphone and tablet apps?  In September 2015, Apple had more than 1.5 million apps in their store.  Some are free and some are paid, but the people selling the most popular apps are most definitely making a lot of money.  On the other hand, with that many apps available in the store, how is someone with a new one, even a good one, supposed to get it noticed?  It’s easy to get lost among all of the others.


That’s where App Coiner says it’s going to be different.  They say they’re going to pay you to “test apps” and to help them become better known.  How does that work?

To join App Coiner, you pay the $27 fee, and then you have access to the members area.  In the members area, you can pick an app to review from the site’s app database.  Apps are available for smartphones and tablets and for both the IOS and Android systems.

app_coiner_2You pick an app, download it, install it, and test it out and see how it works.  OK, but how do you make money with App Coiner?  The sales page is a bit vague on that.  You make money by writing a review of the app and post it on your Website.  The sales page was a bit vague on that, but yes, in order to get paid, you have to have a Website on which you can post reviews of the app.

When you download an app to review, App Coiner will give you a special link that’s associated with that particular app.  That link is an affiliate link and when someone reads your review and clicks the link you provide, you’ll earn a commission whenever they make an in-app purchase.  And guess what?  Every app that App Coiner provides for reviews includes up to $400 in potential in-app purchases.

App Coiner also provides some suggestions and some free ebooks and videos regarding how you can promote your Website and get more people to read your reviews so they’ll download the apps from your site so that you (and App Coiner; more on that in a minute) can make money.

app_coiner_scamThis all sounds fairly straightforward, even though App Coiner suggests that you’re going to be making money “testing” apps, rather than making money reviewing and promoting them.  So, how much money can you make using App Coiner?  Tens?  Hundreds? Thousands?

I don’t know, and it’s not because I haven’t tried to find out.  I’ve been inside the members area.  I’ve seen everything there is to see inside the App Coiner site.  They simply don’t disclose any information about how much money you’ll make if someone downloads an app through your link and makes a purchase.  They’ll tell you that they pay you every two weeks via PayPal and that the amount you make is “up to you” but other than that, they really don’t offer anything concrete regarding earnings potential.  That’s pretty odd, since most sales pages for moneymaking products talk about the money more than anything else.

Not with App Coiner.  I have no idea how much money you can earn.

What’s really going on with App Coiner?

App Coiner suggests on their sales page that you’ll be testing popular apps.  That’s not really true.  What you’re going to be doing is promoting apps that aren’t popular, in hopes of making them popular so that the people who developed them can make money from them.  If the apps become popular, then perhaps you can make money from them, too, but again, App Coiner doesn’t say how much money that might be.

Keep in mind that you’re likely responsible for any in-app purchases you make, allowing App Coiner to make money from the “free” apps they’re having you “test.”

I strongly suspect that the apps offered for “testing” by App Coiner are those created by the owners of the site, or at least partners of the people who own the site.  They’re not using you for testing, though.  Some of these apps are available in the Apple Store, and Apple isn’t going to accept apps that haven’t been thoroughly tested or which have bugs.  Any apps that appear for public sale are already going to be tested, so you’re not doing that.

What you’re doing is promoting App Coiner apps so that they can make money from the in-app purchases.  For that, App Coiner is willing to share some of that money, but they’re not willing to tell you how much.

App Coiner Summary

app coiner - mehApp Coiner says you’ll make money testing apps.  That’s not true.  You’re going to be reviewing apps and promoting them as an affiliate, using a Website that you didn’t know that you needed to create.  If that suits you, then you might be able to earn some money with App Coiner, but I can’t tell you how much, because that is something that they’re not disclosing on their Website.

Given that there’s no basis for determining whether App Coiner can be profitable, I can’t really recommend it, but then again, the model of promoting apps as an affiliate isn’t a bad one and the product isn’t all that expensive.  For $27, you will at least get some access to some free apps, though you’re probably responsible for any in-app purchases you make.  In that case, you might actually be paying App Coiner for the privilege of buying more things from them.

I rate App Coiner as so-so. 


42 thoughts on “App Coiner Review – Get Paid to Test Smartphone Apps?

  1. Is it safe to give all your petsonal info on clickbank in order to have an account? I dont feel comfortable giving sn, bank account on it? Could i get a refund even if i dint make a clickbank account? Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

    • You should only need to create a Clickbank account if you’re going to be selling Clickbank products as an affiliate. You shouldn’t need one simply to buy products from vendors or to ask for a refund.

      It is safe, however, to give them your personal information. They’ve been in business a long time and they are a reputable company.


  2. Well I guess I fell for it and I really couldn’t afford it. All my bills are behind so God have mercy on talks souls.

  3. Hi I just joined appcoiner not reading these reviews !!! It’s been 2 days now and not sure what to do ???? Should I keep going? I really wish I would’ve known all this first.

    Why can’t people just be honest.

