Autopilot Profits Review – Can Ewen Chia Offer Unlimited Profits?

Autopilot Profits – Cash-Spitting Money Machines or Scam?


Autopilot Profits, a product by Ewen Chia, offers to teach you how to earn “unlimited income” using “autopilot income machines” that can earn $3460.25 in 24 hours.  Not only that, but the Autopilot Profits sales page says you can earn money before you go to sleep tonight.  That’s pretty bold, but is there anything to it?  Or is Autopilot Profits a scam?  Read on for our full Autopilot Profits review.

autopilot profits 2015 reviewAutopilot Profits is being promoted on Clickbank as “Autopilot Profits 2015” and there’s a reason for that – it’s not a new product.  In fact, it’s what’s known in the industry as an “evergreen” product, as Autopilot Profits has been steadily available since 2007.  Ewen Chia, a marketer based in Singapore, has been quite successful at making money online, and his course promises to show you how he does it.

Autopilot Profits Overview

The basic Autopilot Profits course consists of a 59 page PDF along with some tutorial videos.  This, according to the sales page, is going to provide everything you need to start making money using the “virtual ATMs” that spit out cash.  Given that the product is priced at $37, that would seem like a pretty good deal and you might learn something.


autopilot pilots upsells…There are no fewer than five upsells that will be pushed on you once you agree to buy Autopilot Profits.  These will include a traffic generation package, an automated Website builder and a couple of other really expensive products that won’t help you much.   Offering upsells on the tail end of a purchase is a pretty common tactic in Internet marketing circles, and sometimes, it’s OK, as in the case where you might be buying a piece of software that performs basic functions but the upsell offers extra features or perhaps offers a more liberal licensing model, such as allowing you to use it on more than one Website.

That’s not the case with the Autopilot Profits upsells; Ewen Chia is simply trying to persuade you to buy one product after another, with each costing more than the one before it.  If you allow yourself to get sucked in, you’ll be spending a small fortune.
The first four Autopilot Profits upsells are priced at $67, $197, $197 and $297.  I’ll get to the fifth Autopilot Profits upsell in a minute.  If you allow yourself to get talked into these four upsells, you’ll be spending $795, even though Ewen Chia told you that your initial $37 investment would give you everything you needed to earn “unlimited cash.”

As for the Autopilot Profits course itself, it’s more or less unchanged from past years.  The 59 page PDF book and accompanying videos tell you how to pick a niche, choose a product, find keywords, build Websites to promote the products and how to generate traffic.

autopilot profits - ewen chiaNot surprisingly, Ewen Chia recommends that you promote Clickbank products in general, and that you promote Autopilot Profits specifically.   A lot of courses, such as the popular MOBE, do the same thing, though I will say this in defense of Autopilot Profits – you do not have to buy the product or be a member to promote it.  It’s a regular Clickbank product, so if you want to make a few bucks as an affiliate, you can do that without buying the product.

One thing I don’t understand about Autopilot Profits is why Ewen Chia continues to do the voiceover for his own videos.  While he speaks English fluently, he’s not a native English speaker and the audio in his videos is difficult to understand.  He’s made a lot of money over the years; why isn’t he using some of that to hire a voiceover artist to make his videos easier to understand?

The basic Autopilot Profits course isn’t bad, as such things go, but it’s a pretty short and simplistic overview of how to make money as a Clickbank affiliate.  And as the upsells suggest, Autopilot Profits isn’t really how Ewen Chia is making his money, anyway.  He’s making his money by offering a bunch of really expensive products on the back end of his low $37 product.

This is the one thing that has changed over the years with Autopilot Profits – the number of upsells has increased, as have the prices of the products that Ewen Chia is trying to persuade you to buy.

