Content Creation – What to Write About?

Content Creation – How and What to Do

If you want to work online from home, you need to come up with a marketing niche, and as I’ve mentioned before, choosing your niche is important, as it’s something with which you’re going to be spending a lot of your time.  In addition, you’ll find the work a lot more interesting if you’re doing something you enjoy.  Once you’ve chosen your niche, other questions will come up, including those of content creation.  Obviously, your blog or Website is going to have to have some information posted on it.  Content creation is the process of actually putting the content there.  How do you go about that?

content creationThe first step in content creation is deciding what, exactly, it is that you plan to do to make money online.  There are a number of different things you can do, and these are going to vary according to your niche and your personal interests.  Before you can tackle the issue of content creation, you must first decide what it is you’re going to do.

Before Content Creation

Once you’ve chosen your niche, be it dog training, knitting, health and fitness for women, or whatever, you need to how you’re going to approach it before you can consider content creation.  There are many different approaches you can take when trying to make money online, and each requires different methods of content creation. I’ll go over a few of them here:


content creation - blogA blog is a great way to share information with your visitors, and a lot of readers appreciate a personal approach.  If your marketing niche is dog training, for example, your content creation might come in the form of regular blog entries with useful information about how to handle your dogs.  You might write about housebreaking them and then how to keep your dogs from chewing your furniture and so on.  If you’re passionate about the subject, you’ll find that content creation is fairly easy.  You just write about what you know about the subject.  If you have comments enabled on your Website, your readers can respond to your blog posts and perhaps even provide you with new ideas for other things to write about.  In time, you’ll find that content creation for these sorts of blogs becomes quite easy, and eventually, with enough communication with your readers, you’ll likely have more things to write about than you have time.  You can monetize such blogs by recommending various products within the text of your blog posts that are related to the post’s content, or you can have advertising, such as Google Adsense on the page, and the ads will automatically be filled with ads for products that are relevant to your blog post.


Review Websites – Content creation for review Websites is pretty simple and straightforward.  If your marketing niche is health and fitness for women, for example, your content creation will likely come in the form of product reviews for such things as exercise equipment, exercise clothing, or perhaps such things as dietary supplements.  It’s easy to find information about such products, and a basic review can consist of these parts:

  • Product Overview
  • Detailed Product Description
  • Description of the Use of the Product
  • Product Pros and Cons
  • Product Summary

content creation - writing reviewsIf you like the product, you can say so and provide an affiliate link to a place where they can purchase it.  If you don’t like the product and cannot recommend that your site visitors buy it, you can suggest a product that will work better and provide a link to that one instead.  You’ll find that content creation for review sites is quite easy, and after a few reviews, you’ll quickly fall into a groove where you can write reviews quickly.  If you choose the right niche, you’ll find that there are potentially hundreds of products to write about, ensuring that your content creation problems will be minimal, at least in terms of finding things to write about.

Online store – This method of making money online is a bit more traditional; your content creation is largely going to consist of descriptions of the products that you have for sale.  At one time, search engines would index pages based on the names of products alone and content wasn’t really important.  That’s no longer the case, and longer descriptions tend to find more favor with the search engines than shorter ones these days.  I still have one retail site, and most of the items I have for sale on that site are one of a kind items.  I make sure to include multiple photos for each item, along with several hundred words of text.  This has worked out well, and the search engines tend to look favorably on that particular site, probably due to the longer descriptions I offer.  I also have a few pages of articles related to the topic of the site, along with a page along the lines of “Why You Should Buy From Us” that offers, at reasonable length, a list of reasons why my site is a great place to buy that particular product.

Web Forum – A forum can be an interesting way to make money, and the fun thing about a forum is that content creation is going to be done by other people.  A forum is going to have members, and they’re going to create your content in the form of topics and responses.  A forum can be a great way to make money in the “how to” niche, as people are always looking for ways to accomplish things and a forum can provide many useful answers for how to get something done.  I’m currently restoring a piece of vintage stereo equipment, and I found an online forum that has hundreds of pages of information about how to do that, all posted by people who have restored the same or similar equipment themselves.  You can monetize forums with advertising of various kinds, and the search engines love forums, due to the volume of content and the frequent changes.  The only downside to a forum is that it requires constant monitoring to keep out the trolls and people posting spam links.

Content Creation Summary

You’ll find that if you choose your niche carefully, content creation can not only be relatively easy but also a lot of fun.  Of course, learning how to create meaningful and engaging content can take some time, and if you don’t know where to start, some training might be helpful.  One great way to learn about content creation is Wealthy Affiliate, an online training site that can show you how to work online from home through tutorial videos as well as lots of interaction with other members.

If you’ve chosen a good niche, content creation should be relatively easy.  That’s why you want to pick something you like.


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