Automatic Mobile Cash Review – Easy Passive Income?

Automatic Mobile Cash Review – Easy Money?

Note: We have no relationship with Automatic Mobile Cash.

The sales page for Automatic Mobile Cash says you can get $300 per day in automatic income “60 seconds from now.”  Not only that, but you can sign up for Automatic Mobile Cash for free.  Can you really make easy passive income in the hundreds of dollars per day?  Or is Automatic Mobile Cash really just another scam?  Read on for our full Automatic Mobile Cash review.

Automatic Mobile Cash Overview

Automatic Mobile Cash reviewIn the world of making money online, you quickly get used to sales pages that go on and on and on.  It may get tiring reading a sales page that runs 10,000 words, but people make them because studies show they work.  These days, sales pages usually have embedded video in them, as well, and you often can’t find out how long the video is going to play.  If you hate long sales pitches, you’ll love the sales page for Automatic Mobile Cash, because there’s no video, and the entire sales pitch consists of only about 150 words.

What does the sales page for Automatic Mobile Cash say?  It says you can get automatic payments every single day by using their powerful mobile app sharing network.  That’s about it.  Below that is a signup form that tells you that you can sign up for free.  Great.  So Automatic Mobile Cash has something to do with mobile phone apps, and you can sign up for free.  How do you make “automatic income?”

There is more information on the Automatic Mobile Cash FAQ page and apparently, “free” automatic_mobile_cash4doesn’t get you very far.  If you want to create “$300 per day in real passive income”, you have to buy “Network Packages.”  I signed up for Automatic Mobile Cash, hoping to find more information once I got inside.  There really isn’t much else.  Once I signed up and logged in, I went to a home page in the members’ area that said “Hurry:  You need to get your Network Packages!”

The page then explains that every time someone buys an app that Automatic Mobile Cash or one of their partners develops, you get a sale.  They claim to sell thousands of apps each day, so “this will add up very fast!”

automatic_mobile_cash1So what, exactly, is a Network Package?  They don’t say.  When I clicked the link to go to the page where I could buy them, I saw a bold headline telling me that only 100 17 packages were left.   There are two interesting things about that.  A quick check of the page’s source code shows that the number 17 is actually hard-coded into the page.  It’s not any sort of real-time counter.  Furthermore, when I went down the page to look at the order form, I had a pull down menu that allowed me to choose how many Network Packages I wanted to buy, at $25 each.   I could select up to 40 Network Packages for $1000.  How I’m supposed to do that if there are only 17 remaining is one of life’s great mysteries, I guess.

It’s also worth noting that your payment options for buying these mysterious Network Packages are SolidTrustPay, Payoneer, Payza, and PerfectMoney.  PayPal and credit cards are not accepted.  I’m always suspicious when PayPal isn’t an option, but then again, they’re pretty picky when it comes to moneymaking programs.


Also mentioned on the Automatic Mobile Cash home page is a paragraph that says that “everyone must refer at least a few people into their downlines to absolutely guarantee” success with Automatic Mobile Cash.  OK, so it’s some sort of multilevel marketing program, I suppose.

Here’s the part about Automatic Mobile Cash that gives me pause:  Everything I’ve told you about the program is essentially all the information that’s available about it, even for members.  There’s no description of the process.  There’s no in-depth description of what Network Packages are.  There’s no mention of what “apps” the company (or their partners) have produced, nor is there any way to even find out where they’re being offered for sale, to whom, or for how much.  What percentage of the sales price is Automatic Mobile Cash paying out?  They don’t say.  What do you get for signing up referrals?  They don’t tell you.  What benefit is there to buying more Network Packages?  You get more money?  How much more?  Is the payout linear?  Do you get twice as much for buying twice as many Packages?  Ten times as much for buying ten times as many?  They don’t say.

In short, it appears that Automatic Mobile Cash actually works like this:

1. Sign up for free.
2. Discover that you actually have to pay to make any money.
3. Buy one or more (up to 40) Network Packages at $25 each, using a payment system you’ve probably never heard of.4. Wait to see if you earn some unspecified amount of money at some unstated point in time.

I’ve looked at, reviewed, and purchased hundreds of moneymaking products over the years.  Some of them were out and out scams.  Some of them worked for a while and then quit working for one reason or another.  Others actually produced some results.  But I have never seen a program that was as vague about what it does and how it does it as Automatic Mobile Cash.  They’re simply asking you to sign up and give them money.  They might give you some back, or not.  For what it’s worth, the domain name is registered to someone in Panama.  If you’re comfortable sending money to someone there, go for it.

Automatic Mobile Cash Summary

thumbs downIs it possible to make money with Automatic Mobile Cash?  I’ll be honest; I have no idea.  It might be, but on the other hand, you might just be sending money to a black hole in Central America.  Since there’s no explanation about what the program does, how it works, how payments are determined or when or why they’re made, there’s simply no way to determine if you can make money with Automatic Mobile Cash or not.

I can’t think of any reason to try this program.  It seems like a huge risk in exchange for unspecified returns.  Automatic Mobile Cash is not recommended.  For a better understanding of how to make money online, you might instead try an online training program like Wealthy Affiliate.


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