10 Minutes Cash Review – Fast, Easy Money?

10 Minutes Cash Review


Site: www.10minutescash.com
Price: $17 (plus upsells)


10 minutes cash reviewEwen Chia, creator of 10 Minutes Cash, says that you’re working too hard if you’re struggling to make money online.  He says that his system of making money is so simple and so effective that you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day by working only 10 minutes per day.

That’s a pretty bold promise, but Ewen Chia has been around a long time and perhaps he knows something about how to make money quickly.  I decided to take a look at 10 Minutes Cash and see what the program is about and to determine if you can really make money with it.

Is 10 Minutes Cash a scam, or is it the real deal?  Does it work?  What’s it about?

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Read on for the full 10 Minutes Cash review.

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My Freelance Paycheck Review – Easy Cash from Home?

My Freelance Paycheck Review

Price: $47


my freelance paycheck review“How do I make money?”  I get email all the time from people asking that very question.  They post it on my Facebook page, too.  Even in a strong economy, people want to know how to make money.

Laura Pennington, creator of My Freelance Paycheck, says she’s solved that problem and that she earns multiple $500+ “secret paychecks” every week.  Of course, her book will explain what these “secret” paychecks are and how you can get them.

It sounded interesting, largely because the sales page didn’t seem to have too much hype to it.  She isn’t promising that you’ll get rich; she’s just promising that her My Freelance Paycheck system, whatever it is, will allow you to make money, and that it’s something that most everyone can do.

I decided to take a closer look and see what My Freelance Paycheck is all about.  Is My Freelance Paycheck a scam, or is it the real deal?

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Read on for the full My Freelance Paycheck review.

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Instant Success System Review – $10,000 Per Week?

Instant Success System Review

Price: $97 (plus thousands in upsells)


instant success system reviewThe video at the Instant Success System site starts with famous TV personalities talking about making money from home.  Then a guy who says his name is Pat comes in to tell you about how he went from working for $9.50 per hour to earning $1.09 million in the next year.

He says he did that with the Instant Success System and that you can do it, too.  In fact, he says that he’ll give you a minimum of $500 if you’ll just watch his 8 minute video.  Then he’ll show you how you can earn $5000-$10,000 per week with his system.

So, what’s the Instant Success System about?  Is Instant Success System a scam?

Read on for the full Instant Success System review.

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Simple Profit Secret Review – Watch Video; Earn $7000 in Cash?

Simple Profit Secret Review

Site: www.simpleprofitsecret.com
Price: $37 (plus up to $40,885 in upsells!)


simple profit secret reviewThe video at the Simple Profit Secret Website certainly looks appealing.  We get a shot of a yacht, followed by a shot of a woman swimming in an infinity pool, followed by testimonials from people telling us how much money they’ve earned in a short period of time.

One man says he earned $26,585 in just 30 days.  The title of the Web page says “Do you want to copy my $43,623 per month online business?” and the headline above the video says “Start getting paid $1000-$7000 in cash after watching this short video.”

That’s all pretty appealing.  Who wouldn’t want to watch a short video and start earning that kind of money?   Is Simple Profit Secret a scam, or is this really a plan where you can make some money?

Read on for the full Simple Profit Secret review.

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Super Sales Machine Review – Make a Fortune?

Super Sales Machine Review

Site: www.supersalesmachine.net
Price: $97


super sales machine reviewIf you want to make money online, your best bet is to find something to sell. That makes sense; lots of people have money, and people like to buy things, and if you have something that they want, then you can sell it to them.  One thing people are always willing to pay for is information.

But what do you sell? If you don’t have a product, you can’t sell anything.  That’s where Super Sales Machine comes in.  This site says they will create an online superstore for you with 95 different products to sell.  It’s all ready go, and you just collect the money.

That sounds interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see what Super Sales Machine is all about.  Is Super Sales Machine a scam, or can you really make money with it?

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Read on for the full Super Sales Machine review.

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Traffic Titan 2 Review – Everything in One Package?

Traffic Titan 2 Review

Site: www.traffic-titan.com
Price: $9.95 (plus upsells)


traffic titan 2 review“How do I make money?”  That’s the question I get the most often in comments on this Website and via email.  The answer is a long one, because there’s a long process involved in making money online.  There are a lot of things you need to do – find something to sell, find a way to make people aware of it, build a Website.

