Copy Paste Income Review – Copy, Paste and Profit?

Copy Paste Income – Get Rich in a Weekend?


Copy Paste Income, a fairly new product from Internet marketing guru Ewen Chia, says that you can easily earn thousands if you know how to copy and paste, and that he’s been teaching his students how to “get rich” for a dozen years.  Is Copy Paste Income really as easy as Ewen Chia says it is?  Is Copy Paste Income a scam? Read on for our full Copy Paste Income review.

copy paste income reviewEwen Chia really is a success story, but whether what he does can be duplicated is a matter of debate.  He’s been in business for a dozen years and has created a number of successful products, the best known of which is Autopilot Profits.   Copy Paste Income is his latest product, and he says he’s going to show you everything you need to know for using his simple system.  It’s also fairly priced, at $27.  So what’s the deal with Copy Paste Income?

Copy Paste Income Overview

The system for Copy Paste Income is pretty simple.  Ewen gives you ten downloadable ebooks about various aspects of making money online:

  • Subscriber Secrets
  • Internet X-Factor
  • Email Profit Maximizer
  • Ezine Secrets
  • Easy Content Cash
  • Secret Marketing Formula
  • Preselling Secrets
  • Effective List Building Secrets
  • How to Boost Your Online Sales
  • How to Create Affiliate Bonuses

Each of these books has a bit of useful information, and if you purchase Copy Paste Income, you’d be wise to read them.  They’re part of what you receive for buying the course.  Each of these ebooks has various advertisements inside them for paid products, and each of those paid products is sold via Clickbank.  When you log into your Copy Paste Income members area, you’ll have the ability to insert your Clickbank ID into each of those books, so that if someone reads the books and clicks on the links and buys, you’ll make money.

Want to see them?  You can download all 10 of the Copy Paste Income ebooks here.

All you have to do, then, to make money with Copy Paste Income is rebrand all of those books and then you simply give them away via any one of a number of methods that Ewen Chia recommends in his three hours of tutorial videos.  Actually, this isn’t a bad idea, and if you do have a way to give away a bunch of ebooks, you can theoretically make some money this way.


copy paste income courseOf course, Ewen tells you that you can do this without any prior experience, without a Website, without a mailing list, without any technical knowledge, etc.  This isn’t plausible; you have to know something to give the books away.  Still, they’re great for building mailing lists, and if you built ten Websites, and each one gave away one of those books in exchange for the visitor’s email address, you might be able to build a mailing list fairly quickly that way.

On the downside, the ebooks are dated, and not all that informative.  But they are free.  That’s Copy Paste Income in a nutshell, and as far as it goes, the product is OK.


copy paste income - ewen chia…Ewen Chia is greedy and he can’t resist trying to sell you as many products as possible.  As with Autopilot Profits, there are tons of upsells that come along with Copy Paste Income, and once you’re in the members area, you’re going to see some links for such things as Introduction, Coaching, Cut and Paste Ebooks and below that, some links for Special Bonuses, Make More Money, $1K a Day Biz and Earn Easy Cash.  Below that, are links labeled “Resources.”

The first three of those links are for the product – the introduction, the coaching, and the books themselves.  Every other link is for an upsell or another product that Ewen is trying to get you to buy.  Some of these products are priced at $67, $97, $197, and $297, and it doesn’t end there.

The Make More Money link is for a program that gives you ten new rebrandable ebooks every month….for a subscription fee of $27.  The Earn Easy Cash link is an attempt to get you to promote Copy Paste Income as an affiliate.  The $1K a Day Biz link is an attempt to get you to join, MOBE, which is a pyramid scheme that promises commissions of up to $10,000, provided that you spend forty thousand dollars.

MOBE is one of the worst multilevel marketing programs on the market, and under the laws of most U.S. states, it’s illegal.  You’re not earning your money by selling anything, but are instead earning money by recruiting other members who will spend thousands of dollars for “licenses” that allow them to resell those licenses to other recruits.  There’s no product for MOBE; just licenses to sell more licenses.

There are other links for other products with which Ewen Chia is affiliated, including Copy Paste Traffic, Auto Social Cash, and Website building software, and if you buy all of these products that Ewen says you need, you’re going to spend nearly $1000 in total.  In addition, you’re going to be on Ewen’s mailing list, and you’re going to get a sales pitch from him every single time he thinks of a new way to talk you into parting with more of your money.

Copy Paste Income Summary

copy paste income - mehIs Copy Paste Income a scam?  Not really, at least as far as the basic course is concerned.  For $27, the Copy Paste Income course is somewhat useful, and the rebrandable ebooks are a good way to build a mailing list and perhaps make a few dollars.  As far as it goes, that’s OK, and you’ll likely learn a bit about list building and marketing Clickbank products.  The price is reasonable, and the training is adequate.  It’s hard to say that Copy Paste Income is a scam at that price, provided that you do not purchase any of the upsells.

The upsells are the biggest problem with all of Ewen Chia’s products.  He is relentless in attempting to get you to buy products that cost hundreds of dollars, and all of those products, especially MOBE, are junk.

There are better ways to learn how to make money online, and without spending a fortune.  Instead of giving all of your money to Ewen Chia for Copy Paste Income and all of the upsells, why not join Wealthy Affiliate?  Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training program, with video tutorials, great support, and lots of member interaction where you can learn and share ideas.  You won’t find yourself facing an upsell every time you click a link.

Ewen Chia usually has lousy products, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Copy Paste Income is OK, as long as you stay away from everything else he’s trying to sell you.  For that, I rate Copy Paste Income as a “meh.”


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    • It’s just the name of the product. You have to do much more than just copy and paste to make money.


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