Blast4Traffic Review – Easy Email Profits?

Blast4Traffic Review – Reach 70 Million Customers?


blast4traffic systemUnless you’re brand new to Internet marketing, you’ve heard the phrase, “the money is in the list.”  One of the biggest sources of profits in affiliate marketing or in any kind of online marketing is to have a mailing list, because people who subscribe to mailing lists are usually targeted, interested, engaged customers.  It’s time consuming and sometimes expensive to build a mailing list of your own and maintain an autoresponder, and Blast4Traffic aims to help you avoid these hurdles by offering a service that allows you to send email messages daily to up to 2.3 million people.

That adds up to 70 million people a month, and Blast4Traffic says that you won’t have to worry about spam complaints, because everyone on the list has volunteered to release information.  Furthermore, the cost to use Blast4Traffic is a one-time fee of less than $35, which makes the service an unheard of bargain, provided that it works.  Is Blast4Traffic worth the money?  Read on for the full Blast4Traffic review.

Blast4Traffic Overview

The basic idea behind Blast4Traffic is this – the company has a huge mailing list, which they describe as having 70 million members.  They’ve created this list, and the people on it are “double opt-in”, which means they subscribed to the list and responded to a confirmation email message asking them if they were sure that they wanted to be on the list.  Double opt-in mailing lists are the safest kind, as you’re less likely to receive spam complaints.  After all, the people on such a list confirmed that they wanted to be on it not once, but twice.


Once you pay your fee to join Blast4Traffic, you’ll have access to the members’ area, where you’ll have some software tools and training videos to help you get the most out of the system. You’ll be allowed to send out one email message per day to roughly 1/30th of the company’s list, and over the course of a month, with daily mailings, you should be able to reach all 70 million of their members with whatever it is you want to advertise – products for sale, membership on your own site, or whatever.

blast4traffic reviewThe dashboard allows you to create and store a number of messages, making it easy to send out a message more than once.  The system allows you to send out both plain text and HTML messages, too, and people who unsubscribe are handled by the system automatically.  On the other hand, you don’t have access to any of the subscribers’ email addresses directly; all messages are sent to the list by the system and you don’t know who is receiving them.  You won’t get spam complaints, though, because none of the messages that go out from the Blast4Traffic system will have your return email address on them, but will instead be shown as being mailed by the Blast4Traffic system.

The big surprise with Blast4Traffic is that the product is offered for sale at such a low price, so you’ll have to put up with ads on the site (you can advertise there yourself to promote your products to other Blast4Traffic members) as well as offers for other products in the make money online niche.  Some are related to the Blast4Traffic service and some are not.  If you want an ad-free or sales-pitch-free experience, you’re not going to get it for a one time fee of $35.

Of course, the real question you’ll have about Blast4Traffic is this – does the service work?  The answer is…probably not, and here’s why.  The mailing list that Blast4Traffic uses is called a “safelist”.  The list is made up of people who have voluntarily subscribed to receive offers via email.  Every email message that goes out through the Blast4Traffic system will have a link in it so people can unsubscribe if they like.  That’s good, and keeps everyone out of trouble with the law.

blast4traffic scamThe problem with the Blast4Traffic system is twofold:

1. How big is the list?  Blast4Traffic says it’s 70 million people, but they’ve been saying that for years.  It might be; it might be much smaller.  There’s no way to know for sure, as you don’t have access to a list of subscribers.  If the system really does have 70 million subscribers, and even one tenth of one percent of people on the list respond or click on the link you provide in a message, that would give you more than 23,000 clicks per mailing.  That’s a lot of potential, but again, you don’t know the actual size of the list.

2. People on the Blast4Traffic list are being sent a lot of messages each and every day.  When your inbox is getting pounded with sales pitches over and over and over, you’re likely to stop paying attention to them, and reports from all over the Web suggest that the response rate from Blast4Traffic mailings is quite low.  It’s also possible that a number of large mail systems, such as Gmail, are going to filter out messages from Blast4Traffic, making it hard to reach people this way.

How can you find out if Blast4Traffic is working?  The secret would be to use tracking links in your email messages.  That way, you can test the Blast4Traffic system and see if people are actually responding.  Blast4Traffic is sold via Clickbank, which offers a 60 day guarantee.  So you can try the Blast4Traffic system for 60 days and if it’s working for you, great.  If not, you can simply ask for a refund.

Blast4Traffic Summary

Blast4Traffic - mehBlast4Traffic offers an interesting system for a surprisingly low price.  The system is easy to use, and you can be setting up your email messages and sending them out just minutes after you sign up.  On the downside, the mailing list is likely stale and not particularly responsive, and you’re going to have to look at ads on the site and put up with the occasional offer from the owners of the site.  While the potential for success is there, chances are good that you’re just not going to get a lot of response from any messages you send using Blast4Traffic.  We recommend that you test the system properly.

Blast4Traffic is rated as so-so.


One thought on “Blast4Traffic Review – Easy Email Profits?

  1. Thanks for this review I have actually joined a safe list and then I came across the Blast4traffic.

    The first thing I did notice the website looks strange bad design looks kind of fake.

    Then I check the reviews, wow 70M leads and you can send 2.3m email in the day it just insane.

    Yes, you right I guess every email you would send would go straight to the spam and bin.
    Keep the good work
    All the best

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