Coffee Shop Lifestyle Review – Easy Thousands Per Month?

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Review

Price: $49 (plus major upsells)Rating: (zero stars)

coffee shop lifestyle reviewI spend a lot of time here and there  on the Internet, looking for popular moneymaking products so that I can review them.  Some of them are interesting and some are not.  Most make outlandish claims of making money that just don’t hold up to scrutiny.  Of course, those are often the most fun products to review.

The latest weird one I’ve come across is called Coffee Shop Lifestyle.  I’m not sure what they name is really about, as the site doesn’t make that clear.  They do make it clear that you’ll be able to earn a lot of money without having to do much work, and that it’s really easy.  Great!  I’m just as interested in easy money as anyone else, so I decided to take a closer look.  Is Coffee Shop Lifestyle a scam?

Read on for the full Coffee Shop Lifestyle review.

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Overview

The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Website is a single page site that doesn’t offer a lot of information about what, exactly, the Coffee Shop Lifestyle is supposed to be.  They tell you that you’ll learn how to create a successful Internet business and profit from it, and that you could potentially be earning $112 per hour or more, or even millions.


There’s not much else at the Coffee Shop Lifestyle site; just a few paragraphs about how you’ll be able to pay for a house or a car while working from home.  There are then a couple of graphics on the page, one says that you can “Buy Now!” and get $30 off, without telling you how much “it” costs.

Coffee Shop Lifestyle "Registration Form"

Coffee Shop Lifestyle “Registration Form”

The other graphic appears to be a signup form that asks for your name, email address and a password and says “Register Now.”  I started to do that, but it turns out that what I clicked on wasn’t a form, it was just a graphic that looked like a registration form.

When I clicked on the “form,” I was taken to a different Website.  This one was called “My Millionaire Mentor.”

There, at My Millionaire Mentor, you’ll see another single page Website.  This one has a video, where people talk about how they’re earning $5000, $10,000 and even $25,000 per day.  Not only that, but the page says you’ll be “guaranteed $500 after watching this video.”

Below that, you’ll be asked for your email address, and told that you can join My Millionaire Mentor today for just $49.  Below that, it says, “Make money or it’s free.”

Wow.  That sounded like a great deal, so I went ahead and entered an email address (a disposable one) and was taken to the order page.

And there, I discovered what Coffee Shop Lifestyle and My Millionaire Mentor is really selling.

They’re signing you up to join MOBE.

I’ve written about MOBE before. MOBE variously stands for “My Online Business Empire” and “My Online Business Education.”  The program is also known as “My Top Tier Business.”  It’s known by many names, but that doesn’t change what the program is really about.

It’s a very expensive multilevel marketing program.

millionaire mentor scamYes, you can join MOBE for just $49, and that gives you access to some routine affiliate marketing training and the right to resell some modestly priced ($49-$150) books and video courses, for which you can earn 90% in commissions.

None of the people who are making any serious money with the MOBE program, such as those shown in the My Millionaire Mentor video, are making money selling those things.  You have to sell a lot of $49 courses to earn the kind of money they’re talking about.

The way you make money in MOBE is by selling licenses to new members that you recruit.  The licenses are priced at (roughly) $2000, $5000, $10,000 and $20,000, give or take.  When you persuade a new member to buy one of those licenses, you’ll receive 50% in commission.  What are the licenses for?

They’re licenses to resell the license.

In order to earn a commission from any one of those big-ticket licenses, you must first buy it yourself.  If you don’t, and someone who signed up under you buys a license you haven’t purchased, your commission goes to the person who recruited you.  You must also purchase each license in order.  To sell the $10,000 license, for instance, you must first buy the $2000 license and the $5000 license.

my millionaire mentor scamWhen you join MOBE, you’ll find that your phone won’t stop ringing.  The only good thing about the program is that you really don’t have to do much of the selling.  The company has a huge telephone sales force for that, and they are reportedly relentless in their efforts to get people to upgrade.  If you bought the $2000 license yesterday, you’ll be getting calls today about why you should buy the $5000 license, and so on.

The program works great, provided that you have some $40,000 to spend and that you also know a bunch of other people who have $40,000 to spend who also know people who have that kind of money.  It’s an endless cycle that only works as long as you can continue to find people who are willing to pay.

Once you can’t find new buyers, the cash flow stops.

Of course, MOBE has been actively promoted for years, which has me wondering why Coffee Shop Lifestyle is promoting this multilevel marketing program by first sending you to a site called My Millionaire Mentor.  Why not just create a site called Coffee Shop Lifestyle that talks directly about signing you up to join MOBE?

mobe reviewBecause people know about MOBE, and they know that it doesn’t have a particularly good reputation.  People have signed up, spent thousands of dollars, and then discovered that the site really doesn’t have a product to sell and that it’s really hard to persuade people to buy something intangible that costs thousands of dollars.

So, we instead get sites like Coffee Shop Lifestyle that give the impression that they’re selling something else.

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Pros and Cons


  • None.  You’ll lose your shirt.


  • Misleading site that directs you to another site
  • …which then sends you to yet another site
  • …that then tries to sell you a multi-thousand dollar product by telling you it’s only $49

What about the $500 guarantee?  You can get $500 back from the MOBE program if you haven’t made any money in 30 days.  However, to qualify, you have to follow all 21 steps in their program, and one of those steps requires you to buy the $2000 license.  You can get the $500 refund, but you’ll still be out $1500.

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Summary

coffee shop lifestyle - thumbs downCoffee Shop Lifestyle tells you that they’re going to show you how to make easy money, and then they direct you to a multilevel marketing program that’s not only expensive, but it’s a program where people have found it very hard to earn any money.  Instead of Coffee Shop Lifestyle, why not check out a program that really works?

Coffee Shop Lifestyle is not recommended.  Not. At. All.


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