CashBlurbs Review – Post Ads and Make Money?

CashBlurbs Review – Is It That Easy?



I’ve mentioned many times that the hardest part of Internet marketing is getting traffic to your site.  Search engine optimization helps, and paid traffic helps a lot, but you’re either going to have to spend a lot of time or a ton of money to get results.  CashBlurbs, a new product from Bryan Winters, offers to give you a bunch of traffic to your site or product offer for a minimum investment of time and money.

cashblurbs reviewCashBlurbs are essentially small ads that are similar to Twitter tweets, and you’ll post them to the CashBlurbs Website, where they’ll be seen by a lot of people.  Of course, who visits the CashBlurbs site, other than members?  Probably not a lot of people, but there’s a twist in how the system works that may make it quite profitable for you.  Read on for the full CashBlurbs review.

CashBlurbs Overview

CashBlurbs offers two membership options – a free membership and a paid one, which currently sells for $20 per month.  The free membership allows you to post one ad per day, and the paid membership allows you to post an ad as often as every 20 minutes.  I signed up for the free membership and was immediately told that I could post 10 ads today, so I’m not sure if the “one ad per day” rule is actually enforced or not.


The CashBlurbs system works like this – you create an account, and you create your profile by adding your Facebook page URL and your Twitter ID.  These are mandatory; you cannot use CashBlurbs without these, as I’ll explain in a moment.  You can optionally add your own photo, as well, to give some personalization to your ads.

A CashBlurbs ad is basically a short snippet of text, combined with a link.  They’re similar in style and size to Twitter tweets; you want to have one snappy, catchy line of text, followed by a link to a place where people can buy your product, visit your Website or sign up for your mailing list.  The idea is to use that one line of text to grab the attention of whomever is looking at the ad, and how you write the ad is important, because there are a lot of ads on the CashBlurbs homepage and it’s easy for any single ad to get lost.

cashblurbs scamWhy do they require that you have a Facebook and Twitter account to use CashBlurbs?  That’s the twist that can possibly make this a very useful too.  Before you can publish your ad to the Website, you must first share someone else’s ad on either your Facebook page or your personal Twitter feed.  On the page where you create your ad, you’ll see an ad that they tell you must be posted to either Facebook or Twitter before you’re allowed to continue.  All of the ads are rotated among the CashBlurbs members this way, meaning that every ad posted to the site’s home page must first also be posted by someone to Facebook or Twitter.   This means that your ads are going to get exposure on both the CashBlurbs Website and social media, and depending on the size of the Twitter following or number of Facebook fans that the person posting the ad has, you could end up having your ad seen by thousands of people at minimal cost.

You can also get a “Featured Blurb”, which puts your ad at the top of the page.  To get this, you need to look at three offers for products to buy before posting your ad.  That may or may not be worthwhile to you.

As I mentioned, the membership at CashBlurbs is either free or paid, depending on how often you want to post ads.  Once a day may be enough for some people, while others may want to take advantage of the paid system that allows them to post ads as often as every 20 minutes.  That’s a lot of advertising and a lot of exposure, and if you have more than one Website, it might be well worth your while to go for the paid membership.

cashblurbs freeIn the past, I’ve reviewed a couple of Bryan Winters’ products, and I’ve been less than enthused about them.  CashBlurbs, on the other hand, looks like a solid system.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some potential caveats, so let’s look at ways that the system might not work:

You (and everyone else) don’t have a large number of Facebook fans or Twitter followers.  Obviously, the system is going to work better if the ads get more exposure. If most of the members of CashBlurbs are new to either Facebook or Twitter, the ads aren’t going to get seen very often.

Members elect not to share particular ads.  You do get to see the ad that you’re asked to share, and if you don’t like it, you can simply refresh the screen after a few minutes and you’ll see a different one.  There’s no guarantee that people will post the ad you need published, as it is possible within the CashBlurbs to simply avoid an ad that you don’t like.

Members may create dummy Facebook or Twitter accounts.  While it’s required that every member of CashBlurbs have a Facebook or Twitter account, there’s nothing preventing you from creating a new one for each site that has no followers or fans, just to get exposure from the ads on the system.  While that would be unethical, it’s not impossible to do, and that would effectively allow some users to take advantage of the system by getting their own ads published without really having to share them with anyone.

CashBlurbs Summary

cash blurbs - thumbs upI have to admit that CashBlurbs offers an intriguing premise and the product may work very well.  While I see some potential downsides to the system, it’s also quite affordable, as you can sign up for free to test it out.  You’ll also get an opportunity to try the paid membership for 10 days for just $1.  If you don’t like it, you can cancel.  I do see a lot of potential to using CashBlurbs and as it’s free to test out, I can’t really think of a reason not to recommend it.  If you have a decent following on Facebook or Twitter and you need some traffic to your site, I suggest that you give CashBlurbs a try.

CashBlurbs is recommended, with some reservations.

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