Stay Safe – Mix It Up

Internet Marketing – Try to Stay Diverse


banned from facebookIn Internet marketing, the advice you usually get from people is to find a niche and stick with it.  That’s generally good advice; by working in a single niche, you’ll become an expert at it, and people tend to look for experts.  Eventually, you’ll find your audience.

How you go about that, however, is vitally important, and it’s critical that everything you do be diversified.  That specifically means how you go about promoting your site and how you monetize it.  It’s OK to stick with one thing in terms of what you’re doing, but you definitely want to be as diverse as possible when it comes to how you go about doing it.

Why do I bring this up?  Because I went to log in to my Facebook account yesterday and couldn’t log in.  I got a message that said that my account had been disable due to an unspecified violation of the site’s terms of service.  They wouldn’t even tell me why my account had been disabled, or what, if anything, I had done to bring this ban about.  In order to get anywhere, I was going to have to prove my identity to Facebook by sending them scans of multiple forms of identification.

Their first reply was to tell me that the scan of my driver license that I had sent them was not sufficient proof of my identity.

Not good.

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Moneymaking Scams and How to Avoid Them

Moneymaking Scams – Don’t Be a Victim

moneymaking scamsIt’s actually a fair amount of work to make money online, but if you just do some casual searches, you’d think it was really easy.  There are thousands of site online that tell you that you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day by doing little or no work.  Unfortunately, these moneymaking scams often appear to be legitimate, and lots of people fall for them every day.

Obviously, if you’re interested in making money, the appeal of doing it without having to do much work is going to be strong.  We’d all rather do less work than more.  That’s why these moneymaking scams thrive; they’re taking advantage of our inherent laziness.  In this post, I’ll offer a few tips regarding how you can avoid becoming a victim of moneymaking scams online.

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WordPress Hacks – Harden Your Website

WordPress Hacks – Keep Your Site Secure


wordpress hacksI haven’t posted much here lately, as I’ve had a lot going on with some of my other sites.  I also had a problem over the recent holiday weekend when my entire server went down, leaving all of my Websites unavailable for more than 48 hours.  What was that all about?

WordPress hacks.  Dozens or hundreds of hackers were trying to break into my WordPress installations.  On this particular server, I have about a dozen sites, and all but one of them are built with WordPress.  It’s a great platform for building sites or blogs, but it does have some well-known security issues, and WordPress hacks is one of the biggest problems facing people who build their sites with the free tool.

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Grammar Mistakes Can Cost You Money

Grammar Mistakes and Blogging


Blogging is a great way to get started if you want to make money online.  All you have to do is find a topic that you’re passionate about, create some good content on a regular basis to draw in visitors to your site, and find a product related to your niche that you can promote or sell to your site visitors.  It’s a solid method of making money online, and it’s a lot of fun, too.

grammar mistakes while bloggingThere’s one common problem that a lot of bloggers have, however, that can dramatically affect how well your business can work.  Grammar mistakes, misspelled words, and punctuation problems can hurt you, since visitors may see such problems and decide that you’re either unprofessional or that you simply don’t know what you’re talking about.  The English language is a difficult one to master, even for native speakers, but making sure that you avoid the most common errors can help you both professionally and financially.  In this post, I’ll cover some common grammar mistakes that frequently pop up on Websites.

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7 Tips for Creating Viral Content

Viral Content and How to Create It

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While creating content is an essential part of building an affiliate marketing Website, it’s also part of how you are going to draw traffic.  Good content will draw visitors to your site, and the ability to create good content is always a plus.  Viral content, which is content that gets shared heavily around the Web, is a great way to build traffic as well as your brand.  By creating viral content, you can essentially get others to share your articles and effectively promote your Website for your for free.

viral contentWhile it’s often thought that creating viral content is rather like catching lightning in a bottle, there’s actually a method to that madness.  It turns out that statistical analysis has revealed that there are certain qualities that can affect whether or not a common article becomes viral content.  While you never know for sure if an article that you write is going to spread like wildfire around the Web, there are a few things you can do to increase the likelihood that your article will be wildly shared.  Read on for our 7 tips for creating viral content.

