Brooks Blueprint Review – $182,216 Per Week?

Brooks Blueprint Review

Price: free (plus $250+ to use the software)
Rating: (zero stars)

brooks blueprint reviewSports cars and mansions have long been popular items to show on sales pages in the make money online niche.  Appeals to greed always work, which is why you’ll see yachts, big houses, and other trappings of wealth when someone is trying to get you to spend money with them.

Of course, on the surface, Brooks Blueprint isn’t trying to get any money from you.  Steven Brooks, the guy in the video, says he’ll give his Brooks Blueprint software to 50 “lucky” people, and they can then use it to generate what he claims is more than $182,000 per week.  That’s a lot of money, so I thought I’d have a look.  Is Brooks Blueprint a scam?  Read on for the full Brooks Blueprint review.

Brooks Blueprint Overview

You’ll have a hard time figuring out what Brooks Blueprint is all about from the Website; they’re just there to get you to sign up.  You have the choice of watching the video, with the glowing testimonials from all of the people who say they’ve become rich using this software, or you can sign up by providing your name and your mailing address.


Odd; once you do that, you’ll be taken to another page that asks you to sign up again.  This one also wants your phone number, and I suggest that you type in that phone number at your peril, unless you want to get a lot of phone calls.  More on that later.

Once you sign up the second time, you’ll be taken to a different Website where you’ll be signed in to your Brooks Blueprint account.  But now you’re signing in with a company called CT Option.  They’re a broker for trading in something called binary options, and that’s what you’ll be doing with Brooks Blueprint.  Binary options trading is essentially gambling; you’re betting on whether a stock will go up or down within a short time frame.

brooks blueprint scamOf course, there’s no way to know what a stock is going to do in the next 15 minutes, but Brooks Blueprint claims their software will make trades for you automatically.  In the binary options biz, the chance of a stock going up or down in the short term is roughly a 50-50 proposition.  Because of broker fees, you’ll have to actually be successful about 55% of the time just to break even.

But Brooks Blueprint says their software is successful 100% of the time.  Read that again.  They claim that their software is successful every single time.  Nothing in any financial market works all the time.   Ever.  Plus, the binary options industry isn’t regulated, so you’re sort of on your own in that regard.

Making things even shakier is the fact that the Brooks Blueprint Website has no contact information on it whatsoever, and the site is privately registered, so you have no idea who is behind it.  CT Option’s site is also privately registered, but they do have contact information on their site.  They’re located in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines, which is in the Caribbean.  Good luck finding them if anything goes wrong.

So what’s really going on at Brooks Blueprint?  That’s really simple; they’re trying to get you to invest money with a broker.  Once you sign up, you’ll be told that you just need to make a small deposit with a broker in order to get your software working.  Don’t worry, they’ll say – you’ll get the money back in just a few trades, and after that, it’s all profit.

brooks blueprint ct option scamBut actually, there’s no profit at all, because the software doesn’t work.  The entire point of Brooks Blueprint is just to get you to deposit money.  The binary options business is an aggressive one, and everyone is interested in new customers with money.  So interested, in fact, that most brokers will pay a lot of money, sometimes up to $500 or so, for each new customer that makes a deposit.

Sometimes, those commissions are higher, as the broker will pay a percentage of the funds that the customer deposits, making this a very lucrative business indeed for anyone who can send paying customers to the broker.  Some of these sites offering binary options trading software have affiliate programs, and they share the commissions from the brokers with affiliates who can send new customers their way.

What happens when you deposit money with the broker and make trades?  You’ll lose, because the software doesn’t work.  Of course, “Steven Brooks” claimed that they’d guarantee your first five trades, and perhaps they will…if you can find them.

Of course, if you lose, because the Brooks Blueprint software doesn’t work, you can then expect a phone call from the broker, suggesting that you deposit more money.  You can expect that to happen a lot.  It’s just another bonus you get for trying out that “free” Brooks Blueprint software.

You can’t exactly ask for your money back when you discover that the software doesn’t work, because they gave you the software for free.  The earnings disclaimer on both Websites reminds you that this is risky business and nothing is guaranteed.

In short, you’ve just paid a lot of money to a broker and he’s paid a lot of money to someone else, and you’ve got nothing to show for it.  What about the people in the video?  They’re all actors, and probably poor ones, at that.

I’ve seen a lot of these binary options sites lately and there seem to be more of them popping up all the time.  The lure of earning insane amounts of money automatically is pretty appealing, but think about it – if you had software that could generate nearly a million dollars per month, why would you give it away?  Why wouldn’t you sell it… for a million dollars?

Pros and Cons of Brooks Blueprint


  • Free to sign up
  • Video on the home page is pretty compelling


  • The software won’t work
  • You won’t make any money
  • You’ll have to spend at least $250 to discover that

Brooks Blueprint Summary

brooks blueprint- thumbs downIs Brooks Blueprint a scam? Well, you’re going to spend money and you’re not going to make any in return, so I’ll let you make that call.   Brooks Blueprint is just another site designed to cleverly trick you into making a deposit with a binary options broker.  That is all.

If you want to make money online, there are better ways than by signing up with Brooks Blueprint.

Brooks Blueprint is not recommended.


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  1. Your people called me up over the phone and took a $250 deposit I’ve heard nothing back from you please contact me at 203-814-0871 or preferably at my

    • I didn’t call anyone, nor do I take deposits from anyone. You’ll have to take it up with the Brooks Blueprint people. Good luck with that.


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