Best Web Hosting (Jan.2019) – Good and Affordable

Best Web Hosting 2019 – Price and Service


Looking for the best Web hosting 2019 has to offer? Of course you are. Everyone is. If you’re going to make money online, you pretty much have to have a Website. It’s a nuisance, but it’s how things get done on the Web. Of course, the ideal Web hosting is going to do everything you want with a minimum amount of fuss. You want it to work, you want good support when it doesn’t, and you want it at a price that you can afford.

best web hosting 2016There are a lot of Web hosting companies out there, and the pricing is pretty aggressive. You’ll even find free Web hosting available. Unfortunately, when you go with free Web hosting, you’ll find that you get what you pay for. Most free Web hosting requires you and your site visitors to look at advertising. You’ll also likely find that the company’s servers are overloaded, which leads to poor response time. Slow-loading sites not only annoy your site visitors, but they can also hurt you in the search engines, as Google and Bing will penalize sites in the search engine rankings for loading too slowly. The best Web hosting 2019 has to offer will include good performance and affordable pricing.

Best Web Hosting 2019 Features

The best Web hosting 2019 has to offer will, of course, include the features that you need, and not those that the company thinks are worthwhile. As I previously mentioned, you shouldn’t be taken in by pricing alone, as the cost of “free” Web hosting is often performance. Still, the ideal Web host is going to be equipped to handle the needs of all customers, from small blogs to large enterprises and ecommerce sites.


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Shared Hosting – Shared hosting plans puts your Website on a server with a number of other, unrelated Websites. Server resources are divided among all of the users. The advantage of shared hosting is that it’s inexpensive, but the disadvantage is that if a single Website on the system begins to draw a lot of traffic, it can slow down every Website on the server.

The best Web hosting 2019 has to offer will provide reliable shared hosting, but will give you the option of having more than one Website, as well as multiple levels of performance, as running multiple sites on the same account will demand more in the way of server resources.

best cloud hosting 2016Cloud hosting – Cloud hosting is a relatively new method of hosting, where data is stored among multiple redundant storage devices that likely aren’t even at the main server’s location. The nice thing about cloud hosting is that your data is always safe, being stored in multiple locations simultaneously. That makes your information safe from local disasters, such as a catastrophic server failure. The best Web hosting 2019 would offer cloud hosting at an affordable price, with caching for fast response time and multiple layers of service dependent on the individual needs of the user. You’ll also be able to migrate to cloud hosting in minutes from a shared hosting account, should your site become successful and need more robust servers.

WordPress hosting – The best Web hosting 2019 offers dedicated hosting for WordPress-based sites. While WordPress is a free and useful open source Website and blogging platform, the software does have some rather unique, and occasionally demanding, needs in the way of hardware and software support. With poor hosting, you can often find your WordPress sites running at a crawl, and you’ll find that some hosting companies even restrict your resource usage if you’re running WordPress. Dedicated WordPress hosting is great for bloggers and small businesses, as you know you’ll have your site running on a server that’s been fine-tuned for your specific needs.

VPS Hosting – VPS stands for Virtual Private Server; it’s like having a dedicated machine at a fraction of the cost. This site is running on a VPS, and I have access to the same tools and system management resources that I’d have if the site were running on it’s own unique computer. Of course, you do need a robust machine to handle several accounts at once, and the best Web hosting 2019 will offer sufficient storage space, memory and CPU resources to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

dedicated web hosting 2016Dedicated hosting – Once your site gets big and popular enough, you might need dedicated hosting. The best Web hosting 2019 has to offer will give you access to a variety of configurations for dedicated hosting so that you’ll have the machine you need with the resources you need. You should be able to upgrade from one level of service to another with little or no downtime, even if you’re moving from shared hosting to a dedicated server. And the pricing, of course, should be competitive, so that you’re not throwing away all of your money on hosting costs.

Tech support – In an ideal world, tech support wouldn’t be necessary, as things would just run correctly all of the time. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world and you will need tech support from time to time, no matter how good your equipment might be. The best Web hosting 2019 has to offer will provide good, responsive tech support, that answers your needs in minutes, and not hours or days. When your site isn’t working properly, you need tech support that will respond right away, and get your site back up and running immediately. Time is money, and the best Web hosting 2019 has to offer will know that.

Best Web Hosting 2019 Summary

As I previously mentioned, the best Web hosting 2019 has to offer will provide a number of hosting options, tailored to your needs. You’ll have adequate storage, good bandwidth, and responsive tech support. You’ll also have the ability to move from one hosting plan to another, based on your needs. If your needs change, so should your hosting and it shouldn’t be a bother or take a lot of time to move from one hosting plan to another. The best Web hosting 2019 has to offer will provide all of those things, and there’s one company that I recommend highly for that.

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