Commission Toolbox Review – $100 Per Day With Free Tools?

Commission Toolbox Review

Price:<$10 (plus four upsells)

commission toolboxLately, I’ve been reviewing a lot of product that seem to be targeting that magic level of $100 per day in earnings that defines a successful marketer.  $100 per day is a pretty good income, but it can take a lot of work to get there.  Commission Toolbox offers to not only show you how to reach that plateau in just a few days, but they say that you can do it using nothing but free tools.

That’s right; Commission Toolbox says you can quickly reach the $100 mark without spending any money at all.  That’s a tough order, so I thought I’d take a closer look to see what it’s about.  Is Commission Toolbox a scam?  Read on for the full Commission Toolbox review.

Commission Toolbox Overview

Commission Toolbox is a downloadable PDF book that runs about 66 pages.  The main product is quite affordably priced, based on “dime sale” pricing that started at $7 and increases with each sale.  It’s likely that the price will be less than $10, though there are four upsells offered when you buy:

  • Silver package ($37)
  • Gold package ($47)
  • Diamond package ($197)
  • Platinum package ($197)


I haven’t been able to find out much about the upsells, except that they include pre-built Websites and video training.  I have read the main Commission Toolbox book, however, so I’ll review that.  If you decide that you wan to buy it, you can learn more about the Commission Toolbox upsells when you check out.

The idea behind Commission Toolbox is that you’re going to build a mailing list and send messages to the people on that list to persuade them to buy products from Warrior Plus, JVZoo, or Clickbank, for which you’ll earn commission when someone on your list buys something.

commission toolbox upsellsThat’s fairly straightforward stuff right out of Affiliate Marketing 101, and it’s a sound business model.

What’s unusual about Commission Toolbox is that they’re going to show you how to do all of that without spending any money.

That means that you’re going to have to:

  • Build a Website
  • Host a Website
  • Get an account with an autoresponder company
  • Create a landing page
  • Attract traffic

Believe it or not, you actually can do those things for free, and that’s pretty amazing.  While you cannot get a domain name for free, you can get a Website for free if you don’t mind not having your own domain name.  You’ll have to have a name like  It works, but part of the reason to get your own domain name is to establish your own “brand,” which you can’t do that way.

You can also get free Web hosting, and if it’s all you can afford, it will work.  The problem with free Web hosting is that you’re going to get poor tech support, and free hosting sites usually have too many people using their machines, which means that the sites will have slow load times and poor performance.

In addition, sites on free hosting sites will likely have ads all over them that you cannot control, and if someone visits your site and clicks on some ad on your page that you know nothing about, you’ll likely lose the customer.

commission toolbox scamThe instructions in Commission Toolbox for building the Website, installing WordPress and creating a landing page are barely adequate, and if you’re completely new at the business of Internet marketing, you may have a lot of trouble following them.

The instructions then suggest that you go to Warrior Plus, JVZoo or Clickbank to find products to promote.  Clickbank will work, but the other two require vendor approval for most products, and brand new marketers promoting products via free Websites aren’t likely to get approval.  Clickbank can work, though.

What about traffic?  Commission Toolbox recommends that you get traffic by signing up for pay-to-click sites. You can earn credits by looking at the ads of other members, and then use those credits to run ads on those same sites to draw traffic.  While that idea sounds workable, you’ll find that the traffic you receive from such sites is poor, and that’s if you get any traffic at all.  Those sites pay a penny or two to people for each ads that they look at, and all they’re really interested in is earning those two pennies.

While it’s theoretically possible to sell anything to anyone, people who are looking at ads to earn two cents are going to be really difficult to persuade to buy something from you.  I’m not saying that it’s impossible; people do make money from such traffic.  But pay-to-click traffic is probably the hardest of all traffic to monetize, and it’s definitely not the place to start if you’re new at the Internet marketing business.

About a third of the Commission Toolbox book consists of “resources,” and while that sounds interesting, it’s really just a long list of Websites, grouped by category – Tools, Traffic Sources, Image editors, etc.  There’s little in the way of explanation or context.

Another issue with Commission Toolbox is that the book isn’t particularly well written and is full of typographical errors.  There are lots of places where the book should have gone into more detail than it does and because it doesn’t, many prospective buyers are likely to just wind up scratching their heads, wondering what to do next.  The whole book feels like it was slapped together in a relatively short time.

Pros and Cons of Commission Toolbox


  • The book is cheap
  • The method might work, though it will be difficult
  • Many free resources are listed


  • Many expensive upsells
  • Book isn’t particularly well written
  • Not enough detail in most of the sections

Commission Toolbox Summary

commission toolbox - thumbs downIs Commission Toolbox a scam?  No, it’s a book with an idea that could possibly work, but likely won’t, as the target audience is people who know nothing about Internet marketing.  For such people, there simply isn’t enough information in the book and it isn’t presented coherently enough to make buying Commission Toolbox worthwhile.  While there are great ways to learn how to make money online, Commission Toolbox isn’t one of the better ones.

Commission Toolbox is not recommended.



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