Autopilot Cash System Review – $5 Over and Over?

Autopilot Cash System Review


Price: $5


autopilot cash system reviewWould you like to earn $5?  That doesn’t sound like very much, does it?  But the creators of the Autopilot Cash System say you can earn $5, over and over.

In fact, they say that you can earn “unlimited” $5 payments using their “automated” system that they claim makes it easy to receive $5 payments directly to your PayPal account, day in and day out.

That sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see what the Autopilot Cash System is all about.  Can you really make money with it?  Is Autopilot Cash System a scam?

Read on for the full Autopilot Cash System review.

Autopilot Cash System Overview

The sales page for the Autopilot Cash System says that no experience is necessary and that anyone can use their system, even a beginner.

When you join the Autopilot Cash System, you pay just $5 through PayPal.  Then you receive the training materials and the many, many bonus products that they offer with the purchase of the system.


How do you make money with the Autopilot Cash System?  You receive an affiliate link once you join, and you give that link to other people.

When they join the Autopilot Cash System using your link, you get paid $5 for each person that joins.

autopilot cash system scamThe site says they’ll show you many different ways to advertise your link so that you’re awash in money very quickly.

That’s really the system in a nutshell; the entire Autopilot Cash System is about getting other people to buy the system themselves and promote it.

According to the site, you only need to pay $5 just one time, and they say that they will guarantee that you’ll receive 5 signups for joining.

Since each person who signs up using your link pays $5 to join, that sounds like you’ll get at least $25 for your $5 investment, right?

Uh…maybe.  When you pay your $5 to join, your link gets added to an “ad rotator” that places advertising all over the Internet.  Each new member of Autopilot Cash System has their link embedded in those ad rotator ads part of the time, and the links “rotate” among the various new members.

autopilot cash system bonusesThat way, every new member should get some of the ad clicks and some of the signups.  Your link will remain part of the ad rotation until you’ve received five signups with your link.  Then your link is removed from the system.

After that, it’s up to you to advertise your link using whatever means you can come up with to get people to click on it.  That link sends people to the main Autopilot Cash System and if they sign up and pay, you get $5, but you’re going to find out quickly that this is a lot more work than you may have thought.

Autopilot Cash System is all about traffic.

To do that, you’ll have to do a lot of advertising, but among the many bonuses included with your purchase of Autopilot Cash System are what appear, at first glance, to be some helpful advertising tools, including:

  • YouTube views generator bot software
  • Submit your ads to 128,000 Web directories and FFA (“free for all”) pages
  • 40,000 visitors to your site for free
  • Craigslist posting secrets
  • Send an email to 100,000 leads for free
  • 10,000 free ad impressions
  • $350 worth of advertising credits
  • Latest 2014 Facebook group posting software

Most of these “bonuses” are opportunities to post ads on sites that no one ever looks at any more, because the major search engines stopped paying attention to them years ago.

The software and training bonuses are freebie books and videos that have been around for years and likely describe promotion methods that don’t work anymore.

You’ll find, very quickly, that if you want to get any real people to click on your link, you’re going to have to advertise, and you’re going to have to pay to advertise.

After all, that “latest 2014 Facebook group posting software” almost certainly doesn’t work anymore.

Paying to advertise will be expensive, and there are certain types of ads that you won’t be able to run.

Google Adwords, for example, won’t let you run ads for sites you don’t own.  Since your link is for the Autopilot Cash System site, you’ll have to spend your advertising money somewhere else.

You could pay to advertise on Facebook, but chances are good that everyone who is already a member of Autopilot Cash System is doing that now.

You’ll find, very quickly, that getting a single person to pay $5 to sign up for the Autopilot Cash System using your link is going to cost you more than $5.

Another problem with Autopilot Cash System

The Autopilot Cash System sales page says that you get paid via PayPal.  PayPal is a reliable payment system, but PayPal doesn’t like a lot of money making systems out there, and they particularly don’t like any system that doesn’t actually provide a product.

The product, in the case of Autopilot Cash System, is the Autopilot Cash System itself.  You’re buying in for $5, and you’re supposed to get other people to do the same thing.

Everyone is just reselling the very system that they just bought.  Autopilot Cash System reminds me of a similar product I reviewed a few years ago called Internet Business Kits.

IBK, as it was known, worked in much the same way, promising instant and unlimited payments to your PayPal account.  That product, however, wasn’t $5 – it cost $150, and PayPal eventually shut them down.

If you participate in a system such as Autopilot Cash System, you may get in trouble with PayPal, and they may cancel your account.

One other thing about Autopilot Cash System…

The owner of the Autopilot Cash System site says that you just pay a “one-time” fee of $5 to join.  How is he making money if he gets $5 from you but you get the money from anyone who joins through your link?

The owner of the Autopilot Cash System site is making money in several ways:

  • Selling upgraded memberships.  When you join, your link goes in the ad rotator until you receive 5 signups.  If you pay $100 more, your link stays in the rotator permanently.
  • Selling advertising – Once you’re in the members area of Autopilot Cash System, you’ll encounter many offers for paid advertising opportunities that the site owner claims will help you make even more money.
  • Selling anything else – Once you join Autopilot Cash System, the owner of that site will have your email address, which they can use to send you sales pitches for whatever else they feel like selling.

Pros and Cons of Autopilot Cash System


  • It’s only $5 to join
  • You get many bonuses
  • Promises of unlimited income


  • Bonuses are dated
  • Advertising methods described don’t work anymore
  • This system may violate PayPal’s terms of service and cause them to cancel your account
  • The ad rotator likely won’t get you any signups

Autopilot Cash System Summary

autopilot cash system- thumbs downAutopilot Cash System is similar to a number of other systems I’ve reviewed in the past; the “system” is nothing more than selling you something and then telling you to “resell this” in order to make money.

The sales page is old (“Latest 2014 Facebook software”) and the bonus products are older.  The system may violate PayPal rules and get your account locked.

There are better ways to make money than by buying the Autopilot Cash System.

Autopilot Cash System is not recommended.


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