Blogging Tips – Steps to Help You Get it Right

Blogging Tips – It’s About Consistency and Passion


If there’s one thing I write about a lot here, it’s blogging.  There’s a good reason for that – it probably represents the easiest path to success in all of Internet marketing.  You don’t need to buy advertising, and if you do it correctly, the search engines will index your content and your visitors will find you without much promotional effort on your part.  Still, there is a process, so today, I’ll offer a few blogging tips that might help make it easier for you to see some success online.

blogging tipsBlogging isn’t the quickest path to success, by any means.  For that, you should probably try pay per click advertising.  With PPC, you can have visitors to your site or ad in just a matter of minutes, but it is going to cost you money and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can cost you a lot of money without you ever earning a dime.   That’s why I recommend blogging for newbies.  You just need to find a topic, write about it in a way that interests and engages your readers, and find a way to tie in your content with something you can sell or promote that will allow you to earn money.

Helpful Blogging Tips

While the instructions “go write a blog!” are a bit vague, for the most part, that’s kind of how it is.  You write about something you like, and if you do it well, people will find you.  Still, there are some blogging tips that can help make the transition from “no site at all” to “money earning blog” a smooth and relatively painless one.  Below, I’ll share a few of the most helpful blogging tips that I’ve found useful to me.


Write about your passion

Blog about your passion

1.  It’s all about the topic, and the topic is about you.  What you write about is important, obviously.  You need to write about something that’s going to be of interest to the public.  You also need to write about something that can be potentially monetized.  If you have a topic for which you can’t find any product to sell that’s somehow related, you’re going to have a problem creating a successful online business.  The most important aspect of finding a topic, however, is finding a topic that interests you.  That’s because you’re going to be writing about that topic day in and day out and if you get bored with it, your readers will now and they’ll stop paying attention.   If you’re going to create a blog, make sure that you’re writing about something you’re passionate about.

2. Be consistent.  Your readers and the search engines expect a blog to be updated regularly.  How you define “regularly” is up to you, and a lot of that will depend on what you’re writing about.  Some topics aren’t suitable for daily updates, and I regularly visit a couple of blogs that rarely update more than a couple of times a month.  I visit them because what they do write about is interesting to me.   Since the entire point of writing a blog is to generate traffic from the search engines, it pays to have regularly updated content.   I write on this blog daily, unless I’m out of town.  Google visits the site every day, because Google knows I’m likely to have new content.

3. Have thorough content.  Search engines now favor thorough, lengthy posts over short ones.  Sure, there are some topics that you’re going to have trouble finding a lot to write about, but for the most part, you should concentrate on writing a lot.  When I first started in affiliate marketing, articles in the 300-400 word range were acceptable.  These days, longer content is definitely better, and I make it a habit to not write about anything unless I can write at least 1000 words on the topic.  That means some things get left out, but I think longer, deeper content is definitely better.  Learn to find topics that you can write about at length.

inspiration4. Find sources for inspiration.  What do you write about?  Unless you’re forging new territory and creating a blog about some topic that no one has ever written about before, you can simply search for other blogs in your niche and see what they are writing about.  Don’t copy their content, of course, but see what kinds of topics they think are of interest and expand on them or write on those topics from a different perspective.   I read a few blogs in the make money online niche and I also keep an eye on a couple of Internet marketing forums to see what they’re talking about there.  Then I come here and write about similar things that I think will interest my readers.

5. Be patient about the money.  While you should have an idea before you start your blog about how you’re going to monetize your site, it shouldn’t be your primary focus at the beginning.  What you should be focusing on is getting visitors to your site, and that’s going to come from writing good content.  There’s no reason to put ads on your site right away, as you’re not likely to start getting visitors for a while.  Be thinking about the money, but don’t add anything to your site in regards to monetization until you start getting some traffic.  This will help you focus on the content.  As a bonus, if the search engines see a lot of content but no ads or affiliate links, they might treat your site with more respect early on and that can help you in the search results.

6. Be helpful.   When I create sites using WordPress, I almost always turn the comments off.  As a rule, comments on WordPress sites just attract link spammers.  But if you’re writing about a topic where you want to help people, as I am here, it pays to have the comments turned on.  You can filter out the spam, but try to engage with the people who write comments and send you email and try to help them.  Show them that you’re not just a blog, but that you’re a real, actual person who can somehow help improve their lives in some way.

Blogging Tips Summary

I hope these blogging tips are useful in helping you find a way to get your blog going.  You’ll find, after a while, that sitting down and writing good content will become easier as you get more practice.  You’ll find good sources of inspiration and you’ll find ways to turn that into articles and posts that people want to read.   When that happens, then you can worry about finding a way to make money.  If you have traffic, it will work.

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