Blog Rocket Review – Clickbait Means Traffic

Blog Rocket Review – What Are Click Magnets?


blog rocket reviewInternet marketing is all about traffic.  If you have enough traffic to your Website or blog, you can sell anything.  As I’ve mentioned before, getting traffic to your site is 90% of the work you’ll ever do in affiliate marketing.  It used to be easy to get site visitors; you just needed to pepper your blog posts with the right keywords, but these days, the search engines are more selective and there’s more competition.  That’s where Blog Rocket promises to step in and help you generate traffic to your site with what product creator Sean Donohoe calls “click magnets.”

What he calls “click magnets” are what everyone else on the Web calls “click bait.”  In short, it’s about generating titles for your articles and blog posts that are so enticing that visitors to your site or people who see links to your articles cannot help but click on them.  Sites like Gawker, Huffington Post, and TMZ are notorious for creating clickbait headlines like “5 Steps to Lose Weight Instantly” or “You Won’t Believe What Miley Cyrus Did.”  Yes, they’re sensational.  They also work really, really well.  So, what does Blog Rocket do?  Read on for the full Blog Rocket review.

Blog Rocket Overview

Blog Rocket is an easy to use plugin for WordPress.  You install it as you would any other plugin and it just takes a minute to install it and authenticate it.  Once installed, Blog Rocket adds some functionality to your WordPress post editor.  You can create a title as you always do, but Blog Rocket will look at the content of your title and then check a database of similar titles drawn from a number of popular sites on the Web.  With that information, the plugin can offer suggestions for alternative titles that you might want to use for your post title.


The Blog Rocket plugin can work in all niches, and it learns over time to see what works best for your particular audience or niche.  The plugin will allow you to use multiple titles for your post and it will rotate the titles that are shown to your site visitors.  Within a fairly short amount of time, you’ll be able to see the statistics for your individual titles and you’ll quickly see which one is performing the best.  From that point on, you can either introduce new titles for further testing, or you can simply elect to have the one that’s performing the best shown as the only title from that point on.

blog rocket resultsAs Blog Rocket learns, so will you, and with practice, you’ll quickly learn which sorts of titles tend to produce the best results.  That way, you’ll start writing better titles from the beginning, and you’ll start getting more traffic faster.  And yes, titles do matter a lot when it comes to traffic.  There are certain words that work as triggers to get people to click on links.  It might be words such as “outrageous” or “incredible” or it might be a simple phrase with a number, such as “5 Ways to…”  You won’t know what works best in your particular niche until you do some testing, but Blog Rocket does make it easy to choose from known high-performing phrases and test them to see what works best.

Blog Rocket is sold in three versions – a single site version, and version with a license for 10 different sites and a version with a license for 30 different sites.  The multi-site licenses offer a couple of minor feature enhancements, but the basic license works just fine.

As with most information products offered today, there are upsells offered with Blog Rocket.  One of them is something called Content Firestorm, which is another WordPress plugin that also integrates with your post editor to help you find content that’s relevant to your topic that you can use in your post.  This might include photos, videos or text, and you can do a quick search and then copy and paste right into your blog post without ever leaving the page.

Iblog rocket click magnets‘ve got to admit that I’m impressed with what Blog Rocket and the way it does it.  Titles matter a lot in drawing traffic to your post and I plan to put Blog Rocket to use on this site for future posts.  That said, I do have one minor caveat with Blog Rocket.  The product was created by Sean Donohoe.  While Sean is a good marketer, he does have a habit of sometimes producing products that are a bit buggy.  He’s not always good about getting those bugs fixed, as he usually releases a product and moves on to creating his next one.

While I’m not aware of any significant bugs in Blog Rocket, it’s possible that there might be one or two issues with it, based on previous experience with Sean’s products.  They do have a help desk, and they do have a refund policy, so my advice is to grab Blog Rocket now and test it right away.  If you have any problems with it, get them addressed now.

Aside from that, the product works well and will certainly help you produce eye-catching titles in a matter of minutes.  If you put one of these titles as a link on social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, they’ll almost certainly start to draw traffic to your site.  That’s the point of Blog Rocket and it works.

Blog Rocket Conclusion

blog rocket- thumbs upFew people realize just how important titles are in drawing traffic to your site.  These days, with social media taking up a lot of people’s time, titles are often your only opportunity to grab someone’s attention.  If the title is a good one, people will click and visit your site.  If it’s not, they’ll likely ignore it and move on.  Blog Rocket is a tool that makes it easy to come up with multiple titles that will work as clickbait, making it much easier to draw traffic to your Website.  More traffic means more money for you, so I think Blog Rocket is a wise investment, especially since the basic license is quite affordable.

Blog Rocket is recommended.

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