    • You can:

      1. Try the product and see if it works for you.
      2. Ask them (or Clickbank) for a refund.

      Clickbank offers a 60 day refund period, so it’s up to you.


  4. Hey, I love this article. I’m thinking of going with App Coiner. What do you genuinely think of it? I keep reading reviews about it but can’t make up my mind if I’m honest. After reading this review I can kind of justify going ahead with it but then again in this review they have tones of links to the website so not too sure if they are gaining something for writing it. [link removed] I would love an opinion from someone with a bit more expertise. I just want to know if I can really make any money using this.

    • If you “love” my article, then you have read it, and you know what I genuinely think of it.

      No, I don’t think you can make very much, if any, money from it. I do earn a modest commission if you purchase it through a link on my review page, but again, I’m not really recommending the product.


  5. Thanks for sharing your experienced and no doubt to scratched this invitation on appcoiner. Your comments help me to decide ..

  6. Its a Scam .I joined on 10april 2016 worked a lot but after three to five days appcoiner blocked me.After notifying them they gave me another I’d named iqbalbryant.worked with that also but I was un happy.on 25april 2016 I demanded refund I also got mail from appcoiner that your refund will be processed in 3-7working days but yet it haven’t been refunded on appcoiner site I had raised a ticket for refund which has been closed yesterday I saw after many mailing and raising ticket they just close my ticket every time its today 17may 2016 appcoiner had not refunded they are ditching every plz don’t joined appcoiner I am the example of it victim of this fraud.appcoiner says refund without a question asked.

    • Thank you for taking the time to save people from wasting time that’s not easy to come by…we can’t afford to waste a single.penny.on scam sites…such a shame, I haven’t found 1 honest site for.making money at home, again thank u

      • What is the site you have found you make legit money. I always value people’s opinions more than anything else. I will say that, in the world of review sites this one is one of the best. But its still great hearing what people do that works for them. Thanks

    • Thank you!!! Its been 20 days and still havent gotten 1 single refund they stopped answering my emails and everything. I could never scam someone out their hard earned money especially knowing they have some type of hope in me. This is crazy App Coiner should be shut dpwn completely

  7. Its a SCAM.I joined appcoiner on 10 April 2016 worked but of no use in between my account was blocked from appcoiner don’t know y they blocked,on telling them got it started but name was given by appcoiner.on 28april 2016 mailed n created ticket to refund my money back,till now not a single penny refund received just received a mail on 15 days before that refund under process but till today its 17may 2016 its not being refunded and my ticket is being closed by them self.

  8. I did join as well and no money what so ever….. I do see a bright side to this, witch is now i have an account with clickbank. I could make money in other ways using clickbank. I would have never known about clickbank if it wasn’t for Appcoiner. But yea total scam but im gonna keep trying look me up by the way.

    • Do you use other alternative to promote your review app or depend on your blog that appcoiner gave to you?

        • No. AppCoiner no es mi producto y no trabajo para ellos. No protegerlos; Creo que es difícil hacer dinero con ese producto y no estoy recomendando que nadie compra.

          No. AppCoiner is not my product and I do not work for them. I do not protect them; I think it is difficult to make money with that product and I am not recommending that anyone buy it.


  9. So let me get this straight, after you pay the money to join you download apps and you write these reviews, but you need to have some sort of blog or website to post them, then you must have some sort of affiliate link that people have to click God in order for you to get any type of credit. So what if you write like 100 review And not many people come to your website? Sounds like a bunch of sh!t to me

  10. Thanks for the review; I am surprised that Clickbank would promote such a site as AppCoiner. You have saved my money and very scarce time.

    • Clickbank does occasionally allow products that are somewhat marginal. On the other hand, they have a pretty good refund policy, and products that have a high refund rate are usually dropped pretty quickly.


  11. Hi, Am about to join App coiner but does it really work or its just a scam? after joining how am I sure I will be paid and through which means? lastly what are the requirements joining it? please answer me, regards SOLOMON.

    • As far as I know, App Coiner will work. They pay by PayPal. You will need a Website or a blog or a Facebook page or some way that you can write reviews about the apps that you test. You make money with App Coiner by getting people to buy the apps.


    • I wouldn’t bother with it. Your site has to become extremely popular to make any money, and if you decide to cancel the helpdesk all of a sudden falls off the face of the planet. I had to threaten to file a lawsuit and call my credit card company to get my money back. Shady if you ask me.

  12. I read somewhere that the reviews you write for each app you test have to be between 250 to 500 words long. How ridiculous. No one wants to read such a long review about an app. Why would someone bother with this especially since the “pay” is such a secret.

    • 200-500 words isn’t all that long, but longer reviews tend to get better rankings in the search engines, making it easier for people to find the reviews in the first place. But yes, it’s the compensation with App Coiner that makes the program suspect. Can you make money with it? Maybe.


    • Agreed. And they only “pay” a few cents per review. But I never actually got any money from them even after downloading and writing over 60 reviews because “no one looked at them” even though my site said my posts had views.

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