Website Traffic and Patience – Sometimes It Just Takes Time

Website Traffic – Waiting for Google


website trafficI’ve stressed over and over how important it is to get traffic to your site.  In fact, it’s where you’re going to spend some 90% of your time when you build a Website with the intention of making money.

The greatest site in the world is useless without Website traffic.

You need visitors to make money.  It’s that simple.

Building a site is relatively easy.  So is finding a product to promote.  Creating good content is harder, but the hardest part is finding a way to get people to visit you so they can buy whatever it is that you’re selling or promoting.

There are lots of ways to generate Website traffic, from proper onsite SEO to social media to paid advertising.  These things all contribute getting traffic to your site.

Sometimes, however, you just need time.  Everyone wants to get traffic to their site immediately, and that’s understandable.  After all, you’re paying to put that site online from day one, and it would be nice to have that site rise to the top of the Google rankings right away, so you can start making money.

If you’re determined to make a career of Internet marketing, however, you should be prepared to play the long game.  Work on your site.  Add good content.  And be patient.

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Bounce Rate – Keep the Bounce to a Minimum

Bounce Rate – What is It?

bounce rateHow your site ranks in the search engine results, or SERPS, is determined by a number of factors.  Google uses more than 200 factors to determine how to rank a site, and one of them that many people regard as important is something known as “bounce rate.”  That’s kind of an odd term, since few of us see things bouncing when we surf the Web.

The bounce rate represents the number of people who come to your site from a search engine and leave your site without visiting any page other than the one upon which they initially landed.  Most of the time, the bounce rate represents the percentage of people who searched for something, came to your site, didn’t see what they were looking for, and turned around and left.  Obviously, that’s a bad thing, and in this post, we’ll talk about some things you can do to keep your bounce rate to a minimum.

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SEO Terms – Things to Know About Search Engine Optimization

SEO Terms – What to Know

seo termsI’ve written from time to time about search engine optimization, or SEO, as it’s commonly known.  SEO is about tweaking your site on a page by page basis to ensure that the search engines know exactly what each page or blog post is about.  That’s great, but a lot of articles toss about SEO terms as though you should already know what they’re talking about.  SEO terms aren’t that complicated, and there aren’t that many that are really important, so in this blog post I thought I’d discuss them.

It turns out that Google uses more than 200 factors to decide how to rank your site in their search engine rankings, or SERPS.  That’s daunting, but a lot of those factors are pretty obscure and a few of them have to do with things you can’t easily control.  In this post, I’ll cover the SEO terms that are of the most importance to the average or beginning Internet marketer.  That way, you can become familiar with them and start to adjust them to get your site to rank a bit higher in the SERPS.

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On Page SEO in 2016 – What Gets Google’s Attention?

On Page SEO Matters More Than Ever


on page seoIf you have a Website, you want traffic.  It doesn’t matter if you blog for fun or build a site to make money.  Whatever you’re doing, you want people to see it.  To get traffic, you either need to pay money for advertising, or make sure that you have both compelling content and other sites linking to you.  You also need to make sure that your “on page SEO” is properly set up so that the search engines will know what your site is about.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” and “on page SEO” refers to making sure that your site’s individual pages and posts are properly tweaked so that Bing and Google know exactly what each page and post on your site is about.  If you have a blog on dog training, you want your on page SEO to make it perfectly clear to Google that your site is about exactly that, and nothing else.

Of course, the things that the search engines are looking for change from time to time, so I thought it might be time for a refresher regarding what the search engines are looking for right now when it comes to on page SEO.

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Search Engine Rankings – It’s About Time and Content

Search Engine Rankings – Keep Visitors Engaged


search engine rankings and backlinksI’m sure you’ll agree that it’s really hard to get your site to show up near the top of the search engine rankings.  Unless you’re in a niche without a lot of competition, you’ll be continually fighting to stay near the top of the search engine rankings with Google or Bing.

That’s just part of having a Website, and even the biggest companies fight to obtain and maintain their search engine rankings.  I’ve written before about various ways to get to the top, but unfortunately, there’s no single way to do it.  Google, for example, uses more than two hundred factors to determine their search engine rankings.
Still, some factors are more important than others, and in this post, I’ll tell you about one really important factor that can make a huge difference in how your site performs in the Google and Bing search engine rankings.
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Backlinks – Do They Make a Difference? Yes.

Backlinks Still Matter

search engine rankings and backlinksI’m a longtime member of Wealthy Affiliate and I think that Kyle and Carson, who run the site, are pretty sharp guys who know their stuff.  But Kyle recently published a blog post about backlinks that just has me scratching my head.  In this post, he came out and asked, “Are backlinks good for your Website rankings?” and then he concluded that no, they are not, and that you can do just fine by building a site without worrying about backlinks in any way.

Since Google went online in 1998, the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been preoccupied with backlinks, because Google let it be known that they considered backlinks to be a “vote” for a Website.  The more votes you have, the more important that Google concluded that you must be, so they heavily weighted their ranking algorithms on a site’s incoming backlinks, and sites with more backlinks tended to rank higher than sites with fewer backlinks.

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Search Engine Traffic and Backlinks

Search Engine Traffic the Easy Way – Ask for Backlinks!

search engine trafficIf you have a Website, you’ll know that getting search engine traffic to your site can be the most difficult part of the job. It’s tough getting traffic, and in general, you’ve got two choices when it comes to getting people to your site – search engine optimization and paid traffic.

Search engine optimization, or “search engine optimism,” as it ought to be called, is a matter of tweaking your site in such a way that the search engines can decide what your site is about. If your site is about widgets, and you make that clear in your heading tags, your graphics, and the content of your pages, then, in theory, the search engines will rank your site highly when people search for terms that are related to your site’s content.

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Search Engine Optimization – Don’t Overextend

Search Engine Optimization – Keep It Credible

I’ve written quite a bit about search engine optimization, or SEO, as it is commonly known. Search engine optimization is the tweaking of your site’s settings and your content to ensure that the search engines know what your content is about.  Why would you want to do that?  If your site is about dog training, you likely want people searching for dog training information in Google or Bing to find your site.  Good search engine optimization practices will ensure that the search engines are aware that your content covers that topic so they can rank your site and send traffic your way.

search engine optimization 101While it’s possible to overemphasize search engine optimization, some SEO is necessary.  The days when you could just stuff keywords into your page a few dozen times to hammer home the point are gone; it’s now necessary to gently persuade the search engines regarding your content.  It is possible to over do it, though, and you have to realize that there are some boundaries regarding what the search engines are going to regard as credible.

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