Make Money Fast! The Lure of Easy Money

Make Money Now – The Tagline That Always Works


I’ve seen an awful lot of books, software programs, videos and training courses in the make money online niche over the years, and there’s one phrase, or a variation on it, that remains evergreen.  It never goes out of style, and it’s the one phrase that is almost always guaranteed to spur sales.  That phrase is “make money fast!” or some version of it, like “make money now!” or “make money in 24 hours!”

man who can make money onlineWith that phrase, the sales page will then go on to tell you about a “method” or a “system” or a “secret loophole” that will allow you to start putting money in the bank within minutes or hours of buying their course.  I’ll freely admit, too, that I’ve fallen for these sales pitches over the years, and I’ve purchased a few of those products, looking for the ways to make money quickly or on autopilot, or using some secret loophole in the system that would allow me to get instant results.  Of course, as you might guess, these things pretty much never work out…except for the people selling the products, of course.  So why do they market their products this way?

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Making Money – How Do You Do That?

Making Money With Your Website

“How do I make money?” “Who is going to pay me?”  These are questions that I receive often from people who are interested in learning about making money online, but don’t yet understand the process.  If you’re completely new to Internet commerce and you really don’t understand anything about the mechanisms at work, then it can appear to be pretty confusing.  It seems that there are people earning a living online, but when everything that’s happening is being done by software behind the scenes, it’s hard to see a process at work.

making money onlineThe idea of making money with a Website is known as monetizing it.  That’s simply a way of saying that you’re going to create a Website and find a way, or more than one way, of using it to make money.  There is no single method of making money with a Website, though some methods work better than others and some methods are easier to put to work than others.  Some marketers use one method exclusively, while others make use of multiple methods, sometimes on the same Website.  Which method should you use?  That depends on a number of things.

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Make Money Online – 10 Ways to Do It

Make Money Online – Lots of Ways to Do It


Lots of people are looking for ways to make money online, but don’t know how to go about it.  A lot of them don’t even understand the mechanisms at work, and if you don’t understand how the money is made, then you’re not likely to know how to go about making that happen.  While it isn’t easy to get started conducting online business, tens of thousands of people have been successful, and there’s no reason why you can’t join them.

make money onlineA lot of people might think that the only way to make money online is to open an ecommerce store and sell things.  That certainly works, and online retailing is booming these days.  Programs like Shopify make it easy to create your own online storefront and you can have a store up and running in just a couple of hours if you put your mind to it.  If retailing isn’t your thing, then don’t worry; there are lots of other ways to make money online, as we’ll show you in the coming paragraphs.

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Not Making Money? Possible Reasons

Making Money – 5 Reasons It’s Not Working

The entire point of this blog is to help people learn about making money online.  It’s not necessarily easy to do, but once you get a taste of success, you’ll realize that it can be a lot of fun and it’s usually more interesting to work from home than to work at some job you hate.  Still, a lot of people struggle to earn that first dollar, and some people never get that far.  The reasons vary, and there could be a thousand reasons why any single individual isn’t succeeding in Internet marketing.

making money onlineAlthough it’s hard to generalize, as we’re all different, there are a handful of reasons why most people who fail to succeed in making money online are failing.  There are some common problems that affect a lot of people in this industry, and if you’re struggling to earn that first dollar, you might want to look over the following list and see if any of these problems might apply to you.  If so, they can be fixed, and perhaps you’ll soon be on your way to seeing some success in affiliate marketing or whatever other method you’re using.

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Product Launches and Why Marketers Use Them

What Are Product Launches?

If you’ve spent any time in the Internet marketing world, particularly in the make money online niche, you’ve probably encountered something known as product launches.  There are tens of thousands of products for sale in the make money online niche, but product launches, where everyone is talking about a new product all at once, are rather unique to that specific niche.  Why is that, and what do marketers gain from having big product launches when no one else promotes their products that way?

product launchesTypically, in Internet marketing, when someone creates a product, ebook, or training course, they take the time to create a good product, they build a Website to promote it, and they put it online so that people can sell it.  As time goes on, they’ll also promote the site via advertising or social media, and set up an affiliate program so that others can help them sell the product.  This is how it’s done in the self-help, weight loss, personal fitness and other popular niches.  With the make money online niche, it’s different, and in that niche only, everything is geared towards the big launch.  So what are product launches?

