Commission Gorilla Review – Create Fast, Effective Bonus Pages

Commission Gorilla Review – Bonuses Made Easy


If you’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of products that are offered for sale include bonuses.  That’s often true on both the product sales page and on some reviews of the products that you might encounter on various blogs.  While a good product should stand on its own, statistics show that offering a bonus can help improve conversions.  That’s where Commission Gorilla comes in.

comission gorilla reviewCommission Gorilla is a product that was designed to make it easy for you to create a page that offers a product for sale, reviews a product for sale, offers a bonus and delivers a bonus.  According to the creators of Commission Gorilla, you can literally build a slick, professional-looking page in minutes, complete with graphics, videos and even a download page, all using a simple interface.  Commission Gorilla sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look.  Read on for the full Commission Gorilla review.

Commission Gorilla Overview

Offering a bonus when you promote a product or offer one for sale can increase sales, but it’s also a headache.  You have to create a Web page for the bonus, and you’ll have to also create a download page for it.  Then you need to find a way to keep the page secure.  You might have to create graphics, too.  These are all time-consuming tasks that never seem to get easier.  Commission Gorilla is designed to streamline the process using a simple, drag and drop interface.  When you’re done, you’ll get a link to the completed page, or you can simply download the code for the page and upload it to your Website.


I know what you’re thinking – “What sorts of products do I offer as a bonus and where do I get them?”  Don’t worry; Commission Gorilla takes care of that, as I’ll explain shortly.

Using Commission GorillaCommission Gorilla is designed to make it easy to use; you don’t even have to install it.  Commission Gorilla is what’s known as SAAS, or “software as a service.”  That means that you don’t have to download it or install it, but instead can use it via the Web by logging into the site using your Web browser.

The basic Commission Gorilla interface includes a drag and drop WYSIWYG editor that allows you to change backgrounds, fonts, text size and more.  You can add images, insert videos and make use of a selection of high-impact, effective “call to action” buttons.  If you don’t know where to start, that’s not a problem, either as Commission Gorilla comes with both a demo video to show you how to use it as well as pre-built templates that already include all of the primary features.  You can just edit the text, change the colors or add graphics as you like.  You can insert your affiliate links or download page links right into the page.

Once you click “save”, your pages are ready to go.  You can download the code yourself and upload it to your Website, or you can allow Commission Gorilla to host it at no extra charge.  If you use WordPress, you can incorporate the features of Commission Gorilla into your Website easily via a provided Commission Gorilla plugin.

Commission Gorilla will also deliver your products or bonuses to your customers for you.   You just upload the product to the Commission Gorilla Website and add it to your bonus menu.  They’ll host it for you, and give you a download link to provide to your customers.  You can set up an entire of menu of bonus products so that you can easily access them to use again and again.

commission gorilla scamIf you’ve created a template that you really like with Commission Gorilla, you can clone it with one mouse click to reuse it for another campaign.   A stats page within your Commission Gorilla dashboard makes it easy to see at a glance which of your pages is producing the best results.  Then you can clone those pages and use them again on new campaigns.

Every display feature of Commission Gorilla is editable, and you can move objects around with your mouse and change background colors, foreground colors, fonts, text size and more, making it a fast, effective tool to use for many purposes besides offering bonus products.  You can even create a product sales page with it.

Commission Gorilla is affordable and works well as a basic product.  There are a few addons offered with Commission Gorilla that can make it more effective.  The Pro version of Commission Gorilla allows you to add a countdown timer, which can spur sales due to scarcity.  The upgrade also includes an exit popup to encourage your visitors to rethink their decision to leave your offer page, as well as an attention bar that slides into place a few seconds after the page has loaded.

The best of the addons for Commission Gorilla is this – an opportunity to buy a library that is full of bonus products that you can give away.   With this addon, you’ll get 25 downloadable ebooks, with graphics, that you can give away to your customers as a bonus for buying any product through your affiliate link.  Not only that, but the Commission Gorilla team will add two additional bonuses to that library each month for the next twelve months, eventually giving you nearly 50 bonus products that you can offer to your site visitors.

While I’ve tried to cover the main details of what Commission Gorilla can offer, it’s best explained in this demo video:

Commission Gorilla Summary

commission gorilla - thumbs upI’ve tried offering bonuses to affiliate products as well as products of my own in the past, and I’ve found it to often be more trouble than it’s worth.  Commission Gorilla makes it fast and easy to produce sales pages, bonus pages and bonus download pages that look like you paid hundreds of dollars to create them.  They look good, they’re hosted for you, and they’re effective – and that means more money for you in the end.  If you’re thinking about promoting products through affiliate marketing, Commission Gorilla is a great product to help you do that.

Commission Gorilla is highly recommended.

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