It’s a lot of work.  But Traffic Titan 2, the new product from Chris X, says it has everything you need to start making money today in a single, affordable package.  That sounds pretty promising, and Chris has been producing quality products for years now, so I decided to have a look and see if Traffic Titan 2 is everything he says it is.

Is Traffic Titan 2 a scam, or the real deal?

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Read on for the full Traffic Titan 2 review

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Internet Jetset Review – Build Your Own Business

Internet Jetset Review

Site: www.imjetset.com
Price: $47/month

Note: I am reviewing this product at the request of the creator.

internet jetset reviewIt can be difficult learning how to make money online.  Not because the process is necessarily hard, as the basics of affiliate marketing are relatively simple.  But putting everything together to make it work – finding a niche, picking a product, building a Website, and getting traffic to it – is complicated.  There’s a lot to know before you can start making money.

Longtime Internet marketer John Crestani has attempted to simplify things by creating a training program called Internet Jetset.  There, he’ll show you everything you need to know to get started learning how to make money online, and John says he earns six figures every month, so he should know.

Is Internet Jetset all it’s cracked up to be?  Can you really learn everything you need to know in one training program?

Click here to visit the Internet Jetset Website. (new window)

Read on for the full Internet Jetset review.

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How to Crush It on Azon 2.0 Review – Possible $20K Per Month

How to Crush It on Azon 2.0 Review


Site: www.crushazon.com
Price: $14 (pluss upsells)


how to crush it on amazon 2.0 reviewEarning five figures per month is a common promise in the Internet marketing world.  I see offers for products that say you can earn that kind of money all the time.  The problem is that most of those offers are for products that don’t work, and it just isn’t possible to earn that kind of money.

There is one area of Internet marketing, however, where earning $10,000 or $20,000 is possible and lots of people are doing it.  That’s through selling products through Amazon using their FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program.  That method works, but it’s really hard to learn how to do it.

Last year, Jon Bowser created a book called How to Crush It On Amazon (also known as How to Crush It on Azon) and that book offered the best description and how-to on making money with FBA that I’ve ever seen.  How to Crush It on Azon 2.0 is an updated version of that book.

Jon has relaunched the book as How to Crush It on Azon 2.0 (or How to Crush It On Amazon 2.0) and this time, he’s offering some additional training that will make it much easier for anyone to learn how to make money using this fascinating method.

Click here to visit the How to Crush It on Azon 2.0 site.

Read on for the full How to Crush It on Azon 2.0 review.

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The Huge Pay Review – $90 Per Day Easily?

The Huge Pay Review

Site: www.thehugepay.com
Price: Free
Rating: (zero stars)

the huge pay reviewWell, if you’re going to name your product The Huge Pay, you’d better be promising….well, huge pay, right?  I don’t know that they’re promising that; their home page says you can earn $90 per day.  Still, $90 per day is a fair amount of money, if not a huge one, and if you earn that every day of the year, you’ll be taking in more than $32,000 annually.

That is a lot of money for simply sharing a link, so if that’s all there is to it, I thought I should check it out and see if you can really earn that kind of money.  Is The Huge Pay a scam, or is it the real deal?

Read on for the complete The Huge Pay review.

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Trendy Rock Review – $5000 Per Month for No Work?

Trendy Rock Review – Easy Cash?


Site: www.trendyrock.com
Price: Free
Rating: zero stars

trendy rock reviewI’d rather not spend all of my time reviewing sites like Trendy Rock, but sites like Trendy Rock are all anyone seems to talk about these days.  That’s because a lot of people are drawn to promises of making a lot of money without having to do much work.  Truth be told, I’d find that appealing, too, so in order to save my readers the trouble of finding out what Trendy Rock is all about, I decided to sign up myself.

Trendy Rock says you can earn $300 per day and $5000 per month by doing a fairly simple task – sharing the link that they provide.  That sounds interesting, so I thought I’d sign up and see what it’s about.  Is Trendy Rock a scam?

Read on for the full Trendy Rock review.

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