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Amazon Reviews – Buying Them Could Be Risky

Amazon Reviews – Keep Them Real


One of the most popular ways to make money online is to work with Amazon.  You can make money through Amazon in a number of ways, and they all work well.  You can promote their products as an affiliate, you can sell products through the site itself using their Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) program or you can write and sell Kindle books.  While these methods can all work well, and some people earn six figure incomes through the company, the success of any product relies on Amazon reviews.  People are reluctant to buy any product on the site if it doesn’t have a number of glowing, four or five star reviews.

fake amazon reviewsSellers, affiliates, and other marketers know this, and for the past few years, many have attempted to game the system by purchasing Amazon reviews.  This violates Amazon’s terms of service, as the company wants all Amazon reviews to be organic in nature.  That is, they want the reviews on the site to represent the honest opinion of people who have purchased the product.  If the reviews are favorable, the company wants them to be favorable because the customers who wrote them actually purchased the product and liked it.  This helps keep the Amazon marketplace honest, and creates a better shopping environment for the customers.  Unfortunately, many of the reviews on the site are not honest, and the company has decided to do something about it – with lawyers.

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Making Money Online For Newbies

Getting Started Making Money Online


Tens of thousands of people are interested in making money online, and chances are that you are, too.  Working for yourself is a great way to earn a living, and there are numerous advantages to Internet marketing over having a regular job.  While it’s nice that there’s no one to tell you what to do; that’s also the downside – there’s no one to tell you what to do.  You’re going to have to figure it out for yourself or at least find some guidelines, or you’re going to find yourself unable to earn money.

making money onlineThere’s no real secret to making money online; you’ll find that what you need to do to earn a living in Internet marketing of any kind is to do what other successful businesses are doing.  Then you copy what works, add your own twists and personality, and take it from there.  The main thing that you need to understand is that it’s going to take some time.  you’re not going to get rich right away, and you may never get rich.  You can, with some time, effort, and patience, earn a decent living, however, and for most people, that’s good enough.

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Making Money Online Isn’t Easy

The Realities of Making Money Online

I get a lot of traffic to this site from people who are searching for reviews of sites that are essentially scams.  The bulk of these sites are those that offer people ways of making money online for doing relatively little work, such as taking surveys or for reading news articles.  It’s not surprising that these sites attract a lot of attention; the amount of money they offer is considerable (sometimes as much as $1000 per day) while the amount of work involved is negligible.  I get it; lots of money for little or no work is appealing.

making money onlineUnfortunately, many of these people end up spending many hours or days at these sites, hoping to get paid and getting frustrated when they don’t.  Making things worse is the fact that many people who fall for these scams are already in financial trouble and they really need that money that isn’t going to come.  Then, as a result of the reviews I’ve written, I get email messages from people asking “How can I make money online fast?”

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Dumb Ideas Sometimes Make Money

Can You Make Money With Dumb Ideas?


A lot of people struggle in Internet marketing.  Sometimes it’s about trying to find your marketing niche or your place within it.  Other struggles might have to do with how to monetize; that is, how to actually make the money.  Then every now and again, you read about someone who came up with a really dumb idea and is making so much money with it that they’re getting covered in the mainstream media about it.  When that happens, people start thinking – can I make money with dumb ideas, too?

dumb ideasThe latest among dumb ideas to come along and make someone a lot of money is Potato Parcel.  For roughly $10, a guy in Texas will write a message of up to 140 characters on a Russet potato and mail it, anonymously, to anyone you want.  That’s his entire business model; it’s all he does.  You pay him and give him a message, and he’s going to write it, by hand, on a potato and put it in the mail to your chosen recipient.  This “dumb idea” is currently earning the site’s owner, Alex Craig, about $10,000 per month after expenses.  Can dumb ideas be duplicated?  Can some other dumb idea work equally well?  Are we overthinking things by trying to come up with smart ideas instead?

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MLM – Why Does it Have a Bad Reputation?

Is MLM a Dirty Word?

If you want to work a bunch of Internet marketers into a frenzy, just bring up MLM, or multilevel marketing.  MLM is a popular business model these days, and you don’t have to go too far in any direction to find someone trying to persuade you to join them in their MLM enterprise.  They’ll tell you that you can “be your own boss” or “write your own ticket” or that you can just out and out become rich if you join them in their MLM system.

mlm 101It’s true that there are a number of people who have become financially comfortable through MLM.  It’s also true that there are lots of people, and far more of them, truth be told, that have lost a lot of money by investing in an MLM scheme.  Surely the truth about multilevel marketing must lie somewhere in the middle, right?  Yet, aside from those who have become wealthy, few people have anything good to say about MLM.  Why is that?

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