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Information Overload and How to Deal With It

Avoiding Information Overload


I get feedback from visitors to this site as well as from those on my mailing list, and occasionally, I hear from frustrated individuals who are simply overwhelmed and are suffering from information overload.  If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you become familiar with the terminology and the process used in making money, building Websites or building and maintaining a mailing list.

information overloadOn the other hand, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, every single term and every single step can seem like a huge obstacle.  Now clearly, this industry is not for everyone, and it’s quite possible that some of you simply aren’t suited to making money online.  That’s not a criticism, but rather an observation.  I, after all, am not suited to a career as a concert pianist.  I simply don’t have the skill set, and at this point in my life, I’m incapable of acquiring the skills necessary for a career playing a piano in front of a concert audience.  Still, some people who are suited to making money online are still occasionally burdened with information overload.  In this post, I’ll discuss this issue as well as some ways to over come the information overload problem.

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Internet Marketing – What If You Fail?

Internet Marketing and Failure

I saw a post on an Internet marketing forum recently about failure.  The person who started the thread said that they’d tried a number of things to make money online and that they’d all failed.  The added that they were uncertain about trying again and wondering what they should do about it.  Should they continue?  What if they fail again?

internet marketing failureFailure in Internet marketing is actually quite common, despite what many of the so-called Internet marketing gurus tell you.  Of course, Internet marketing isn’t the only field of business where failure is common; it’s also common in every other type of business on Earth.  That’s the nature of business.  It’s competitive.  Sometimes your ideas don’t work.  Sometimes your ideas do work and then, for some reason, they quit working later.  What can you do about it?

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WordPress Hackers Can Hurt You With Google

WordPress Hackers Can Hurt You With Google

WordPress is one of the best tools to come along for helping Internet marketers make money online.  In the past, you had to learn how to code HTML or learn how to use expensive WYSIWYG editors to build a Website. With WordPress, you just upload it, add a few plugins, and your site is ready to go.  It’s fast, and easy and pretty much anyone with a pulse can get a WordPress site online in an afternoon.  Of course, the software is not without its vulnerabilities, and WordPress hackers have been quite successful in making money from other people’s sites.

hacked wordpress sitesIn recent news, Google has announced that they’re going to take a close look at sites containing what they call “hacking spam” and these are sites that have been compromised by WordPress hackers.  Once you are able to break into someone’s site, you can upload any content that you like, often without the knowledge of the owner of the site.  Since a lot of this content can be harmful, Google has decided to start removing such sites from their search results.   While they say that this will likely affect only 5% of search results, 5% is a lot, and we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of sites here.  In this post, I’ll talk about how WordPress hackers can hurt you and what you can do to prevent it.

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Google and You

How Important is Google?

If you’re going to build a Website to make money online, you’re going to need traffic.  If you want to get free traffic, you’re going to need help from the search engines.  The largest search engine, in terms of number of daily searches, is Google.  Therefore, it stands to reason that you should at least give some thought on a regular basis to Google and how your relationship with that particular search engine is going to affect you and your Website.

google seoObviously, having your site rank highly in Google’s search results for keywords that are important to your business can be helpful.  If you’re interested in that, you’ll be able to find thousands of articles on this site and elsewhere that cover that topic.  Optimizing your site for Google rankings is a lot of work, especially if you take backlinking into consideration, which involves finding ways to get other sites to link to yours.  Google tends to regard backlinks as a “vote” for a site, and the more backlinks you have, the more importance the search engine will assign to your site, at least in theory.  That last part is a big problem.

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Really Cheap Information Products – Don’t Fall for This New Trick

Watch Out for Really Cheap Information Products

Over the years, I’ve purchased a lot of information products.  These might include ebooks, training courses, video courses or even software.  We’re talking about tools and information to help me improve my online business, or perhaps show me a new way to make money online.  As someone who reviews such products on a regular basis, I see sales pages for such products all the time and I receive offers via email on a daily basis.

really cheap information productsIn general, I try to evaluate whether a particular product is worth the money they’re asking for it.  If Product X sells for $27 or $47 or $97, I try to decide whether it’s worth that, in terms of the information provided or in terms of its earnings potential.  After a while, you can sort of gauge whether or not a particular product is offering sufficient value to justify the price, and often the value exceeds the price.   Recently, however, marketers have changed their strategies by introducing really cheap information products at really low price points, often in the $4-$7 range.  That’s a sneaky trick.

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