Click 4 Surveys Review – Easy $3500 Per Month?

Click 4 Surveys Review – Easy Money or Scam?


Daniel Cooper, creator of Click 4 Surveys, says you can earn $3500 per month simply by taking surveys, and he’ll even show you how to earn “six and seven figures” once you join his program.  Is Click 4 Surveys a scam, or is it the real deal?  Read on for our full Click 4 Surveys review.

click 4 surveys reviewLots of companies need information from the public before they can market their products and they like to keep up with changing public tastes in order to keep their products current.  For that, they often conduct surveys, and often, they will pay people to take them.  After all, who wants to take a survey for no reason, especially since it can take up quite a bit of your time?  That’s where Click 4 Surveys says you can make money – they’ll show you where all of the companies are that are willing to pay your for your time, and you’ll be able to earn money, and quite a lot of it, simply by spending your time completing surveys.

Click 4 Surveys Overview

The Click 4 Surveys sales page offers the usual sob story about how Daniel Cooper was flat broke until he discovered “the secret” to taking paid surveys.  Then he went on to make fat bank by completing surveys at anywhere from $5-$75 per pop.

He’ll let you join Click 4 Surveys for only $97.  Or $34.  Or even $19.  If you try to leave the page after being offered the chance to join, he’ll offer you a lower price.  OK, so what do you get for your membership?  In the members area, you’ll have access to lots of survey companies.  Not surveys, but companies that offer surveys, so you’ll have to click the link to those companies and then register at their site.  I suspect that when you do so, Daniel Cooper earns something for your having done so; it’s possible that he’s also earning money every time you take a survey.


Of course, there aren’t that many surveys that actually pay a lot of cash; most pay only $5-$10, tops.  There are a few that pay more, but you won’t find them in the members area, because…

….to learn about the high-paying surveys, you’ll have to buy the Click 4 Surveys upsell to join the Click 4 Surveys Elite Survey Academy.  For $7 per month, you’ll find out where the high paying surveys are that you were told you’d learn about when you first bought your membership.  Surprise!  It’s bait and switch!

click 4 surveys upsellOf course, if you really want to “take it to the next level”, you’ll also want to join the Click 4 Surveys Elite Inner Circle.  That’s where Daniel and friends are going to show you the “real secrets” of earning a six and seven figure income.  You’ll get a mentor, access to Webinars, email access to the Click 4 Surveys staff, and 12 weeks of coaching to learn about making money online, which, oddly enough, seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with taking surveys.  The video that promotes the upsell talks a lot about Clickbank, so in all likelihood, you’ll be learning how to become an affiliate for Clickbank products, rather than learning how to make money with surveys, because you’ll learn soon enough that you cannot earn big money taking paid surveys.

The Click 4 Surveys Bonus Scam

In the Click 4 Surveys members area, you’ll see some tabs for things like Earnings Tips and a How-To Video, but there’s also a button for a “Limited Time Bonus!”  What is that bonus?  A special survey that pays $1000?  No, it’s a “free” membership to a product called Auto Profit Replicator.   I’ve written about Auto Profit Replicator previously; it’s a piece of software that’s supposed to help you earn big bucks through the trading of binary options.

click 4 surveys - auto profit replicator scamThe software doesn’t work; it’s actually a trick to get you to sign up with a binary trading options broker, because those brokers will pay as much as $400 to affiliates who send new customers to them.  They promise to give you free software just as soon as you deposit money with a broker.  Then you’ll discover that the software doesn’t work, but by that time, Daniel Cooper has already earned his commission.

And, of course, none of this has anything to do with paid surveys!  That’s pretty typical of these paid survey programs.  You join a site like Click 4 Surveys, and then once inside, they’ll try to sell you all kinds of unrelated products.  Why would you need those?  Aren’t you going to be making big money taking paid surveys?  And if you are, why would you want to promote Clickbank products or trade binary options?

click 4 surveys - Daniel Cooper

Who is “Daniel Cooper?”

On a marketing forum, I found a post from Daniel Cooper looking for affiliates.  Actually, it wasn’t from Daniel Cooper, but was rather from Rick Thomas, the actual owner of Click 4 Surveys.  I have no idea if he’s really “Daniel Cooper” or if Daniel Cooper even exists.  In this post, Rick Thomas mentioned that Click 4 Surveys is one of the few survey companies still using Clickbank, as Clickbank no longer accepts survey companies in their marketplace.   Why?  Because all paid survey products are scam, that’s why, and they have a high refund rate.

Click 4 Surveys keeps their refund rate down by discounting their product to the point where it’s so cheap you won’t be bothered to ask for a refund once you discover that the product is worthless.

Click 4 Surveys Summary

Click 4 Surveys - thumbs downIs Click 4 Surveys a scam?   Pretty much.  There are a few surveys that will pay you a few dollars, but most pay out in coupons or gift cards, rather than cash.  And once you join, you’re going to be told that you need to buy several expensive upsells in order to maximize your earnings.  Then you’ll discover that these upsells have nothing to do with surveys and one of them, the “bonus” Auto Profit Replicator is simply an out and out ripoff.

There are ways to learn how to make money online without spending a fortune and without dealing with expensive and unrelated upsells.  In fact, there are ways you can learn how to work online from home for free.  Instead of buying Click 4 Surveys, why not join Wealthy Affiliate instead?  Wealthy Affiliate is a training program with a 10 module course that will show you how to create a profitable online business without spending a fortune.  You can start from scratch and they’ll not only teach you everything you need to know, but you’ll also have access to tools, tips and even free Web hosting.

It’s a better way of learning how to make money than buying Click 4 Surveys, which is a product that I just can’t recommend.  Stay away from Click 4 Surveys.


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