Auto Profit Replicator Review – Limitless Profits?

Auto Profit Replicator – $10,000 Per Day?

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Simon Saunders, the creator of Auto Profit Replicator, says you can use his exclusive software to earn $10,000 per day and more, and that he’s only going to allow a handful of people to use it…for free.  That sounds like a pretty good deal for any piece of software, but what does Auto Profit Replicator do?  Is Auto Profit Replicator a scam?  Read on for our full Auto Profit Replicator review.

auto profit replicator reviewOne of the more popular ways of making money online these days is online trading.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s FOREX, day trading stocks, or the currently-popular binary options trading, there are millions of people who are interested in working these financial markets for profit.  After all, if you can work online from home and make a lot of money on a daily basis, why not?  That’s where Auto Profit Replicator comes in.  This software is designed to help you earn tens of thousands of dollars per day on autopilot through binary options.

Auto Profit Replicator Overview

The Auto Profit Replicator sales page is pretty typical of what you see these days – little text content on the page but instead, a video that tells you about the product. Like most such sales pages, the Auto Profit Replicator video has no controls and no indication whatsoever as to how long that video is going to run.  I’ll spare you the long sales pitch; the video runs nearly 37 minutes.   The narrator, a guy named Simon Saunders, talks about how he used to lose money big time until he discovered the secret to making money through binary trading, and now he earns 80% profits on every trade.

auto profit replicator autopilot profits

He goes on to tell you that if you’re one of the very few people selected, he’s going to give you the very same software he’s used to rack up millions of dollars.  That’s right; millions.  It should earn millions; he claims to have spent $2.43 million developing the software and to date, Auto Profit Replicator has earned a whopping $36,875,968.17 in profits.  That’s insane!  And he’s giving it away?

Feel free to sit through the entire video if you want.  I’ll even make it easy – here’s the link to the Auto Profit Replicator video and this link gives you controls so you can skim through it.  He talks about how the software doesn’t rely on signals, like most trading software, but instead relies on something called a “neural network algorithm” to make trades and it does it all automatically.

auto profit replicator scamWell, that sounds like a pretty good deal.  Let’s see, we sign up for Auto Profit Replicator, and if we’re one of the next 183 people to sign up, he’s going to give us a piece of software, for free, that earns $10,000+ per day.  What’s not to like?  Where do I sign up?  Isn’t there a catch?

Of course there’s a catch.

So what is the catch?  Well, there are two catches, actually, and they’re both significant.  The first catch is that the Auto Profit Replicator software doesn’t work.  That shouldn’t come as a surprise, there isn’t any software that can automate binary trades on autopilot that make money around the clock and never fail.


The other catch is that the Auto Profit Replicator isn’t actually free.  Oh, Simon Saunders will give it to you once you complete the registration process, but the registration process also requires opening an account at a brokerage and depositing at least $300.  So, it’s going to cost you a minimum of $300 to even get access to this software.  You won’t get to see it, install it, or test it on a dummy account without first paying at least $300.

What’s Really Going On

Why do you have to pay before seeing the free Auto Profit Replicator software?  Because Auto Profit Replicator wasn’t created to make money for Simon Saunders by way of making autopilot binary trades; it was made to make money for Simon Saunders by persuading greedy people to sign up for brokerage accounts.

You see, the competition for new customers at brokerage houses is quite fierce.  Everyone is always on the lookout for new paying customers and brokers are willing to pay a lot of money to anyone who can refer new customers to them.  I signed up for Auto Profit Replicator and once I logged in, I was directed to the signup page for a company called OptionFX, where they asked me to deposit at least $300 to get access to the Auto Profit Replicator software.

OptionFX has an affiliate program, and they’ll pay affiliates as much as $400 for every single person they refer to OptionFX who opens a new account.  That’s what’s really happening with Auto Profit Replicator; Simon Saunders is promising you free software, but is really tricking you into opening an account so he can earn $400 in commissions as an affiliate for OptionFX.

Once you sign up at OptionFX, you’ll get access to the Auto Profit Replicator software, and then you’ll discover that it isn’t anything special and it doesn’t work.  That won’t matter, because the Auto Profit Replicator site is full of disclaimers that point out that Simon isn’t actually promising that you’ll make money and that trading has inherent risks, etc.

Auto Profit Replicator Summary

Auto Profit Replicator- thumbs downIs Auto Profit Replicator a scam?  Pretty much.  Auto Profit Replicator isn’t going to make money for you.  It is, of course, making money for Simon Saunders, but not through autopilot binary trades.  Auto Profit Replicator is making money for Simon Saunders through affiliate commissions at a trading brokerage.  You pay $300 to the brokerage, he earns up to $400 from you and then he gives you a worthless piece of software called Auto Profit Replicator.

While Auto Profit Replicator is junk, there are legitimate ways to earn money online from home, and you can do it without spending a lot of money and without getting scammed.  There are free training courses that will show you how to work online from home by making money through affiliate marketing, blogging and more, and you’ll learn a lot more from an online training program like Wealthy Affiliate than you will from Auto Profit Replicator. Wealthy Affiliate guides you through a 10 module training course, step by step, and shows you everything you need to know about making money online.  There’s a great user forum, too, and Wealthy Affiliate is free to join.


As for Auto Profit Replicator, well, it’s not recommended.


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