Binary App 810 Review – Easy Binary Profits?

Binary App 810 Review – Is it a Scam?

Note: We have no relationship with Binary App 810.

When you’re thinking about buying a software product of any kind, you expect to see a description of the product on the sales page and perhaps some in-depth information regarding how the product works.  On John Callaghan’s sales page for his Binary App 810 software, you won’t find any of that.  He’s going with 1990s-era marketing, trying to appeal to your desire to make money online.  Instead of showing you the features of the software or telling you what it does, he simply shows you some screen shots of what he claims are brokerage account statements from Binary App 810 customers who have used the software to make huge profits online.  Callaghan claims that some are earning upwards of $2000 per day using Binary App 810.  Is this for real?  Is Binary App 810 a scam?  Read on for our full Binary App 810 review.

Binary App 810 Overview

binary app 810 review logoJohn’s sales page is about appealing to your greed.  Besides the brokerage statements, we’ve got lots of photos of sandy beaches, because he wants you to think that you’re going to get rich with his software and spend the rest of your days taking it easy.  You might, but I’d rather just learn more about the software, and for some reason, he doesn’t want to talk about the software on the software’s sales page.

If you want to buy Binary App 810, the page says it will cost you $4999, but get this – you can’t actually buy it.  No, John Callaghan won’t sell the software to you.  In order to show you how great the software actually is, he’s not only going to allow you to try it for 60 days for free, he’s going to insist upon it.  You can’t buy the software until after you’ve registered, downloaded it and tested it for 60 days.  Then, and only then, will he allow you to pay him $4999 for it, which, he says, you’ll likely be able to do from the profits you’ve made from using it for free for two months.  Of course, if you’re really making tons of money from the free use of his Binary App 810 software, you’d gladly pay him for it, right?


Does Binary App 810 Actually Work?

I’ll be honest – I haven’t tried the Binary App 810 software, and here’s why:

1. Binary options software cannot predict the future, and since the very nature of binary trading is predicting the future, no software can help you make trades.
2. I’d have to spend $250 or more investing with a broker to determine if the Binary App 810 software works.

I’m interested in telling you the truth about the products I review, but I don’t have $250 to invest on every new way to make money online that comes down the pike.

Here are a few quotes from people who have used the software:

Well – I’ve tested it for 10 days — 55% success rate 86 trades – 40 losses

You chose the investment amount by yourself on every trade. I started with 400 € and is down to 250 €. I will not try it anymore. It’s enough with one broker but John suggests even 3 is better !

“Made 3 trades and lost them all! Had to be doing something wrong, so I tried talking to support. The only reply I have gotten from support is the first one that came back from John with my link! Since then I have not had a reply on 5 or 6 try’s! When they say they have 24/7 support and nobody replies, it kind of tells the story!”

What’s Really Going on With Binary App 810

binary options failureJohn Gallagher’s Binary App 810 software may work and it may not.  It doesn’t matter, and he doesn’t care.  Here’s why – in order to use the Binary App 810 software, you must set up an account with one of John’s “recommended” brokers.  This requires a minimum deposit of $250.  Guess what?  All of the brokers that John recommends pay for new customers.  How much?  I just did a quick check for “binary options” at Offer Vault, a site for affiliate marketers.  On average, the brokers listed there are willing to pay about $300 for each new paying customer that affiliates send their way.  John is letting you try his software for free, but in order to make use of your “free” trial, you have to open an account with a broker that is likely to pay John about $300 for it.

It gets better.  Here’s a quote from John’s page for his Binary App 810 affiliates:

We feed your leads with top-quality content for weeks after they’ve signed-up. That’s why we can say beyond a shadow of all doubt… if there’s someone on your list that’s willing to buy… our funnel will find them and convert them!

What’s going to happen is that if you don’t open a brokerage account, you’ll receive a number of messages from John over the next few weeks that encourage you to do so.  If you do open a brokerage account, you’ll get messages from John that tell you that the Binary App 810 software will work much better if you open at least three brokerage accounts.

Hmmm.   $300 x 3 = $900.  That’s a pretty good profit for handing out a free trial of Binary App 810.  If the software doesn’t work for you, and it won’t, you’ll simply move on and decline to buy it.  You will, of course, have spent at least $250 to test it and if the software didn’t work for you, then you’ll have lost that money.  If you allowed yourself to get talked into opening accounts with three brokers, chances are good that you lost at least $750 for testing out the Binary App 810 software.

What if the software actually turns out to work for you?  It could happen; after all, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.  In the event that the software actually works for you, John will allow you to buy it at the end of 60 days for $4999.

Binary App 810 Summary

Binary App 810 - thumbs downBinary App 810 is moneymaking software, but it won’t make money for you.  It will make money for John Gallagher in the form of commissions from binary options brokers.   Binary App 810 is going to cost you a lot of money even if you don’t buy it.  If you want to work online from home, there are better ways to do it.  Wealthy Affiliate, for instance, can show you how to make money online and you can join as a Starter member for free.  As for Binary App 810, I’d suggest that you stay far away from it.


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