Auto Binary Signals Review – $236,708.43 in 30 Days?

Auto Binary Signals Review – $760 in 72 Seconds?


Price: $97 ($4.95 for first 10 days) + Upsells

There is no doubt about it; there is a lot of money to be made in trading binary options.  It’s a complex system of trading that should, in theory, work out about half of the time, but in practice, it often fails even experienced traders.  Still, there are a lot of people making serious bank from binary options trading and Roger Pierce, creator of Auto Binary Signals, claims to be one of them, saying that he’s become a millionaire in a short time through binary trading.

auto binary signals reviewRoger goes even further to say that he can offer you the secrets to his success through his Auto Binary Signals software.   Even better – he says that there’s no knowledge required, as the software is virtually automatic.  You’ll be able to set the software up to make trades automatically, so you don’t have to know a lot about what’s “under the hood” in the complex world of trading.  That sounds tempting, and even more so when Roger points out that he earned $236,708.43 in 30 days.  That’s even more tempting, so I decided to take a closer look.  Read on for my Auto Binary Signals review.

Auto Binary Signals Overview

Auto Binary Signals isn’t new; the product has been on the market for nearly 5 years.  That is usually a good sign; bad products don’t last that long in the Clickbank marketplace, especially if they have high refund rates.  Auto Binary Signals has been a steady seller, so people must be fairly happy with it.


Auto Binary Signals is software for trading binary options.  It’s Web-based software, so you won’t have to worry about downloading it, installing it, or whether or not it’s Mac-compatible.  If your Web browser works, you’ll be able to use the software.  The members area is where you’ll find the Auto Binary Signals software, along with the video tutorials and manuals for how to use it.

Of course, before you can log in to the members area, you’ll first have to navigate the maze of upsells that come with the purchase of Auto Binary Signals.  The basic product is $97, with a special 10 day trial at $4.95.  After that, there are three upsells”

Quad Core Upgrade – $117
Pro Training Upgrade – $147
ABS Pro Trader – advanced signals $197/month or $497 one-time

auto binary signals scamEach of these Auto Binary Signals upsells is accompanied by one or more downsells, so if you pass, you’ll have the opportunity to buy them at a reduced price.  Still, if you buy everything, this product that tries to lure you in with a 10 day $4.95 trial could cost you as much as $858.

And that is before you invest any money with brokers.  The Auto Binary Signals may or may not work (more on that in a minute) but even if it does, you also have to invest money with a binary options broker in order to make trades.  The Auto Binary Signals software tells you when to buy and sell, but you must do that through an account with a broker.  Most brokers require a $200-$300 minimum deposit.  In addition, most of these binary options software products suggest that you open accounts with multiple brokers.  They offer various reasons for suggesting that, but the real reason is this:

The people who produce the software make money as affiliates when you join brokers whom they recommend.

auto binary signals hypeBinary options trading is a competitive industry, and brokers are always eager to get new clients.  How eager?  They’ll often pay commissions in the $250-$400 range to people who refer new clients to them.  That’s why many binary options software products are free.  They’ll give you the software at no charge, and then tell you that in order to use their software, you must use one of their recommended brokers….and that means making a deposit with them.

When you do that, the broker pays the software vendor a commission of several hundred dollars.  We’ve reviewed some binary options sites that gave away their software for free but required that you sign up with three different brokers.  In some cases, that mean that they were earning as much as $1000 for their “free” software.

In defense of Auto Binary Signals, they say that their software will work with any broker, and that you can use it with an existing account.  Rest assured, Auto Binary Signals will try to persuade you to join a broker that they “recommend”, but it’s not required.  This is something that few providers of binary software do, so that’s a plus.

Does the software work?  It does, by all accounts, work about as well as anything else out there and there are a few anecdotal stories of people saying they’ve made money using Auto Binary Signals.  HOWEVER, and this is worth noting – none of them said they were able to do it without having detailed knowledge of how binary options trading works.

That isn’t surprising; binary options trading, like FOREX or trading in gold, or any other commodity, is complex, and you’re going to be competing with people who have been doing this for years.  Can you make money trading on your own?  Yes, but it’s not going to be automatic, and it’s something you’re going to have to learn how to do.  Perhaps the extra training offered by Auto Binary Signals will help, but you’ll likely do better to learn on your own and try trading with a free demo account at a broker of your choosing before investing any money.

Auto Binary Signals Conclusion

auto binary signals - mehAre you going to earn six figures per month with Auto Binary Signals?  Likely not.  Can you make money with it? Possibly, if you do your homework and spend a lot of time learning how binary options trading works.  As with anything else, if you want to get good at it, you’re going to have to learn more about it.  It’s not automatic, and Auto Binary Signals is not likely to provide you with huge earnings without any effort on your part.   There are people who say they’ve done well with it, so the potential is there.  It is a Clickbank product, so you do have the ability to get a refund if you’re not happy (but you can’t get refunds from the brokers.)

We’ve giving Auto Binary Signals a mixed review.  Click here to learn more about Auto Binary Signals.


2 thoughts on “Auto Binary Signals Review – $236,708.43 in 30 Days?

  1. I would like to join but I am little bit not sure. I understand I have to open an account with any broker and payback is through broker. In case I am not happy will broker refund .

    • The money that you deposit with a broker is money to use for trades. You should be able to withdraw it at any time. Keep in mind that I gave this product a “not recommended” review.


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