Cart Prep Review – Shopify Made Simple

Cart Prep Review – Shopify Training Course


As I’ve mentioned before, direct retailing is still a viable way to make money online.  People love shopping on the Internet, and it’s one of the reasons why so many shopping malls are closing these days.  Still, it’s rather difficult to set up an online store, though there are plenty of tools to make it easier, such as the Shopify ecommerce system.  While Shopify is a terrific system that can handle most needs, it’s also quite complex, which is where Cart Prep comes in.

cart prep reviewCart Prep, created by former eBay and PayPal employee Chris Flemming, is a video training course designed to help you learn how to use Shopify quickly.  How quickly?  Chris says that with his system, you can learn how to use Shopify and get your store online in as little as a day.  That’s pretty promising, so I decided to take a closer look at Cart Prep to see how it measures up.  Read on for my full Cart Prep review.

Cart Prep Overview

Before I talk about Cart Prep, let me give you a bit of background on Shopify.  Shopify is a complete ecommerce system, which will allow you to build your own online store.  The software can create a storefront, display merchandise, handle discounts, handle sales and payment processing and can even deal with complex shipping issues.  Shopify is designed to accommodate the needs of anyone from an individual running their business out of a spare bedroom to a large company with thousands of products for sale.  While the product is versatile, the learning curve can be steep and there’s a lot to know.  There’s also a lot to Shopify that you don’t need to know, as the software is capable of doing a lot of things that you might not need it to do.


Cart Prep was designed to help you cut through the clutter of learning to understand Shopify so that you can learn what you need to know now and get started building your store and making money online.  Cart Prep is a video training course, so all of the course materials are explained in a series of short videos narrated by Chris himself.  The Cart Prep course is divided into three sections:

cart prep scamPreparation – This is the section of Cart Prep that will cover things you need to know about or do before you get started building your online store, and videos cover a number of topics such as:

Legal – What must you know to ensure that your business is legal?
Financial – Do you have a merchant account?  Do you need one?  What about a bank account?
Business Optics – handling tracking, statistics and other necessary details that aren’t directly related to sales.
Domains – Do you have your own domain?  Should you use the one at Shopify or get your own?Required pages – Content pages that you must have in your store and why you need to have them.
Organization – Setting up categories in your store in order to make it easier for people to shop.

Site Creation – This section of Cart Prep covers all of the details of actually creating your Shopify store and making it look good and work the way you’d like it to work.  Topics covered in this section include:

Signing up with Shopify
Choosing your store colors
Picking a theme for your store – There are more than 100 to choose from
Changing the theme colors – Colors and themes are adjustable
Creating banners and logos – Using the Canva online tool to create custom banners
Customizing your store
Creating pages for your store – Certain pages are necessary; here’s what they are and how to build them
Categories for your store – How to organize your store in a way that makes sense
In-store navigation – Be sure that your customers can find their way around
Creating and adding products to your store – Adding the merchandise, sizing, pricing, discounts, and more
General store settings
Payments – Picking an payment system and integrating it
Checkout setup – Setting up the system so your customers can pay
Shipping – Shipping can be quite complex; here’s how to set it up properly
Taxes – If your taxes are set up incorrectly, it can cost you a fortune

cart prep portalAdvanced techniques – Once you get your Shopify store set up, you can look over these videos in the Cart Prep Advanced Techniques section to fine tune your store and to make it easier to find in the search engines.  Topics in this section include:

Google Analytics Setup – Making use of Google tools to monitor traffic, visitor sources and more
On-Site SEO – Making sure that the search engines can find your site and helping your site get ranked
Email marketing – Using email to increase your sales

Chris will add additional videos to each of these sections as time goes on.

The Cart Prep videos tend to be fairly short and straight to the point.  Most run in the two to five minute range, and Chris offers simple, easy to follow instructions and on-screen demonstrations that make it easy to follow along.  He says that his Cart Prep system should allow you to understand what it takes fairly quickly and that you should be able to go from signup to having a fully functional Shopify store in a single day.

Many of the Cart Prep videos also include links to external sources and tools that can help you get your site up and running.

If I have one complaint about Cart Prep, it’s that it’s a video course. We all learn in different ways, and while I realize that many people enjoy watching videos to learn things, not everyone feels that way.  I’d prefer that the Cart Prep course include PDF transcripts of the videos, which are easier to skim for those of us who prefer to read.  That’s just my preference, as I always prefer a course in PDF format to one in video format.

Cart Prep Summary

cart prep- thumbs upShopify is a powerful ecommerce tool that makes it easy to build a slick, professional looking online store that can handle both small and large businesses.  But it can be difficult to learn how to use it.  Cart Prep, with Chris’ easy to follow videos, does a great job of simplifying the task of learning how to use Shopify quickly.   If I were going to build an online store with Shopify, I’d definitely find Cart Prep to be helpful.

Cart Prep is highly recommended.

Click here to learn more about Cart Prep.


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