Auto Affiliate Program Review – Make Money With Free Books

Auto Affiliate Program Review – Free Books Into Cash?


I write a lot about affiliate marketing on this site, and as a rule, the process involves persuading someone to buy something.  If they do, you earn a commission from the sale.  One good way to do this, especially for newbies, is to create your own Website or blog and write product reviews or provide information about the product you’re selling.  A new product, Auto Affiliate Program, takes a slightly different approach.  With this program, you’re still making money from affiliate marketing, but you’d doing it in a completely different way.

auto affiliate program reviewWith Auto Affiliate Program, you make your money by giving away free books.  Really.  In fact, when you join the program, you’ll have a large selection of free ebooks in a variety of niches that you can give away to people.  Believe it or not, it’s possible to make money from this, as I’ll explain in a bit.  Intrigued?  Read on for the full Auto Affiliate Program review.

Auto Affiliate Program Overview

Auto Affiliate Program is a membership program, so there’s a monthly fee to be a member.  Once you join, you’ll have access to the members’ area.  Inside, you’ll have a large selection of ebooks in PDF format that you can give away to anyone you like.  These books are usually somewhat short, running in the 10-20 page range, but they do provide useful information.  They cover a wide variety of niches, such as making money, or dating and relationships, or weight loss – popular topics that draw a lot of interest from the public.

wa_bannerThese books come with giveaway rights – you can give them to anyone you like, and the people to whom you give them are also free to give them away.  You can mention them in email messages, on your blog or Website, or on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media venues.  Auto Affiliate Program will even give you your own professionally designed Website that you can use to give away more books.

So, how do you make money by giving away free books?  That’s the interesting part.  Inside each of these books is advertising for other books, courses, and information products that are related to the topic of the free book that you’re giving away.  People reading those books can click on the links in the books to learn more about those other products, and those links are your affiliate links.  If people buy those products, you earn a commission from them.

auto affiliate program scamThe beauty of the Auto Affiliate Program system is that books like this tend to get passed around a lot.  People might read those books and click the link inside them weeks, months, or even years from now, and if they buy, you’ll still get a commission.  While Auto Affiliate Program has a pretty good selection of books to give away, they also add a new book to the list each week, so if you join today and remain a member for a year, you’ll have 52 new books a year from now to give away, in addition to all of the books that they’re offering now.

Another feature is that when someone clicks the link on your Auto Affiliate Program Website to download a book, they’ll be asked for their email address.  That way, you can build a mailing list, which is a great way to earn additional income, as you can send messages to your list with other offers you find that might be of interest to them.

One cool thing that Auto Affiliate Program is they show you a fairly easy way to auto post content to Facebook and Twitter, so that if you like, you could have a status update every day that mentions a new free book that you’re giving away.  When people see that on your Facebook page, they can click the link, download the book and if they buy, you’ll earn money.

auto affiliate program booksAre the books that you get with Auto Affiliate Program great?  No, they’re not great, but they’re reasonably well written, and they give a brief overview of the topic at hand.  Keep in mind that these books are free to your readers, and people have much lower expectations with free products than they do with those for which they have to pay.  They get the job done, and the job is to get people to click on the links at the end of the book so you can earn money from the sales of those products.

is Auto Affiliate Program a perfect system?   No, it’s not without its problems.  The free Website that you get is going to look exactly like every other Auto Affiliate Program member site, so you’re not likely to easily get that site to rank in the search engines.  Auto Affiliate Program is one of those products that can make money for you if you can drive traffic to it, and driving traffic is always the hardest part of anything Web-related.  On the other hand, if you’ve got a good Facebook following or a number of Twitter followers or know how to get them, it’s a great way to get people interested, and people do like free stuff.

The key to making money with Auto Affiliate Program is to find a book from a niche in which you’re interested and to promote that book to other people who share that interest.  That will produce the best results.  The Auto Affiliate Program Website has an informative video that shows you how the process works.

Auto Affiliate Program Summary

auto affiliate program- thumbs upIt’s hard getting people to buy things, but it’s a whole lot easier to get people to take things from you for free. People like free stuff, and in this case, the free stuff contains offers for paid products from which you can make money.  Auto Affiliate Program offers you a number of books in a number of different niches that you can absolutely give away to anyone you like, and if they like the book and buy the products, you’ll earn a commission.  You’ll also have access to a new book each week, and a free Website that you can use to attract other customers.  Auto Affiliate Program isn’t a perfect product, but it’s a good way to learn how affiliate marketing works, and you’ll also have the opportunity to make money months from now from books you give away today.

Auto Affiliate Program is recommended.

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