Clickbank Products and How to Find Them

Clickbank Products and Affiliate Links

Setting up a Website is one of the primary steps in your quest to work online from home, but once you have a site, you need something to promote in order to make money.  There are many ways to do this, as affiliate marketing is quite versatile.  There are tens of thousands of kinds of products that you can promote, including both digital (downloadable) products and physical products.  I’ll talk about digital Clickbank products first, as it’s a good way to give you an overview of the process of getting an affiliate link.  If you’re promoting physical products, such as those offered by Amazon, the process is similar.

clickbank products logoClickbank is a digital publisher; it’s a company that makes it easy to sell and to promote downloadable software, ebooks and more.  There are literally tens of thousands of Clickbank products for sale, and it’s easy to find one to promote.  It’s also quite easy to become an affiliate through Clickbank, so it’s a great way for a beginning marketer to start.  You can find Clickbank products at their Website, and there you can create an account.  You’ll need to create an account nickname and a password and answer a simple survey.   The questions aren’t vital; just answer them as best you can.

Finding Clickbank Products

Once you’ve created your account, log in at the Website and click the link that says “Marketplace” at the top of the page.  The marketplace is where we’re going to browse through the Clickbank products to find something that looks interesting so that we can promote it.  Once in the Marketplace, you’ll see a list of categories down the left hand side.  For purposes of this demonstration, I’ll choose the “Health & Fitness” category as there are lots of products there, they sell well, and they pay reasonable commissions.

clickbank marketplace

Note on the lefthand side of the page that there are several different filters you can use to fine-tune the list of Clickbank products that you’ll be shown.  One of the most significant of these filters is something called “Gravity.”  Gravity is a number associated with a product that suggests, roughly, how many different affiliates have earned a commission from the sale of that product in the past seven days.  The higher the gravity, the more popular a product is with affiliates.  More is better, to a point.  After that, you’ll encounter a lot of competition.

clickbank products - gravityMarketers disagree regarding what gravity number you should look for when choosing Clickbank products to promote.  A product with low gravity may be terrible or may have a poorly designed sales page.  A product with high gravity may have a saturated market or a lot of competition.  It’s usually best, especially if you’re new to the game, to pick something in the middle.  A range of 25-50 is usually a good one, as it represents products that are selling, but which aren’t being promoted.  I’ve chosen that range and one of the products that comes up is a weight loss product called Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.  Let’s look at the information below the title.


It says that the product includes three upsells (products offered to the buyer at the time of purchase that may increase your commissions) and that the average commission per sale is $22.34.  The stats at the bottom of the listing say that the product pays a commission of 75% of the sales price and that the gravity is 49.15, suggesting that roughly 50 affiliates made a sale last week.

We can look at the sales page for the product by clicking the title and we see that the product has an attention-grabbing headline.  Reading down the page, we see a few other “triggers” that usually suggest the product will sell well:

  • Strong testimonials
  • Numerous bullet points offering product benefits
  • A “limited time” discount (scarcity promotes sales)
  • Bonus products with your purchase
  • A money-back guarantee

sample clickbank productYes, this product looks promising.  Are people interested in a fat loss product?  Let’s take a look at the Google Keyword Planner, a popular tool for finding keywords.  You’ll have to create a free account to use it, and then you can enter keywords and Google will return up to 800 related keywords as well as the number of monthly searches each keyword receives.   Entering “fat loss”, we see that it gets about 9900 searches per month, which is moderate, but we also see that related terms, such as “how to lose weight” and “weight loss” have more than 200,000 monthly searches each.  That suggests that there are a lot of people interested in losing weight and that this might be a good product to promote.

To promote Clickbank products, find a product that interests you and click the “Promote” button next to the description.  This will open a new window that will ask you for your Clickbank nickname.  You can enter that as well as a Tracking ID, which is an optional label that you can use to help identify the source of your traffic.  If you were sending traffic to a product’s sales page from two different Web pages, you might want to know which one was performing better.  You could enter “Page1” in the Tracking ID field and you’d get a special link to use on that page.  You could then repeat the process with “Page2” and get a unique link to use on your second page.  Clickbank will keep separate stats for you for each unique link, making it easy to see what performs best.

get clickbank affiliate linkAfter you enter your nickname (and Tracking ID, if you like) click “Create.”  This will take you to a page with your unique affiliate link for that product.  You’ll note that the link is encrypted and appears to make no sense.   This helps keep your link secure and prevents others from seeing your Clickbank nickname.

get_link_2You can use the supplied link on your Website, but I think it’s better to use the Pretty Link Lite WordPress plugin to make the link a bit more friendly. Instead of a complex looking link, you could have that link look like this:

sample pretty link

Having a link like that is useful, because many visitors don’t want to click on a link unless they know where it’s going to take them and the default links for Clickbank products don’t really say.  A “friendly” link like the ones produced by Pretty Link Lite tends to be seen more favorably by your visitors.  In addition, Pretty Link will keep track of the clicks that your links receive, and more stats are always useful.

Regardless of whether you’re promoting physical products at a site such as Amazon or digital Clickbank products, the process of obtaining an affiliate link is pretty much the same.

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