Covert Commissions Review – Easy Money on Autopilot?

Covert Commissions Review – A Marketing Revolution?

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The creators of Covert Commissions say they’ve created an “Internet marketing revolution” and they’ve produced a system that “makes affiliate marketing easy.”  Is that true?  Is Covert Commissions the real deal that “coughs up cash like an asthmatic bank teller in a forest fire?”  Or is it just another example of too much marketing hype?  Read on for our full Covert Commissions review.

covert commissions reviewIt certainly can be daunting to create a proper sales funnel in affiliate marketing.  You need to build an eye-catching landing page that captures your visitors’ email addresses.  Then you need to have a free product to offer them in exchange for their address. Then you need a series of autoresponder messages designed to lure them to your sales page and get them to buy.  Then you need a solid sales page to complete the sale as well as a delivery system to deliver a top-notch product.  That’s a lot of work, but Covert Commissions says they’ll do it all for you… for one low price.

Covert Commissions Overview

The Covert Commissions product is a series of complete, “done for you” sales funnels.  It’s all there, from lead capture page to autoresponder mailing sequence to sales page to product delivery to follow-up sales pitches.  Covert Commissions is designed to be a plug-and-play system that makes it easy for you to make money from affiliate marketing even if you don’t have a clue about any of the aspects of how affiliate marketing works.

Don’t know about mailing lists?  It doesn’t matter.
Don’t know how to build a Website?  It doesn’t matter.
Don’t know where to find a good product to sell?  It doesn’t matter.

Well, that sounds promising.   What do you get when you buy Covert Commissions?

covert_commissions2You get access to a dashboard or control panel.  There, you will enter your Clickbank and JVZoo ID so that you can earn commission for your “missions.”  There are currently 15 available “missions” with more promised to come.  Each “mission” is a fully assembled sales funnel for a specific product, which may be in the make money online niche, or the dating niche, or some other popular marketing niche.  When you make a sale, you’ll receive 50% commission on the sales price of the product in question.

Once you “activate” your mission, you’ll have access to:

  • The link for the squeeze page for that product that contains your affiliate ID
  • Tweets and pre-written PPC ads
  • Pre-written email messages
  • Banners

Your purchase price gives you access to one mission, but you may activate more missions by using credits.  You may buy credits in several different ways:

  • By upgrading to Covert Commissions Pro for $97 or $19.97 per month
  • By purchasing additional credits for $9.97 each or 5 for $37

The Covert Commissions Pro upgrade also gives you two additional credits per month and the creators of Covert Commissions say they will continuously add more missions to the system.  The dashboard also includes links to tutorial videos about how to promote your missions as well as links to traffic-generation products.

All in all, Covert Commissions sounds like a system that’s well thought out.  The sales and lead capture pages look professional, and everything is taken care of for you, so the only thing you have to do is draw traffic to your lead capture pages and you’ll soon be making fat bank.

What could possibly be wrong with Covert Commissions?

There’s a lot wrong with Covert Commissions, and I’ll outline just a few of the problems:

1. Duplicate content – These lead capture pages and sales pages are not on independent domains; they’re simply pages on the main Covert Commissions Website.  They all look the same.  That means that your chances of getting traffic to these sites from normal search engine queries are zero.  Google and Bing will simply dismiss all of these pages as duplicate content and they likely won’t get indexed at all.  That means that you’re going to have to go to a lot of trouble to draw traffic to those pages, and that likely means that you’ll have to buy paid advertising…along with everyone else who bought Covert Commissions, meaning you’ll be competing with lots of other people trying to promote the same handful of products.

covert commissions - junk products2. Junk products – The products you’ll be promoting aren’t particularly good.  One is called “Get Paid to Listen to Music.”  Another is about making money on Amazon.  Another is for a WordPress Social Bookmarking theme.  Another is about a “mystery shopper” course called “Get Paid to Shop.”  And, of course, you’ll also have several opportunities to promote Covert Commissions itself.  These are not only fairly low-quality products, but they come with lousy, unattractive graphics, too.  These are all Clickbank and JVZoo products, but they’re not particularly good ones.   There are good products available at those sites, but for whatever reason, the creators of Covert Commissions are using these instead.

3. Commissions – You will, of course, be giving up half of the sales to the Covert Commissions team.   That’s their reward for building out these sales funnels for you.  You’re driving the traffic, but they’re keeping half of the money.  The problem with that is that driving traffic to products like these is going to be a lot of work.  “Get Paid to Shop”, for instance, currently has gravity of 0.15 in the Clickbank marketplace.  That means, more or less, that someone makes a single sale of that product approximately every seven weeks.  This is not  a hot product, and you’re going to work like a dog to promote it, only to find out that it doesn’t sell.

The problem with all of these “business in a box” products is that they create identical, cookie-cutter sites that are flagged as duplicate content by the search engines, making them nearly impossible to promote.  There’s no advantage to having everything done for you when the result is a product that won’t work.  A better way to make money online is to learn how to do the work yourself.  It isn’t that hard, once you understand the process of creating a sales funnel.  Instead of a “done for you” system that doesn’t work, like Covert Commissions, why not try Wealthy Affiliate, which will teach you for free?   Wealthy Affiliate is an online training course that will show you, with training videos and a user forum, how to find products, build Websites and make money promoting products that people actually want.  You can even join Wealthy Affiliate for free.

Covert Commissions Summary

covert commissions - thumbs downIf you buy Covert Commissions, you’re going to spend anywhere from $27 to $621 buying a very elaborate, professional-looking system that promotes products that people don’t want via Websites that will be difficult to promote and which aren’t going to be indexed by the major search engines.  If you do manage to make any sales, you’ll be giving away half of the money to the people who put you in this awkward situation in the first place.

Covert Commissions is not recommended.


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