Creating Content for Your Affiliate Website

Creating Content – Easier Than You Think

Now that you’ve found a niche, a Web host, and a product to promote, you’ll come to the part that makes most people who want to work online from home shiver – creating content for your Website.  For some reason, creating content gives a lot of people trouble.  I’ll admit that it can be time consuming and it can certainly take a lot of time if you’re not very good at typing. If that’s a problem for you, you’ll find that there are a lot of great tutorials online for teaching you how to type proficiently, so I’m going to pass on that.  I once had a data entry job, and the brief time I spent doing that gave my hyper-typing skills that serve me well to this day.

creating contentThere’s more to creating content than just typing, however, but it doesn’t have to be all that difficult.  A basic Website created to promote an affiliate marketing product really just needs to have a few pages, and several of those can have standard “boilerplate” content that repeats for all of your sites.  I’m talking about the “Contact Us”, “About Us”, “Privacy Policy”, and “Earnings Disclaimer” page.  These have content that never changes; I use the same Earnings Disclaimer for all of my sites.  Those pages are there because they need to be, and I know that no one is going to read them, so I just make sure they’re there, and that’s that.

What else do you need to have on an affiliate site?  Creating content about the product itself would be useful; after all, if you’re trying to earn commissions for persuading people to buy a product, writing something about it would probably help.  The easiest way to do that is to review the product and write a review.  If you already own the product yourself, then it should be a relatively easy thing to write about it and tell people why you like it.  If you don’t own it, you might want to consider buying it and evaluating it.  If it’s a Clickbank product, you may find that the creator of the product has a page with information especially for affiliates or “joint venture (JV)” partners, as they are sometimes known.  JV pages often have pre-written reviews of products, along with graphics and other information.  If the product is an ebook and you don’t have a copy of it, you might try contacting the creator of the product to see if they’ll give you a review copy to help you as an affiliate.  I’ve done this on a number of occasions, and most product creators are willing to help.  Offer to send them a link to your review when you’re done to show them that you’re serious and not just trying to get their product for free.  If they decline your request, you might ask them if you can buy the product at a discount; they might go for that instead.

creating content As for the review itself, you should try to make it thorough and sound as though it’s unbiased.  You should, if you can, strive to write about 1000 words about the product.  In the past, most marketing experts would suggest about 400 words, but these days, the search engines seem to favor long content.  While 400 words should be considered the bare minimum for length, it’s better if you can get into the range of 800-1000 words, if possible.


Including a picture of the product is a big help, as graphics always help sell anything.  You should be able to obtain graphics from the manufacturer or the product creator.

Parts of Creating Content

For ease of creating content, at least when you get started, it’s best to break the task down into chunks.  Then you can simply try creating content in pieces, rather than trying to write 1000 words all at one time.  Your basic review should consist of the following parts:

Opening – This should be a paragraph or two that explains what your site is about.  You can also give a general description of the product that you’re promoting.  “This product’s manufacturer says it can do all of these wonderful things.  Can it actually do that?  Read on for our full review of Product X.

Overview of the product – This should be a paragraph or two that describes the basics of the product.  What is it?  What does it do?  How big is it?  What color is it?  How much does it cost?  Put yourself in the shoes of someone who knows nothing about the product itself.  Tell them, in your own words, what that product is and how it’s supposed to help them.

Pros about the product – What are the good points about the product?  Does it do what it’s supposed to do?  Is it easy to use? Is it reliable?  Obviously, these points will vary depending on the nature of the product.  Try to find three nice things to say about it, or more if you have them.  Use bullet points.

Cons about the product – You don’t really want to dwell on the deficiencies of the product, particularly if you’re trying to encourage people to buy it, but having a section that lists a few negatives gives readers the impression that you’re giving them the whole unvarnished truth and that you’re unbiased.  Even if you just say, “The product sells for $99 and it would probably be a better value at $79” or “It only comes in blue, and that’s a problem if you don’t like blue” it at least gives the impression that you’re being impartial.  Make sure you have fewer bullet points for the cons than you do for the pros, or people will think you don’t like the product.

A summary of the product – You repeat, in different words, what the product does, and whether, in your opinion, it does it well enough to justify having the reader go buy it.  You can then conclude by telling them where they can purchase it and there you will include your affiliate link.

Creating Content Summary

Creating content doesn’t have to be all that difficult.  If you break the task of creating content into smaller pieces, you’ll soon get the hang of writing introductory paragraphs, basic descriptions, pros and cons and product summaries.  After you do it a few times, you’ll be surprised at how quickly creating content becomes second nature to you.

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