Big Profits Plan Review – $10,000 Per Week?

Big Profits Plan Review



big profits plan reviewOne couple says they earned $70,000 in their first month.  Another said he’d just earned $4000 today.  All of this, says the video, came from a piece of software that earns up to $125,000 per month, completely on autopilot.

The video goes on to say that they’ll give you $500 just for watching the video, signing up and following their simple instructions for the Big Profits Plan.  The total cost is only $47, and they’re going to give you $500 if it doesn’t work?

That sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see what the Big Profits Plan is all about.  Is Big Profits Plan a scam, or can you really earn $10,000 per week or more with it?

Read on for the full Big Profits Plan review.

Big Profits Plan Overview

The sales page for the Big Profits Plan wouldn’t tell me what I was doing.  Not only that, but I couldn’t do anything until I finished watching the eight minute video.  In that video, a guy named Pat told me that he used to earn $9.50 per hour at a job he hated, and then he met a guy who knew about some amazing software that did all the work for you and let you earn $125,000 every month, automatically.


At the end of the video, an order screen appears, and they tell me that I can order the Big Profits Plan system for just $47, though the page says that the “regular” price is $997.  If you click that link, you’ll be taken to the order page, where you can buy the system.  Off to the right, you’ll see some testimonials from people who bought the system, including an 88 year old grandmother who says she earned $6237 in just three months.

So what do you get when you buy Big Profits Plan?

What you’re getting for your “one-time” payment of $97 for Big Profits Plan is:

  • Big Profits Plan (with ASPIRE training)
  • Step by step instructions
  • Lead pages
  • Success toolbox

big profits plan digital altitudeUp until now, they really haven’t given me any information about what I’d be doing, what the software does, or how it makes money for me.  They’ve told me nothing at all, aside from the fact that I can earn huge $1000, $3000 or $10,000 at a time, but doing what?

As it happens, a single word caught my eye on the page where you order the Big Profits Plan.  That word was “Aspire.”

That told me everything I needed to know about Big Profits Plan, because I have written about Aspire before.  This is a product that keeps popping up under different names, and as it turns out, Big Profits Plan is pretty much the very same system as Instant Success System.

When you buy Big Profits Plan, you’re joining the Aspire program, but Aspire is actually just the first level of a program called Digital Altitude.

Aspire is actually a subscription program, but Big Profits Plan doesn’t say they’re giving you that.  They’re giving you Aspire training, which means you’ll probably be told to build a Website just like the Big Profits Plan site so you can get others to join.

big profits plan ripoffSo what is Aspire and Digital Altitude all about?  It’s a marketing program that consists of six different levels and yes, your membership in Digital Altitude does make it possible to earn huge commissions – up to $10,000 or so per sale.


…in order to earn those commissions, you first have to join all of the levels of Digital Altitude.  Each level qualifies you to earn commissions for the sale of that level.  If you’re an Aspire-level member, you can earn commissions if you persuade other people to sign up as Aspire-level members.

But Digital Altitude has five levels that come after Aspire – Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak, and Apex.  Joining each of those levels is priced like this:

  • Base – $397
  • Rise – $1497
  • Ascend – $6997
  • Peak – $11,997
  • Apex – $19,997

Each of these levels come with training, and some of them allow you to travel to seminars where you’ll meet other Digital Altitude members as well as “experts” who will show you how to earn the big commissions.

In order to earn commissions at any level of Digital Altitude, you must first purchase that level yourself.  That means that if you’re an Aspire member and you persuade someone else to join, you’ll get a commission.  If that person then buys Base and you have not purchased Base already, someone else will get the commission for that sale.

big profits plan scamThat gives you tremendous incentive to buy all of the levels, so that you can be sure that you can get full commissions for any sales you make.  The problem for most people is that buying all of those levels will cost you nearly $40,000.

What about the software that makes money for you on autopilot?  There isn’t any.  Digital Altitude is not a software system.  It’s a multilevel marketing system where you will have to talk people into buying the product yourself.  You can do that in person or you can build a Website like Big Profits Plan, but one way or another, you’ll be doing the work.

You will be doing a lot of work, too.  It’s not easy to get someone to part with $10, or $20, or $100.  It’s a whole lot harder to get someone to spend $6997, $11,997 or $19,997.

Do you know anyone with that kind of money to spend on a moneymaking system?  If you do, then that’s great.  Otherwise, you’ll find that it’s very difficult to get people to buy a product that costs that much money.

There are a few people making money with Big Profits Plan and Digital Altitude, but it’s mostly the people who created the program.  The average person doesn’t do nearly as well, and you’re very unlikely to be able to earn $125,000 per month with it.

What about the promise in the video that you’ll make $500 just for watching the video?  The fine print on that says that you have to sign up with Big Profits Plan, and then do everything they tell you to do for the next 30 days.  If you don’t make any money, they’ll pay you $500.

The list of things they tell you to do during that first 30 days involves joining other Digital Altitude levels.  That means that you will spend far more than $500 – perhaps thousands.  But if you don’t make any money, they’ll give you $500.  Doesn’t seem like a good deal to me.

Pros and Cons of Big Profits Plan


  • Only $47 to sign up.
  • Potential commissions of up to $10,000 per sale


  • You will have to spend up to $40,000 to qualify to earn those commissions
  • The cost of the product makes it very hard to sell

Big Profits Plan Summary

big profits plan- thumbs downIs Big Profits Plan a scam?  I’d say that it’s misleading.  They don’t tell you up front that you will have to spend a fortune to even qualify to earn the kind of money that they’re describing in the video.  Most people don’t have that kind of money to invest, and they don’t know the kinds of people who have that kind of money to invest, either.

There are ways to make money online that are more affordable than Big Profits Plan.  I’d suggest that you try one of those instead.

Big Profits Plan is not recommended.


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