CB Passive Income Review – Easy Online Cash?

CB Passive Income Review – Is it a Scam?

Site: www.CBPassiveIncome.com

UPDATE:  As of April 20, 2015, CB Passive Income has relaunched.  There are no significant changes to the program; the “relaunch” is just an attempt to get a few more affiliates on board to increase sales of the product.

We’re reviewing CB Passive Income because it has insane gravity on Clickbank, which means that a lot of marketers are making money promoting the product.  That’s OK, but is anyone who is actually buying CB Passive Income making money with it?  Patrick Chan says that CB Passive Income is a clone of his entire business system for just $47.  Is that the case?  Can you really make money with CB Passive Income?  Is CB Passive Income a scam?   Read on for our full CB Passive Income review.

CB Passive Income Overview

CB passive income reviewWe’ve reviewed a lot of Clickbank products in the make money niche in the past, and most of them involve some process, such as building a Website in a particular way, or selling certain types of products on Fiverr, or buying advertising to promote CPA offers or something like that.  CB Passive Income is different; Patrick Chan is offering a turnkey system for making money.

According to Patrick, by purchasing CB Passive Income, you can avoid:

Creating products

  • Creating content
  • Writing email messages
  • Writing sales letters
  • Sending email messages
  • Providing customer service
  • Learning Internet marketing

Here’s how it works:

  • You buy the product for $47.
  • You get a unique Web page on Patrick’s Website that offers a free ebook to people who provide their email address on the form on that Web page.
  • You drive traffic to that Web page.
  • Patrick’s email system regularly sends email offers to those people for products they may wish to buy and if they buy them, you will get a commission.

Most Clickbank products that involve making money require you to build your own Website and set up your forms for building a mailing list.  CB Passive Income does this for you.  In theory, all you have to do is send traffic to your page and people will sign up and you’ll make money.  In fact, you can’t do anything else, because everyone who signs up on your Web page is actually on Patrick’s mailing list, and not yours.

cb passive income patrick chanWhen you buy Patrick’s CB Passive Income, you’ll be offered an upsell in the form of the CB Passive Income Pro version.  The Pro version contains everything in the basic version, with one additional feature – it allows you to create your own mailing list so that you can send email offers to your customers directly, rather than waiting for Patrick to do it for you.  In this regard, you do get a bit more control.

A further upsell offers you the opportunity to join his “Fast Cash Series” membership site.  For this, you get information on a monthly basis about how to make more money.  This costs $47 per month, or $197 per year.

All of this actually might be a workable way of making money, but newbies need to be aware of a couple of things:

Driving traffic to any Website represents about 90% of all the work you’ll ever do when you try to make money online.  When Patrick is suggesting that “all you have to do” is drive traffic, he’s oversimplifying the entire process.  He does offer training about getting traffic from Facebook, YouTube, and paid advertising, and that information is probably helpful.

On the other hand, everyone who buys CB Passive Income is receiving the same training that tells them how to use Facebook, YouTube and paid advertising to drive traffic to the same Website.  I just checked; right now, there are 5200 different videos on YouTube for the CB Passive Income system.  If you read the information that CB Passive Income provides about YouTube advertising, how likely do you think you would be to create a video that manages to distinguish itself from the other 5000+ videos that are already there?

While driving traffic to any offer is the hardest part of making money online, it’s easier if the Website or page you’re promoting has unique content.  Search engines don’t like duplicate content, so anything that’s unique had an advantage over pages that all look alike.  Guess what?  The “special Web page” that you receive when you buy CB Passive Income isn’t all that special – it looks just like the “special Web page” that every other CB Passive Income has.  It’s not unique; it’s exactly the same.  That’s not going to help you with search engine positioning, and that means your best bet for getting traffic is paid advertising.

Paid advertising is competitive and expensive and it’s not a place for newbies to start when it comes to driving traffic.  It requires a lot of time, a lot of patience, and a lot of money to test and create ads that will work and be profitable.

Keep in mind, too that regardless of which system you buy, the regular version of CB Passive Income or the Pro version, Patrick still gets the mailing list.  He’s making money off of every sale you make.

cb passive income girl on beachA couple of other things give me some concern about CB Passive Income.  On the page for affiliates, Patrick makes some advertising banners available for affiliates to use. One of those banners show a woman relaxing on the beach.  This is a common appeal to greed, and it effectively says, “You don’t have to work to get rich making money online.”  That’s not true; you’re going to do a lot of work if you buy CB Passive Income because driving traffic to a cookie cutter Website is difficult.  The other thing that concerns me is that Patrick has a list of well-known marketers who are also promoting CB Passive Income and on that list are a number of Internet marketing gurus who are themselves known for promoting moneymaking products that are not particularly good.

I’ve seen other people calling CB Passive Income a scam.  I think that’s an overstatement.  CB Passive Income is an affiliate marketing system.  What’s basically happening is that you’re paying $47 for the right to promote Patrick Chan’s product.  He’s sharing the profits with you.  If you can drive traffic and sign up visitors, you’ll make money.  If you can’t, then you won’t.  If you do have the ability to drive traffic, then buying the Pro version might make sense, but if you know how to drive traffic to a Website, then you can make money online without having to buy CB Passive Income at all.

CB Passive Income Summary

cb passive income - mehIn the end, CB Passive Income is a product that sort of allows you to get your feet wet in the affiliate marketing game without actually having to deal with any of the things that make affiliate marketing work – building a Website, compiling a mailing list, finding profitable products to promote, etc.  The price you pay for that is that you don’t learn anything about affiliate marketing and you end up giving up a huge chunk of your profits to Patrick Chan.

A better way to learn about affiliate marketing would be to join a program like Wealthy Affiliate that lets you learn how to create a system like Patrick’s on your own, and Wealthy Affiliate will let you join for free.  That’s a better deal than the $47, 97, or $197 you might spend on CB Passive Income.   In the end, I’d say that CB Passive Income is so-so.  There are better ways to make money online.


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