Auto Mass Traffic Review – $540,430.00 on Autopilot?

Auto Mass Traffic – Easy Autopilot Traffic?


Mo Latif, creator of Auto Mass Traffic, says he earned more than a half a million dollars on autopilot using the Auto Mass Traffic that he’s offering for sale for only $37.  That’s impressive, especially since he says it doesn’t make use of social media, blogging, search engine optimization or even Google.  Great!  It sounds like Auto Mass Traffic is just the thing that everyone needs.  Is Auto Mass Traffic the real deal, or is Auto Mass Traffic a scam?  Read on for our full Auto Mass Traffic review.

auto mass traffic reviewIf you’re going to do anything by way of a Website, you’re going to need traffic.  Without visitors, you’ve got nothing.  Just a Website that has no one to look at it.   Of course, any marketer will tell you that attracting visitors to your site is about 90% of the work.  Getting traffic is hard, and in some cases, expensive.  That’s why Auto Mass Traffic sounds appealing.  It’s cheap, and it’s automated and it doesn’t involve a lot of the tedious stuff that most Webmasters hate doing.  So what does Auto Mass Traffic do?

Auto Mass Traffic Overview

OK, the sales page for Auto Mass Traffic promises an easy to use piece of software with practically no learning curve and also adds a long list of things that you don’t need, such as technical skills.

auto_mass_traffic2When you agree to buy Auto Mass Traffic, you’re going to be hit with a long list of upsells.  I think I counted five, including ten “done for you” campaigns, and an “elite software tools” package that costs $67 per month.  I do know that on his affiliate page, Mo is telling prospective affiliates that they can earn as much as $847 per sale of Auto Mass Traffic, so the list of upsells is both long and expensive.  That’s pretty odd, given that the basic $37 product supposedly raked in more than a half a million dollars in a short period of time.

When you get inside the Auto Mass Traffic members area, you’re going to discover two things:

1. The Auto Mass Traffic software doesn’t work.  It doesn’t.2. What you’ve really purchased is a course that teaches you how to use pay per view (PPV) software to draw traffic.

If you’re not familiar with PPV, it’s also known as popup traffic.  You create graphic ads that are shown to people who have signed up and agreed to view popup ads.  This is usually something that accompanies the downloading of free gaming software.  In exchange for getting the free games, people have agreed to view ads, which often appear as full screen popups when people are surfing the Web.

auto mass traffic doesn't work

Auto Mass Traffic doesn’t work!

Pay Per View advertising can be quite profitable, but it isn’t for beginners, it isn’t for those without technical skills and it isn’t for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising.  In fact, PPV advertising can cost you a fortune as you try to learn how to make it work.  It takes a lot of trial and error to create an effective PPV campaign and until you do, your ads are going to lose money and perhaps a lot of money.

Even so, the traffic you’re going to get from PPV advertising is pretty poor.  It might be targeted, but you’re getting visitors who are people who are seeing your popup ads only because they were looking for free games.  This isn’t going to be top-level traffic, even if you can make it work.


Auto Mass Traffic isn’t a new product; it’s been around since 2010.  It isn’t a secret that the Auto Mass Traffic software doesn’t work or that agreeing to buy Auto Mass Traffic is going to subject you to a bunch of really expensive upsell offers.  And yet, five years later, Auto Mass Traffic still has fairly high gravity on Clickbank, suggesting that a fair number of people are buying it.  That’s pretty unusual, especially since the software doesn’t work and the product you thought you were getting has instead turned into a course about buying pay per view traffic.

Don’t get me wrong; you can get a lot of traffic with PPV.  The problems is that in order to make it work, you really need to learn more about PPV than you’re going to get from Auto Mass Traffic.  The training materials that come with Auto Mass Traffic aren’t that thorough.  If you’re interested in learning about pay per view traffic and ho to get it, why not get a product that offers to teach you that instead of one that promises you autopilot software that doesn’t work?

Auto Mass Traffic is making money because they have a well-written, if misleading, sales page, and they hit you with upsell after upsell.  Most people can’t be bothered to ask for refunds, even if they think the product they just bought is junk.  A lot of would-be marketers are just people who buy product after product without every putting any of it to use, anyway.  A few of the buyers of Auto Mass Traffic aren’t likely to even realize that the software doesn’t work or that the product isn’t what they were told it would be.

Auto Mass Traffic Conclusion

Is Auto Mass Traffic a scam?  Pretty much, as it offers things it can’t deliver, hits you repeatedly with expensive upsells and in the end, gives you a half-baked course on pay per view traffic that you weren’t even told you were buying.  There are better ways of learning about paid traffic than Auto Mass Traffic, such as Wealthy Affiliate, which will teach you about PPV, PPC, SEO, and a bunch of other things you have to know in order to make money online and at Wealthy Affiliate, you can sign up for free.  You’ll have access to video tutorials and the ability to learn new things on a daily basis.

As for Auto Mass Traffic, it’s a bad product and a misleading one at that.  I can’t recommend that you buy Auto Mass Traffic.


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