Creating Content – What to Write About?

Ideas for Creating Content

The old saying says that “content is king” and for the most part, that’s true.  The days when you could pick out an exact match domain name, put the keyword on the page a few times and then cover the page in ads and still make money are long gone.  The major search engines, and Google in particular, want good, rich, lengthy, compelling content on the sites they rank in their listings.  That’s great, but creating a content is a nuisance.  It’s time consuming.  It’s tiring.  The worst part is coming up with ideas.

creating contentThe first thing you need to do when starting up a blog is accept that creating content is going to be part of the equation.  You’re going to have to do it on a regular basis, be it daily, weekly, or whatever, and that content is going to have to be original.  It’s also going to have to be on topic, and if possible, interesting to your site’s visitors.  It doesn’t have to be interesting, but if you want your visitors to stick around long enough to buy something or sign up for something or engage in some sort of action, you’re going to have to write some content that they want to actually read.

Sources for Inspiration in Creating Content

If you’re going to be creating content for your blog on a regular basis, you’re going to need something to write about.  If you’re one of those people who can constantly come up with new and interesting ideas, then by all means – go to it!  The world will likely be a much better place for your work.  Most of the rest of us, however, require a bit of prodding and inspiration to come up with things to write about.  Don’t worry – it’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel.  You can write about things that others have written about before.  As long as what you have to say about the topic is new or at least different, you’ll do fine.


The best way to find ideas for creating content for your blog is to find other sites that cover the same material and visit them regularly.  See what sort of information is there.  See what they are writing about.  Here are a few suggestions that might help.

creating contentOnline Forums – There are tens of thousands of online forums on the Web that are devoted to just about every conceivable topic.  Regardless of what your site is about, you can probably find a forum that’s related to it.  It’s not hard to do, either.  Just go to your search engine of choice and do a search for “KEYWORD forum” where KEYWORD is a word or phrase that describes the topic of your blog.  You can try it with or without the quotes to see what returns the most relevant results.   For this blog, for instance, I regularly visit a couple of forums related to Internet marketing and making money online to see what kinds of things people are talking about.  I get ideas about things people need help with, ideas about products to review, and just a general feel for the current state of the industry.   If you can find a forum on your topic, you’ll likely find more than one.  Just bookmark them and visit them regularly and you’ll likely get some new ideas.

Blogs in your niche – Find other blogs in your niche.  There’s a good chance you’ll come across them if you’re searching for forums and you can also do a similar search to find blogs.  You can try “KEYWORD blog” to search for those.  Chances are good that people who post a lot in the forums you visit might have a blog, too, so check their signature block when they post.  I regularly visit blogs in the make money online niche, and some of them are quite interesting.  Some are blogs run by successful, million-dollar-per-year bloggers, and others are run by people who are making a living, but not getting rich.  You can learn from everyone, but the more blogs you visit on a regular basis, the greater the number of potential sources for ideas that you’ll have.  Perhaps you’ll see a blog post that covers an interesting topic, but in less detail than you’d like.  Perhaps you’ll find a topic that you can write about by giving it a unique twist.  Other people in your niche may be your competition, but they can help you, too.  Find their blogs and keep an eye on what they’re writing about.

google updatesGoogle Alerts – This one can be really helpful, depending on the niche.  Google Alerts is a service that will send an email to you whenever something pops up on Google that has anything to do with whichever topic you specify.  If you tell Google that you want to receive alerts on “blue widgets”, you’ll get a notice via email any time a news article, blog post or other Web event occurs that has anything to do with blue widgets.  Then you can check it out and see if there’s anything there that might be something you can write about.  The nice thing about using Google Alerts is that you don’t have to go looking for ideas, as they will come to you.

Creating Content Summary

Creating content doesn’t have to be difficult, and you don’t even need to have original ideas to create a successful blog.  Ideally, you will find these other sources of information useful in helping you come up with ideas on your own, but in some niches, you’ll find that these other sources of ideas have already covered the topics that most people really want to know about.  In that case, you can simply take these proven ideas and expand on them or include your own twist to make them your own.

In the end, what matters is coming up with content that will draw traffic to your site and keep the visitors there long enough to take action in whatever way you want them to – sign up for a mailing list, make a purchase, or click on a paid ad.  The key to all of these things is creating content, and doing so consistently.


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