The Fifth Autopilot Profits Upsell

The fifth and final Autopilot Profits upsell is the one that takes us into the “shameless” territory.  This upsell is an offer to talk you into joining MOBE, also known by various other names, including My Online Business Empire and My Online Business Education and My Top Tier Business.  I’ve written a review of MOBE previously, but in short, it’s a very expensive pyramid scheme designed as an Internet marketing course.

autopilot profits upsell - MOBEYou can join MOBE for $47, and you’ll told that you can earn commissions as high as $10,000.  Of course, to earn commissions of $10,000, you must first invest nearly $40,000 in the program.  You supposedly make money with MOBE by reselling educational products that show you how to make money online, but that’s just a smokescreen.  The way you really make money with MOBE is by purchasing expensive “licenses” which allow you to earn 50% commissions on the sale of …more licenses, which you’ll be selling to people you recruit into the MOBE program.

The fact that the money you can earn with MOBE is tied to the recruitment of new members who buy licenses, rather than the sales of products to people who are not members, is what makes MOBE a pyramid scheme.  Laws vary by country, but in the United States, such programs are illegal because eventually, members run out of people to whom they can persuade to buy licenses and then the whole program collapses…but not before the people who got in early have made a lot of money.

Autopilot Profits Summary

Autopilot Profits - thumbs downIs Autopilot Profits a scam?  The answer is both yes and no. The basic Autopilot Profits course is OK, and at $37, it’s fairly priced.  The endless upsells are overpriced, and the attempt to talk buyers into joining a very expensive and horrible program like MOBE as an upsell takes Autopilot Profits into the “avoid this product at all costs” territory.  Sure, you can learn some things from Autopilot Profits, but the material is largely dated and isn’t particularly thorough.  If you want to learn the basics of affiliate marketing, you should try an online training program like Wealthy Affiliate instead of Autopilot Profits.  You’ll have tons of material, presented in an easy to follow manner, and more training videos to help you through the course.  It’s a much better program at a much lower cost – it’s free to join, though it does have a paid (and much better) option.

As for Autopilot Profits, I cannot recommend it.  Thumbs down.


4 thoughts on “Autopilot Profits Review – Can Ewen Chia Offer Unlimited Profits?

  1. Why do wealth Affiliate reviewers always recommend their product at the expense of other People’s products. Guy you are not giving an honest review for people’s products because you are on a mission to promote Wealth Affiliate. What you are doing is complete gabbage. An honest review which promote a certain product at the same time. Thats not a review, its more or less marketing.By the way I am a member of Wealth Affiliate and I can say that they are a lot of programmes better than W.Affiliate.

    • Complete “gabbage”?

      Every review I write is a review of a product that I have actually seen. If it’s a book, I’ve read it. If it’s a video, I’ve watched it.

      My reviews offer my opinion of those products. I like some of them. I don’t like others. I recommend some of them. I don’t recommend most of them.

      I don’t promote Wealthy Affiliate at the expense of other products. I promote Wealthy Affiliate in addition to other products.

      If I think the products I review are also good products, I’ll say so, and I’ll recommend them. If I think a product isn’t very good, I’ll say so.

      I don’t like Autopilot Profits. That’s not because it isn’t Wealthy Affiliate. I dislike it because I think it’s a horrible product and a waste of money.

      I think that Ewen Chia’s products are uniformly terrible, and have been for more than a decade. You’ll make a ton of money with his products if you can find a way to travel back in time to 2005. They won’t work today.

      I think Wealthy Affiliate is a good product, and I think it’s a particularly good product for beginner affiliate marketers.

      You apparently disagree. That’s fine; you’re free to go build your own Website and promote whatever product(s) you think are better.

      Best of luck to you.


  2. “” try an online training program like Wealthy Affiliate instead of Autopilot Profits”” bullshit how much have you made from WA ? don’t sign up at WEALTHY AFFILIATES , It’s a waste of $19 .. They don’t teach you how to make money, only website Rubbish. I regret paying for that. Y’all at WA are dying in silence

    • I’ve referred a few thousand people to Wealthy Affiliate, and I’ve yet to get a complaint from anyone. I think it’s a great program with great training and a lot of helpful members. I’m also a paying member, and have been for a year. If I thought it was a waste of money, I wouldn’t be paying for it.

      It’s absolutely, positively, unquestionably a better product than Autopilot Profits. Period.

      You’re entitled to your opinion, of course, but then again, anyone can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate for free and decide for themselves if it’s worth their time and/or money.

      Thanks for sharing.


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