Better Blogging Tips- Sometimes, Less is More

Blogging Tips – Keys to Better Results

One great way to make money through affiliate marketing is to create a blog.  If your blog is about a subject that you’re passionate about, you can gain a loyal following of readers and make some money, too, by gently promoting products that are related to your blog’s subject on your site.  There are endless topics upon which you could write on a regular basis while still making money, as there are plenty of interesting niches out there.  If you like quilting, for example, you could write about that regularly while promoting books or supplies related to quilts.

bloggingLots of people get started blogging and then give it up because they aren’t seeing instant results of they’re not getting their blog listed in the search engines results pages (SERPS.)   There are millions of blogs out there and the search engines do not give them all equal weight.  What they want is to see blogs with real, meaningful content, and one that can stand the test of time.  Lots of blogs are thrown up with auto-generated junk content and the search engines want to make sure that a blog is something that will be useful to their visitors before they rank them highly in their SERPS.

Here are a few tips that can help you engage in better blogging which will, in turn, produce more visitors and in the end, more money:

1. Be patient – Creating quality content takes time.  The better blogs that have been around for a while have hundreds, or even thousands, of posts.  You’re not going to start blogging today about any subject and find it at the top of the SERPS anytime soon.  It just doesn’t work that way.  That’s why it’s important that you find a topic that you really care about, because you’re going to be writing about it for a while before you start seeing any kind of action from the search engines.  Write good content.  Do it again.  Keep it up.  Eventually, the traffic will come.  Be patient.

writing content2. Write naturally, rather than to make sales – People can tell when someone is trying to sell them something, and they don’t really care for that too much.  If you can work a sales pitch into a blog post in context, great.  But don’t force it.  If you’re writing about fishing lures, don’t say, “Oh, and you should buy this outboard motor.”  It’s going to come off as phony and it’s going to cost you visitors.  Just cover your subject as thoroughly as you need to and allow your content to do the talking for you.  Of course, if you’re writing product reviews, and you think a particular product isn’t very good, you can always suggest a better one.  After all, visitors to your blog are looking for useful information and a good recommendation can, indeed, be useful.


3. Don’t overdo the keywords – As with trying too hard to sell things to people, you shouldn’t go crazy trying to cram every conceivable keyword that’s related to your topic in your blog in order to try to make the search engines think your post is relevant.   I’ve written before about the importance of search engine optimization and how you should try to keep your keyword density in the 2%-5% range.  Cramming a bunch of related keywords into a couple of paragraphs will leave you with content that doesn’t read like naturally flowing text.  Just write.  With practice, you’ll get good at including the important keywords without making it look like you’re trying too hard to make your posts keyword rich.  You can also alternate; sometimes, I write blog posts with keyword density in mind and other times, like in this very post, I just write.

4. Find a schedule and stick to it – Search engines love sites that are updated regularly with new content.  That may or many not mean blogging on a regular basis, but it does meant that you should find some kind of schedule that works for you and stick to it.  That may mean two posts a week or five, but it doesn’t mean three posts this week and another one six weeks from now, followed by another one in two months.  The key to both search engine rankings and regular site traffic is to regularly and routinely engage your readers with new content.

5. Longer content is better – I don’t mean that you need to write a novel, but the days when 250-400 word blog posts were sufficient to engage either visitors or the search engines are long gone.  Write long enough to cover the topic, but try, if possible, to have your posts have a minimum of 1000 words.  Yes, that’s a lot of writing but with practice, it will come rather quickly.

blog about something you enjoy6.  Write about something you enjoy, rather than to make money – I’ve mentioned this repeatedly, but it bears repeating.  If you’re writing about something that you don’t care about, simply because you think you’ll make money at it, you are going to fail.  People can tell if you’re writing about something because it interests you, and they can also tell if you’re writing about something because you’re trying to make money.  It’s OK to make money, but in order to keep your readers interested in your topic, you need to be interested in your topic.  If you are, then you’ll find that your interest is contagious and people will pick up on your enthusiasm.  Find your passion.  Write about that.  Then worry about trying to make money from it.  If you start from the angle of trying to make money, you’re likely going to fail.

Successful blogging is all about finding a topic about which you’re passionate, writing about it on a regular basis, and keeping your readers engaged.  If you get in the habit of writing meaningful content, covering your topics thoroughly and providing your readers with information they really like, they’ll keep coming back. Just be patient, and the rewards will come in time.  There’s no magic secret to creating an effective blog.  Content, passion and time are the keys.

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