Clipjacker Review – Hijack YouTube for Profit?

Clipjacker Review – Is it a Scam?


If you haven’t heard of Clipjacker, it’s a software product whose creator says you can earn between $100-$200 per day online:

  • Without any cash investment
  • Without a Website or hosting
  • Without creating content
  • Without sales skills or experience

Is this even possible, or is Clipjacker a scam?  What does it do?  Does it work?  Read on for our full Clipjacker review.

Clipjacker Overview

clipjacker review logoClipjacker purports to allow you to “inject” your affiliate links into YouTube videos and thus “hijack” them for your own profitable ends.  That’s actually a bit misleading, though YouTube videos and affiliate links are part of the process.  If you don’t read too much about how Clipjacker works or what it does, you might be led to believe that Clipjacker will somehow allow you to insert your own affiliate links into other peoples’ YouTube videos on the YouTube site itself.

Sorry, but Clipjacker doesn’t do that, and neither does any other product we know about.  The only people who have access to the videos on the YouTube site are the video creators and the staff of YouTube itself.  So, in that case, what, exactly, does Clipjacker do?


Clipjacker takes advantage of the fact that it’s possible to take videos from YouTube and embed them on other sites.  When you create an account at Clipjacker, either a free one or a paid version, you’ll have the ability to embed a YouTube video on a page on the Clipjacker Website.  You can then place ads or banners there.  There are two types of Clipjacker accounts – a free version, and a paid version, which currently costs a one-time fee of $19 (though they’re threatening to raise the price to $29 soon.)

Your free Clipjacker allows you to add up to three videos to the site per week.  Your paid Clipjacker account allows you to add unlimited videos to the site and also includes the following:

  • Add link overlay to videos, putting the link on the video screen
  • Get your ads and videos featured on the Clipjacker homepage
  • Get your ads rotated throughout the Clipjacker Website

So, how are you supposed to earn money with Clipjacker?  The idea is that you are supposed to find a “hot” video that has the potential to go viral and post the link to it on the Clipjacker Website.  Then you promote that link through any means available to you, and when the tens of thousands of people who want to see that video click the link, they’ll see the video at the Clipjacker site instead of the YouTube site and you’ll reap the huge rewards from the ads you have on the page for that video.

One nice thing about Clipjacker is that you can use it to promote just about any kind of product.  You can use it for Clickbank products, Amazon products, CPA offers, your own offer of some kind, or whatever.  It really doesn’t matter; if you can put an advertising banner or a link on the page for it, you can, in theory, profit from it.

Yes, it is free to sign up and yes, the paid version is affordable, and yes, the Clipjacker program is easy to use.  So, can you make money with it?  Well…maybe.

Here’s the thing about making money with Clipjacker – in order to be able to do that, you’re going to have to find a way to drive a lot of traffic to your link.  A LOT.  Keep in mind, too, that the videos you’re going to be promoting are videos that are already posted on YouTube.  That means that anything with the potential to go viral is likely going to be seen at YouTube, and not at the Clipjacker site.  That’s the thing about anything that goes viral; once it does, it’s out of your control.

I went to the Clipjacker home page and looked at the “Popular Videos” section.  One of the videos show was this one below:

clipjacker screenshot

That video, according to Clipjacker, currently has 46,570 views.  That’s a moderate number of views, but it’s hardly a blockbuster or a viral hit.  You might be able to make a bit of money if you could somehow post a video that gets that kind of viewership.

That same video is, of course, also posted at the YouTube site.  How many views does that video have there?  More than sixteen million.   Yes, that is a very popular video, but whomever posted it at Clipjacker is only getting a tiny fraction of the overall traffic that the video is drawing, as .  They might be making money, as you would be if you could get 46,570 people to look at any ad of yours, but this video is the exception, rather than the rule.  While looking over the Clipjacker site, I saw lots of videos that had anywhere from 5-80 views, and those numbers seem pretty typical.  Videos with more than 100 views are actually relatively rare.  Five views isn’t going to make money for anyone.

The rewards for viral videos come from people who create them or who post them first, and if you have the ability to do that, you’ll have the greatest opportunity to make money.   It goes without saying that you’ll make a lot more money by posting a video yourself at the YouTube site than you will by posting a link to someone else’s video at the Clipjacker site.

Clipjacker Summary

mehIs Clipjacker a scam?  No, actually, it’s not a bad idea. If I were posting a lot of videos at YouTube myself, I might also want to embed them at Clipjacker just to get a second source of traffic for it.  But it’s really hard to drive a lot of traffic to any video and that’s not something that a novice, or someone with little or not technical experience, is likely to be able to do.  And that, according to the Clipjacker Website, is the intended audience for this product.  Remember, they said that “Anybody can do it as there is zero technical knowledge required!”  Well, that’s true as far as posting the videos goes.   But simply throwing a video up on the “Anybody can do it as there is zero technical knowledge required!”  That’s true, at least as far as posting a video on the Clipjacker site.  But if you want to get traffic to that video and you want to make money, you have to be able to do more than that, and driving traffic to anything requires skills and experience.  If you want to learn about driving traffic and making money, a product like Wealthy Affiliate would be a better fit, and it’s free to join.

The bottom line is that while it might be possible to make a bit of money with Clipjacker, 99% of all people who use the product aren’t likely to earn anything at all.  It’s not great, and it’s not a scam.   I’d rate Clipjacker as so-so, or if you prefer, meh.


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